Tribute to My Teacher, George Palmer

When I first came upon the TS scene around 1996, I especially enjoyed the “Esoterica” discussions, which in those days truly were esoteric. In these, George Palmer stood out to me. His well reasoned thoughts stemmed obviously from knowledge and love of knowledge. He and a few fellow TS members had read all of The Secret Doctrine. His was a lifetime as an occultist.

I was fond of George. He was a kind man, but because his level of understanding surpassed many, his frank statements of truth were often met with disdain. However, he was not there to foster pecksniffery. That jewel of the SE Florida spiritual community came to TS looking for students.

Eventually I discovered George and a couple of others enjoying discussions outside the Atlanta Bread Company on Tuesdays after Esoterica, and I asked if I could sit with them. I began to pick George’s brain. The group expanded a bit, and before long, he was bringing notes to us on a few key topics. These “Tuesdays with George” began running past dinner, into the night. They were a highlight of my life.

George had become my mentor, and when my nomadic work took me away from Deerfield Beach, he continued to be so. I’m grateful for what he has done for me, and thankful for the fact that I had an enjoyable chat with him a few days before he left us.

Though the loss of George is a blow to our community, his spirit will continue its work here through others.





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