The Event

In “The Event” Energies, Trump Brings a Shift

Those who have the ability to assess and predict energies have called the energies over the past month or so, “The Event”.  The Shift.  The Big One.  The event we have been waiting for.  No, it wasn’t one event, nor series of events, but another uptick of energetic frequencies on the plant.  Those energies have caused us all to Ascend a little more—one major step up in the frequencies of each of our mind/body/spirit complexes, following seventeen years of more minor energetic hits.

With lessons still to learn,

we are rock solidly in the New Earth energy.

And now is the time that it falls on us to manifest

the fifth dimensional society that we choose.

This is an exciting time!

People report the usual range of responses to the new vibration, from nothing, to aches and pains, to having their emotional issues rise and release, perhaps feeling blown this way and that.  I feel even more lightness in the energies I’m in.  I’m still rough around the edges, but am feeling more compassion and even more patience, which is not my strong point.

“The Event” on the Social Level

Meanwhile, the dark side is being shaken apart and will rapidly be eliminated or simply dissipate.  The social version of “The Event” has also been happening.  A lot of action is behind the scenes until Cabal control of the mainstream media (MSM) is broken.  As our Light shines, the rats are scattering as they are exposed in every segment and system of societies and governments.  I’m still reading the Fulford Report every Monday, but don’t choose to report those details.  You can join the Benjamin Fulford site to give him a little support, or rely on the reblogs by Kauilapele.

With our strengthening 5D Attitude we will find it in our hearts to forgive all those on the dark side, now or later.  We are all different and don’t need to judge ourselves for how we feel.  We will realize that their darkness helped to awaken us, as it became so blatant and so horrible that we felt a cry from inside, “ENOUGH!”  Our budding new society will find ways to integrate the dark actors back into society, as may be appropriate.  Many will need to drop body and return with cleaner personal energy.

You can hasten riddance of darkness by taking a few moments to close your eyes and imagine sending Light to the geographical and social areas of darkness.  That is not to simply say it, but image it, see it, feel it, see the general results.  See the dark ones being exposed, scurrying and being caught in the Light.  Your imagination, your consciousness, will literally send the Light, because you are a Creator and imagination is how we Create Reality.  Doing so helps the whole Earth.

You can use this for yourself.  Bring Light into yourself.  Image everything that you desire New Earth to be, for yourself, near you and on out, globally.  For example, need more money?  Image having it, believe it, and let godly synchronicities bring it to you in the very best way.

wild-cardDonald Trump Steps In

As I have written, the People have collectively chosen Freedom and will have it, with President Trump or otherwise.  We have to be alert to how it all plays out and do what we must, to assure our Freedom.

Negativity over Trump’s Presidency

Let’s begin with and then dispense with the negative reactions to the election and Inauguration of Donald Trump.  After hesitation, I’ve decided that it is important to address that, especially as it is held by spiritual people who one would have thought would be awake enough to know better than to be still in “R vs. D” and would see that Hillary Clinton is a part of the dark Cabal of controllers.  We know that a lot of spiritual people are very much right-brain dominant, not liking to put a lot of attention on the framework of the social world around them.  They want to be above it all, yet on the side of “good”, and they fall for the (neo)Liberal line and vote that way, not knowing what is behind it and not thinking through where it leads and what is truly good for the People.  Over the years, under the influence of the fake news mainstream media—which, BTW, is no longer mainstream and will be gone, soon—they have vilified those who want the Constitution and individual Freedom and Rights.  They have chosen extremism of Control, whereas that is what we, our Collective Consciousness, are sweeping away in this early stage of New Earth.

Now, I’m not going to talk about right vs. left, R vs. D, nor good vs. bad.  That division is not our way in New Earth.  Here is an excerpt from an article that bluntly presents the shadow psychology involved in the anger and hatred over not getting their way in the election.  The author is saying what he thinks needs to be said, to encourage a 5D Attitude of looking within oneself and letting go of issues.  That’s something we are all doing.

Anyone who identifies him/herself as “Liberal,” “Progressive,” “Leftist,” and projects disgust, hate, or anger on to this man, (really anyone who is triggered/irritated by Trump beyond political identifications), or reacts with fear, sadness, worry: you are looking at your own shadow and it won’t go away if you keep up with these reactive projections and look for external solutions or a different “leader” to follow or project your “hope” onto while still believing in the religion of government (which feeds off of the polarization and perpetuates separation consciousness) based on illusory tribal/national identification and adherence to/worship external authority constructs.

~ Bernhard Guenther in A Different Perspective on Trump  on Deus Nexus.

In any situation that brings us fear, anger, hatred or other dark emotions, we can cure that by letting it go, or use the above method of sending Light, applying it to our own self.  If you fear Donald Trump, then send him Light to shine away darkness.  We should do that even if we already see him as Light.  He is in a hard situation, uniting and freeing us, and can always be helped by more Light. 

Why is it important? 

Those are attitudes of darkness, and in New Earth, the more Light we are, the faster we will progress to all live in complete happiness.

Kryon also thought it was important.  We can take his lead in love and gentleness.

Kryon Calls Trump a Wild Card

Jerry and I attended the Kryon event in North Carolina, just after the election.  I had already written my article on our choosing Freedom and felt reassured, encouraged by what Kryon said.  He spoke of Wild Cards as people and even Earth, herself, who cause great changes that permanently put us on a different path.  Notice how he lovingly soothes any rising emotions of the listeners.

The following is the transcription of one of two main channelings of Kryon by his “partner”, Lee Carroll, that weekend.  I’ve omitted initial talk about past Wild Cards.

The Wild Card of 2016
Remember: No emotion now. You have come from another planet and you’re looking at the end of 2016 – and there is the election. Understand without bias.

So for 2016, let’s do the numerology. You add the numbers and get nine. Nine is completion in simple numerology, and when you see a nine it often means the completion of something. Often it is of a time cycle, an energy or the completion of a paradigm. But it’s very strong.

The nines are stronger than many of the other numerological aspects and you feel them. The president-elect (at this writing) is a strong wild card. He is scheduled to become the 45th president. What a coincidence! Forty-five is a nine. A nine and a nine together are more than significant. They tell a story about what is happening. I will tell you something else. This story is not finished yet and there is more coming. You don’t know what you don’t know, so don’t make up your mind in advance about any outcomes. You’re from another planet, remember? There’s no emotion, no bias, no politics and nothing to judge. Look at it for what it is.

A big stick has just been inserted into what is normal and it’s going to be turned. As the big stick turns, other things will respond that never would have responded otherwise. I wish to tell you, dear one, old soul, relax with upcoming wild cards. They do what they do on purpose so that you will have a better civilization in the future. Sometimes they show you what won’t work, and sometimes they change paradigms that would have never changed otherwise. But what you have now is a profound wild card. That is the message.

It’s so common for you to respond certain ways when you are invested in the process. The knee-jerk reaction is expected or you wouldn’t be a Human. However, for this lesson, you’re from another planet and you’re looking down and you’re seeing it. Pretend.

Isn’t that interesting about a nine and a nine together? It means that truly the end of something is here. Perhaps it’s the end of the old way things were done? Perhaps it’s a shake-up of the system so it can correct itself? Don’t dare make up your mind where it’s going, because it’s not finished yet. However, wait a moment. Did you also realize that 2017 is a “one” year? Not only is the energy one of completion with a double nine, but it moves into “a new beginning” (the definition of a one in numerology).

I have more to tell you about numerology, and also something that will be clearer about this whole situation. I will give this to you in the next channelling.

Can you relax in the face of uncertainty when it’s your own country? Can you relax in the face of not knowing what’s next? When you’re so involved, can you disengage from either side of the fray? That is the test of a Lightworker.

There’s something else coming. Dear ones, this is beautiful. No matter what you think and no matter what your reaction is to this channelling, what is happening is correct for your time and needed for your immediate future. I will speak of this later. The beauty is when you step away and see how grand it is, that Spirit cares enough that it would allow a big stick to occur that would stir your complacency at this time. The real reason? The shift is here.

How do you feel? I want you to relax and smile at what the shift has brought you. For those of you who felt all the “shift talk” was nonsense, this may be your wake-up call. It’s real. Here it comes.

This is the message of the day. I am Kryon, in love with humanity, and for good reason.

And so it is.


~ From Live Kryon Channelling in Wilmington, NC by Lee Carroll on November 19, 2016.

The Video is from  Link to the news page is here.

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  1. Have listened to this Kryon channeling several times, and while it gives me hope, I don’t believe that Trump is the high holy person that many lightworkers are making him out to be. He’s definitely stirring things up, and I believe his role is to make things so absolutely horrible, so untenable, that folks will have to wake up and work for a better world. In these first few days of his administration, Trump has taken steps towards fascism, and towards further crushing the poor and damaging Mother Earth. He is the dark side on steroids. Just because he gives the finger to the Illuminati doesn’t mean he’s a light being, it just means he’s an egomaniac. Kryon has also said to “rise above all of this” and that’s where I’m at. But I sure wish that well-meaning lightworkers would stop glorifying Trump as though he’s some sort of love being, because obviously he’s not.

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  2. Thanks for expressing your opposing viewpoint, Christine. I’ve kept an eye on what President Trump has done during his first 4 hard working days. It’s amazing and I’m so pleased. We’ll just disagree and keep vigilant watch, which is what the people failed to do for over 150 years. The ability to disagree and cooperate is a part of the new society we are creating. Namaste. ❤

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  3. I agree with you, Christine. My take is that Trump is very low in vibration; the people around him are very low in vibration -very fanatical, very unreliable in their promises. Kryon was warning there’s a new Hitler on the rise, short and simple. But we of the rising vigilant New Earth consciousness, it’s our duty to stop this fairly early enough so the massive reversal, last ditch effort of humanity’s darkness, his role, will be abrupt and short-lived. And Rosalie, sending Light to shine away darkness is a most beautiful, most powerful and insightful sharing. Thank you indeed!

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    • Thanks to you, Christed for your opposing opinion. We do disagree on the vibrations. Kryon did not warn about Trump in any way. Please listen again. He mentioned Hitler as an example of a Wild Card, and also, Nicola Tesla and Steve Jobs. In fact he always spoke with a smile in his voice when talking about this “Wild Card”. He said not to make up our minds either way, yet. And later, he said this Wild Card would change our course away from a previously assured economic collapse. Doesn’t mean he won’t, at some point turn in a direction the People don’t desire, so let’s keep watch.

      Love and Light. ❤


  4. Oh dearly respected Rosalie and Jerry, aren’t the New Earth joy, peace and oneness what we are all working toward? Are we going to have Full Disclosure of our interplanetary, interdimensional space activities? Is Free Energy and release of positive extraterrestrial technologies for planetary well being and human rejuvenation coming with this government? Is the West meeting the East for an end to American Russophobia, Islamophobia and other racial, religious hatreds? The possibility of Trump and company working toward this fifth dimensionality that already exists in the continuum would gladden all our hearts’ lighted efforts across space and time.

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    • Yes. Trump will be releasing knowledge on technologies and healing modalities that have been kept from us. I haven’t yet heard anything on space and ETs, themselves, but can say that Jerry and I neither one feel that is high priority until we get a lot straightened out on the globe. Trump is already working with Russia, Korea and leaders in the mid-east. I haven’t finished reading all of: Not to mention end of income taxes and the Federal Reserve. He is doing so much good, so fast. Last night we listened to an mp3 of a Kryon channeling made in Boulder. He said the Wild Card had many benevolent things in store–something like that. But still, let’s keep watch, stay optimistic. I’m the optimistic one in our house and Jerry tones it down. LOL. A mention was made about bringing in, I don’t know, peace or other good. I said, “It’s happening now!!” and Jerry said, “He said it’ll take a long time.” “I know, but it’s started now.” It rings true that complete peace won’t happen until people who haven’t lived in this time of hateful disagreements can take the reigns. I have no doubts at all that things will be better in a year.


      • “There is so much coming to be joyous about”
        So tearing families apart, scaring people half to death about their health care, grabbing women by their private parts, mocking the disabled, trashing the reputation of a war hero is ‘something to be joyous about’?
        Oh which planet?
        Clearly you have appropriated the teachings & humanity of Kryon for your own monstrous agenda.
        How dare you..
        I suspect there will be a lot of splainin for you to do when the time comes.
        One might suggest you spend more time in contemplation of the spiritual dangers of such inhumane actions and less time looking forward to the time when you don’t have to pay your taxes.
        Matthew 6:24 was put there for a this context it’s a warning.


  5. Thank you, Rosalie! Thank you Jerry! For all the Updates I can agree entirely with you on keeping positive and watchful. I have a critical streak that I am still working on in myself. And using healing light techniques has been very helpful in dissipating whiffs of doubt and impatience one often feels with the forth-and-back wobbling of our collective. More light. More love. And many thanks.

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    • ‘I’ve kept an eye on what President Trump has done during his first 4 hard working days. It’s amazing and I’m so pleased. Trump is already working with Russia, Korea and leaders in the mid-east. end of income taxes and the Federal Reserve. He is doing so much good, so fast. so much coming to be joyous about.’…………..

      And how’s that workin’ for you now?
      Mother of God..


      • Terry, we did not have a financial collapse; pedophiles are being rounded up; Korea is being united; more jobs; very low unemployment for blacks; tariffs implemented. Since you only watch the faux news, you might not know any of that. BTW, we who are awake have called mainstream media faux news long before Trump said it publicly. And I’m quite tired of the neo-liberals parading out paid women to accuse those who disagree with their enslaving philosophy and their tactics.


      • Regarding my “own monstrous agenda”: You misunderstand what Kryon has said. Lately he has spoken more about Trump not being a politician and his stirring things up with a big stick, in order to change or end systems that are not working. Clearly, you don’t listen to Kryon’s messages or you would not have spoken as if God will judge us upon so called death.

        Children have been taken from families at the border for a long, long time. It seems they have, up ’til now, been fed into the child sex slave trafficking, which Trump is ending. Any parent bringing in children illegally is not taking good care of the children. Of late, Kryon, knowing Trump’s aims, has in a message to Trump, suggested that he create a Department of Compassion that will find ways to limit and control who comes in, while compassionately allowing honest people to enter.


  6. As well as all the wonders that are happening, I’ve come to see that the Hand behind it has His own time clock and can be unfathonable without a bit of pondering and digging.

    He gave human beings and creation over to choice and on the whole we chose excessive pride and admiration of our own appearance so that it has to result in a Pharoh, an Atilla the Hun, a Nebuchadnezzar, a Hitler – and like the man naked and mad, living among rocks, in the time of Jesus who was then found ‘clothed and in his right mind’. I don’t want to say Trump but it’s in the same vein for the 21 century and the last, longest, loudest, most blaring trumpet blast before God lifts this embargo when the whole of creation will be found in its right mind. I would wait and see my own kids through their experiences until they mature (and then some) and their childhood is lifted from them.

    The time is close for the glorious appearing of the sons of God, those trained in the purity of justifiable rightness, while the ENTIRE creation
    will experience the release 🤯 and the wonderful things at hand. Every entity knows it. The New Age and every philosophy and persuasion contributes – they are aware of so much, dedicated and see the real state of affairs and the Age to come in a real and practical way. Maybe not so much the understanding of devotion to the personhood of God.

    Even so, the cost has been higher than we could imagine, every little destroyed ant and every child that, their right to life taken from them, was stolen, abused and murdered. It has to be recognised, they deserve it, and the man Christ did that, so must we.

    Thank you Rosalie and Gregory, I love your blogs. 🎊 I’m not meaning to be religious, just trying to find a wider interpretation and recognition of this culmination while we are living today.

    There is no way anything will prosper without searching out the mind of the Creator and enjoying it. And so it all makes sense.

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