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”There is a whole world of knowledge which is hidden from most people, because most people can’t handle the truth – the light is too bright.” Jordan Maxwell

The New Earth Blog is aimed at regular, everyday people, religious or not; technologically inclined, scientifically minded, or not.  I hope to pull that off.  I’ve had a journey of walking both worlds, doing engineering mostly done by men, while simultaneously learning and practicing modern day shamanism and esoteric philosophy.  I’m not targeting the New Age crowd, spiritual people who already know about Earth’s shift to the 5th dimension, who always see themselves as spirit and consciously work with spirit and energy, though they AND you will find items of interest on the blogs of this site.

New Earth Blog is for everyday people with everyday concerns of family, health, finances, home, friends and career.  Most of you are not overly religious.  You watch the news, trying to stay informed.  You probably thought December 21, 2012 was some idiotic prophecy that the world would end, and unless you watch the history channel, you don’t entertain the possibility of alien piloted UFO craft.  You probably don’t listen to nighttime radio show, Coast to Coast AM, have never heard of most of the guests interviewed on the show.  You are regular, everyday people.  Some of the ideas I’ll have to introduce to you, if you can bring yourself to consider them, will boggle your mind.

73b7f7d4cfd1c00218dc27769f07483eMy goal is to provide an explanation of what’s happening, why you may feel strange, have certain symptoms, think the world is falling apart or has gone crazy.  Maybe your friends are dropping out of your life, you suddenly have new interests, want to move or change jobs.  These can all be related to the transformational shift from 3D (three dimensional) to 5D reality – the Shift, also called the Transformation, Ascension, or Transition.  It could be called End Times, but I think it’s more like the end of End Times, or a new beginning.  It’s a new era.  It’s the end of a very large cycle of time, and the beginning of what they call in Sanskrit originated teachings, the Golden Age.  You’re likely not too interested in east Indian knowledge, so I won’t get deeper into that fact.  I’ll just refer to this new systemic state of Earth in the fifth dimension as New Earth.  Over time, I’ll post more explanation of what 5D is all about; how Earth – and we – are different than we were a short time ago.

I address the subjects of Time and Multiverse (simultaneous universes).  We’ll all, as part of our 5D daily lives, develop a completely different view of time.  In 5D, we will have the ability to consciously change our lives fast, more easily and more dramatically.  I want you to have an idea of why that is possible, and ways to do it.

I hope you’ll write or comment when you need clarification.  Or if I’m wrong on something.

This blog is to help you know that

You’re Not Going Crazy

The World Is Not Ending

Earth Won’t Be Destroyed

There Is Nothing to Fear

In fact, this Shift is largely about learning not to fear.

New Earth is about Freedom… and Spirit

I touch on aspects of the world wide control by the Cabal of global bankers and corporations, commonly called the Illuminati, but I won’t get into too many details.  There was a time when I tried to wake people up to what was happening, but since the end of 2012, I, like many others, want to emphasize the good that has come and is coming, as the old tyranny is crumbling. This is because we are becoming such powerful creators, using thoughts and attention, to create.

Matrix - Not ReadyYou who are religious will either take your religion to a wider and for some, more spiritual outlook, or drop it to carve out your own ways.  Many of you have been taught much fear as a part of your religion.  This will fall away.

My friends of scientific approach are going to feel uncomfortable, too, as they rapidly learn how even scientific thought has been controlled, how much real proof has not been allowed to surface.  Maybe it will come to clearer light how many true scientists and engineers who were advancing our understanding and technology have been murdered to squelch their work.  Most of you left brainers (rational to the extreme) have understandably turned from religion.  You will open up to non-religious spirituality.

We are all going to learn

Who We Are

Where We Came From

Where We Are Going

If you pass this up now, just bookmark it, because very soon, you may wish you could fathom your reality.


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