About New Earth

Huh?The term New Earth is my preferred label for the currently rapidly evolving state of our planet – and us.  Just before the year 2000, my shaman and teacher, Gregory Antyuhin, told us about the Transformation to the New Earth.  It is the Transition foretold by the Hopi, the Biblical New Earth, the Indian Golden Age, the Mayan new era. It has been told by mystics and tribal spiritual leaders world round, for thousands of years.  Not one of those teachings spoke of the end of the Earth, by the way.

Gregory began teaching us to sense and work with new energies hitting the planet, while we worked at “seeing” behind the scenes and into the future.  In early 2007, as I recall, Gregory told me of changes occurring in the “heavens” that my Christianity thought could be termed a New Heaven.  Shortly afterward, the New Earth had taken shape enough that he could “see” it.  At first it was unclear, foggy.  When he did see it clearly,  he said, “I’m very pleased,” and seemed all tickled over it.  I’ve heard of others who could see it.  All have said it is beyond your wildest dreams, and wonderful.

Gregory has said New Earth is about Freedom.  Freedom and Spirit.  I see that myself, now.

I’ve reworded the following paragraphs about 5D/fifth dimension, because I now understand that once our consciousness goes beyond 3D plus Time, we aren’t dimensionally restricted; rather, we are able to access any dimension and learn more about them.

Earth is now in the fifth dimension and beyond.  What does that mean? 

In the 3D world, we all saw life as one shared timeline.  Most of us “knew” that we could never travel backwards or forwards in time, much less step over to an entirely different timeline.  4D has turned out to be a sort of quick stepping stone to 5D+.  In 4D, one has the freedom to switch timelines.  5D+, now, is a world where we are free to create our own individual reality, still inside.  Well, we always could have, but we were mired in an agreed upon universe in which we had no such freedom, and to break away from that was extremely difficult.  In New Earth we CAN create freely, but for two things:  We don’t know that we can; we have no idea how to approach doing it.  Our 3D experience has been a situation of forgetting who we really are, how powerful we are, and along the way, choosing darkness over Light.

The fifth dimension is a world of higher energetic vibration than 3D was.  Therefore, we have been undergoing a process of clearing out the lower vibrations from our world and from within ourselves.  Lower vibrations are fearful, conflicting, unsettling, muddied, competitive and disharmonious within and among ourselves.  Higher vibrations replace fear with love, competition with cooperation.  They are clear, harmonious and more effectively creative.

We have the opportunity to take our bodies right into New Earth, but they must go through detoxification processes, as we also must, mentally and psychologically.  Our DNA is being manipulated for LONG life in the New Earth.  We will eventually, maybe in 50,000 or so years, become Light beings.  No more pain.  No more aging.  No more death.

I will post more about the ramifications of our being in 5D+ dimensions, in the New Earth Blog.