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Adronis Announces that We’ve Moved into 4th Density


I just heard a brief announcement by Adronis, through Brad Johnson, that we have moved to 4th density en masse, sooner than expected, due to movement during the past nine days. That was said “live”, so I can’t go back to get specifics.  We will continue to raise vibrations, and will get another big push at the fall equinox (I think he said, anyway that’s when I expect it).  [See for the meanings of dimensions and densities.]

I had mentioned to Jerry tonight that I was really feeling the energies of the coming push, or was it just mental/emotional anticipation of this big change.  I felt it very strongly.

This does not mean that suddenly we will ascend into the heavens, begin to glow with Light, or that our lives will be remarkably different. 

Rather, life will become noticeably easier over time, for those whose energetic vibration has increased.  Don’t worry, if you’re reading this, you are 4th density.  You will likely notice that you handle life’s upsets, small or insignificant, much more easily;  you expend less effort in arranging life as you desire; you feel more happy and calm.  [“Jerry, does that describe me?”  “No.  Anything but calm.”  Well, he’s irritating me right now.  I can’t laugh and write this.]

Personally, I’ve seen us as already in 4th density of 5th dimensional Earth, so I feel we’ve been taken up another notch, still within 4th density.  Again, there is a major striation of 3rd and 4th densities, and with people falling between them.  Some people are in a very high level of 4th density frequencies, far beyond most of us.  It’s not so cut and dried.  We are all individuals who develop at our own speed and in our own ways.  We have a LOT of personal and collective work to do; don’t think it will suddenly be done for us.

I had a good experience today, of switching from being tired after not enough sleep, to feeling great and diving into housework.  That does happen, but it was without effort, no “turning on my switch” to feel energetic and healthy, and the difference was more pronounced than usual.  Coincidence?

I invite you to share your own feelings and experiences of higher density in the comments – of this or future posts.

My next article will be on why it is now quite possible to take charge of our realities.  More to come…





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  1. Remember, there are no coincidences so whatever happens is supposed to happen. I haven’t felt any major shift though I’ve been waiting for it for some time now. I have noticed people dropping out of my life for one reason or another.

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    • Jerry and I discussed what it would feel like when it happened, and both agreed that we expected not to feel anything, much, because we surmised that we were already in 4th density, as were you and a large percentage of Earthlings. That’s how it turned out, except I did feel some change in energy, while he didn’t. Yup, people tend to drift, as we get lighter and they haven’t.


  2. Dear Rosalie,
    I did not notice right now that tranquility and fluid life you speak.
    Yes, I notice different energies in the “air”. Because it is summer I could lighten my professional obligations and dedicate myself to do gym (it had left five years ago and now I felt called to return, really make me feel very good). Eat light and healthy. Being with my two dogs and my cat. Walk in the garden. And sleep, sleep long and hard at any time of day. My pets also sleep a lot, like me. What is unusual about them.
    I feel at home re-start. I could not explain it.
    On the other hand both in dreams and in real life I have been reunited with people and situations in my past, I no longer affect at all, it is as if they belonged to life or to someone else’s story, not mine.
    And I dreamed long, strange dreams, the good and most enjoyable.
    I am retired or hermit.
    I hardly go out there, even out through the TV or newspapers, and having to deal with so much human density. As I mentioned in a message from Jerry.
    I hope that this phase of cocooning pass soon, my vacation coming to an end in two weeks. And I can see and feel in my life that fluidity and lightness of which you speak to us.
    With love

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  3. I don’t know about “ease”. Lately my inner child of 12 has surfaced(from abandonment/rejection, abuse), and I can hardly function. Mentally and emotionally I am walking around in a trance. I can hold only one or two thoughts at most. I live alone, don’t have a car(so I have barely gone out for years), have no friends in person, no one to hold me, etc. I have started seeing a shrink but even though I had an appointment tomorrow I cancelled because I don’t think I can get myself ready for the bus. Plus I have had to deal with mismanagement of benefits to me by the gov and now they are asking for hundreds back. I can’t cope!

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  4. Oh, Tina, please start stating out loud to yourself loving statements, like, “You have beautiful hair,” “We’re all having to cope with the Transformation, and you’re doing pretty darn good!” Give yourself credit for every little effort you make. Ex., “Well, we didn’t make it to the bus, but you got up out of bed. Good job! Every day is a delight, as I see more and more in you that I love.” Write down what you want in your life. Take 15 minutes / day, sitting or walking, to image at least one thing on your list, imagining everything about it and how it makes you feel. That stuff works. I KNOW! Especially in 4th density.

    Sending you a lot of love and feelings of confidence.


  5. Hello Rosalie,

    I have noticed a difference.

    My daily meditation and breath practice have starting a month ago yielded an amazing effect. I feel great, energized, and my brutal migraines have subsided. I have stopped all meds including sleep aids.

    This energy waxes and wanes. I now work this energy maintenance into everything, but work and day to life can present lower energy encounters.

    The most profound change was my Wife and I were on the edge of a divorce and now due to being happier, filled with a sense of peace, and able be present without the prior push pull of an unhealthy relationship, we have become closer than at any time in 10 years.

    I do note this energy is gradual in my personal experience, I will have lower energy moments and will purposedly focus my meditations to build up it up again. This has been a month long experience not overnight.

    I am now looking to change careers as I become more proficient with this new energy.

    Mike West

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  6. My Mother asked, “What do you need for your Birthday? Not what do you want, but what do you need.” I said that, ‘I NEED nothing.’ As I have shelter and food. I have electricity and air conditioning. In all honesty my dissatisfaction comes from not having what I WANT more then what I need. I have enough to get a bit of what I WANT. Usually I do this by eating cheaper to make up for the price difference.

    The future is up in the air for me. With my sister/roommate possibly getting married, I will have to move/find a new roommate. Yet, I am unsure if my sister will really end up getting married. I might know soon. (Not the biggest Fan of Moving unless moving to a House/UFO RV, so I don’t have to worry about moving for a while.)

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