Creating Reality


Learn to Build A Bridge that Will Take You Where You Want to Go

Learn to Build A Bridge that Will Take You Where You Want to Go

Greetings, my friends. Having read Rosalie’s recent announcement of her intention to focus more intensely on the process of reality creation, I want to explain why I regard understanding this process as of even higher priority than many of the other topics in which we also share an interest. I see no other way that we, imbued with inviolable free will, can engage the peaceful, abundant, and joyful life-experience that is our God-given potential.

Imagine that you are The Benign One who intends for us, not lives of conflict, struggle and suffering, but lives joyfully experienced and freely chosen. Since you do not want to deprive us of our freedom of choice, forcing us to behave in ways which do not lead to deprivation, conflict and struggle is not an option. We must be free to behave in ways that create suffering for ourselves and others, yet we must somehow rise to a level in which we have the capacity, the wisdom, and the understanding not to do so. And if we are to achieve a joyful and abundant life, then choosing to behave in ways that do not bring hardship to ourselves or others must not require the sacrifice of those things which bring us joy and happiness.

There may be other ways of solving this problem, but for now, I cannot think of any. Full participation in the kind of life experience which I associate with the new earth potential requires, at a minimum, that participants

(1) Lose all desires and abandon all practices which are “negative” in their effects, i.e., which bring into our world conditions that are destructive, that do harm to ourselves or others; and

(2) Develop the capacity to create with conscious intent the benign conditions which we in truth desire.

Once we come to realize that we can create the joyful and abundant life that we desire WITHOUT doing harm to others, then we will choose to do so.. Provided that we also have the wisdom to recognize what is harmful and what is not, such a capacity will make both peace and prosperity our new reality. People will no longer feel the need to exploit others for the sake of their own survival or pleasure.

I readily admit that this two-point list only states the obvious, but it does so in a way that allows me to recognize what I believe is intended by teachers such as Abraham, Bashar, Kryon, and Seth. If we were to give absolute, unlimited creative power to people who are either malevolent in their intent, or who lack the wisdom to recognize the destructiveness of their intent, we will get a world of hurt ! But when sufficient numbers develop benign intent AND the wisdom to recognize what is NOT benign, then these can be safely given a greater knowledge and understanding of their capacity to CREATE the world that they desire.

I believe that we are moving in that direction. For the sake of brevity, and at the risk of some oversimplification, I will state it in these familiar terms: I believe that we are moving toward a new earth experience, populated by people who WANT to “do good” and who have the wisdom to distinguish “good” from “not good,” and who can engage the creative process to “good effect.”

It is time that we learn what is necessary to fulfill the potential that is available to those who are willing. Learn to distinguish the “positive” from the “negative,” and develop the wisdom and capacity to create the positive reality which is available to all who want it..


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  1. Good afternoon Rosalie,

    How on earth did I receive your posts this morning!! These miraculous pieces of heaven just seemed to appear on my desktop imparting great joy and understanding … at long last!!! I must have joined you but I can’t remember doing it.

    Thank you so much. With love, Jocelyn Loney Tasmania Australia


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  2. Hello, Jocelyn. It’s terrific to get your comments and think of your lovely Light in Tasmania! I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed our posts. No wonder you forgot all about joining, with the sparse posting, of late. LOL! But expect us to post more often, in future. 🙂 ❤


  3. that wonderful to read again to you and Rosalie in this blog, Jerry!! 😉
    Apropos of what you say, I’ll tell you a few days when I was pretty bad because of the news reaching us from abuse and exploitation of some humans, animals and nature for other human ago, I felt moved to make a kind of prayer I’m not sure who, maybe the universe, which in summary stated: Just ask people to live and let live the rest in peace, and that if they do not become aware of the pain, hurt and suffering caused to other beings, whether humans, animals or plants.

    Because honestly I believe that except for very few people who can actually be bad (using a very childish and simple term), most are unconscious, in the sense that they do not measure the true impact that their actions cause in others.
    with all my heart and gratitude to you for what this blog is shared

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  4. Cristina, your comment is very encouraging to me. It directly addresses the content of my post. Better yet, you display an understanding both in your thoughts and in your actions. Your prayer is exactly what is needed. It should be repeated with great frequency and intensity. I completely agree with your statement; although there are some people who do intend to be hurtful without any concern for others, it is ignorance, not evil, that is the root cause of the suffering that results. That is why I knew that an understanding of the creative power that resides in each of us is not sufficient. We must also have the wisdom to recognize the harm that is done to ourselves and to others when we misuse this power. Many are ignorant. I do not condemn them. Along with you, I pray that their ignorance be dissolved. I cannot thank you enough for your own understanding and for letting me know that you are in resonance with this message. Jerry.

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