The Event

Impetus Toward Freedom, Self Responsibility, and Spirituality Is Culminating

An Aside:

Our house is now a home, the kids have visited, and this honeymoon year for Jerry and me, of getting to know our personalities better (our souls already knew each other) is over.  Still too busy, I finished my priority reassessment and modified the main menu on the web site, removing references to quantum healing and updating the About Me to announce that I will concentrate mostly on Reality—how it works and how to control it—always according to my current, continually expanding understanding of it.  That doesn’t mean I won’t post on other topics, like New Earth updates, Gaia Portal interpretations, energies, or some spiritual subject, but Reality and Consciousness is what I am most interested in, now.

I don’t want to do much of keeping up with the latest news or passing on other people’s posts with little comment; I want to get back to my own writing.  If you’re inclined to keep up on “real world” news, I encourage you to check out the links on the left and right sides of the blogs.

Speaking of Changes

Changes in New Earth

Personal Changes

How has your life morphed during the past four to sixteen years?  How have you been, lately?  I’ve written about many common personal reactions to Transformational energies.  They just keep on.  Now, Jerry and I are “old” and retired, and live mostly outside the bounds of the shared timeline, on a daily basis.  Sometimes we feel somewhat disoriented when attempting to match up with it, figuring out date and time.  Some days seem endless; those where we interact with society much, seem short.  Experiencing bodily adjustments to our upgraded DNA, we want extra sleep and often feel tired.  Sometimes we read or talk until 3am and sleep ’til noon, then need a nap, later.

I’m on the Youthing plan to get healthier and look younger.  The results are unsteady and uneven.  One day I look younger; next day, like an old lady who’s been on a drunk.  One day, even a week at a time, no pain and feeling optimistic; then a day comes along where I get up slowly, painfully, taking the first few steps all bent over.  Overall, though, I am looking and feeling younger.  Jerry feels he is maintaining.  Our den overflowed with musical instruments, so Jerry has turned the breezeway into an exercise room where we can revel in the joy of movement.  Doing things that cause you to feel joy in your body, love for it, speeds healing and Youthing.

A striation still exists between mainly third density (dimensionally 3D/4D) and mainly fourth density (5D fifth dimensional) people.  When we go into town or people stop by on this private chert road to spend time with Ma and Pa Kettle on the front porch, everyone is very positive, even the few who are overly drug or alcohol dependent.  We exchange Love with them all.  We don’t have a TV, so in our world, all is positive and improving.  I think our experiences are very common for those of us who are at least somewhat awakened, spiritual, and loving.

Now, please know that perfection is not expected of us.  It is only important to have a desire to love more, to do better.  In fact, perfection is not possible for anyone or anything in this universe, for such a state would constitute a condition of stagnation, counter to the universal law of constant change.  We must never beat ourselves up for being less than we feel we ought to be.  It is important that we each accept and love our own self.


both the physical / social event(s) and a spiritual / cosmic event. 

Recall my earlier post of the announcement that before this presidential election in the USA, “EVERYTHING will change!”  And the clarification that it is not about one sudden and complete change, but that at some point during this fall, we will begin noticing one positive change after another, building and snowballing, to bring about improvements in everything in which Earth societies and individuals participate.

We, of course, wonder what could happen to inspire such changes.

The spiritual Event that I feel to be imminent will push us further toward 5D / 4th density personal / inner changes.  That Event may involve a Light show and possibly many will feel immediate changes within themselves and/or detect them in others.  However, I now feel that our environment and inner selves will be put onto a course of accelerated changes, and that most people will not feel that reorientation, but may look back and see that it happened.  Have no fear, whatever happens, however it manifests to you.  It will be a blessing.  No God will be judging you.  Rather, the energies of the Event will push human nature to become more giving, happy, optimistic, understanding, compassionate, creative, and independent, yet cooperative.

Societal Changes

Two factors that will bring about many improvements and much abundance are:

  • Global and US currencies will change to unmanipulable undollars, likely before November;
  • I expect some unmistakable evidence of the removal of power from the remaining globalists who are still involved in control and brainwash, and those who willingly cooperate with them.

Those two changes should be enough to inspire the People to take control, take responsibility for our planet.  I don’t expect ET, as yet, and it is possible that the “underground” Agarthans may show themselves, first.

The Election

Regarding the presidential election, I’ve hoped for a young 5D person to step in.  Remember, parties have nothing to do with the real government by the People of America, nor with our Constitution.  If you do read the real news and/or if your intuition has kicked in, then you know Hillary is likely to be arrested.  That would leave an opening for new blood, outside of parties.

Trump would likely suffice to assist in beneficial changes, as he would cooperate with Putin, US General Joseph Dunford, our ET brothers and others who are working toward Freedom and prosperity on planet Earth; still, so much media disinformation and brainwash has tinged reactions and expectations of him, that I’d like a new young candidate with a clean slate.  It could be that the right 5D person already is running, but gets no play in the lying media.

The spiritual event will impact the election choices, too.  It will open hearts and minds to the here and now, lifting them past the reality fed us by the Cabal of cooperative dark forces, to what is really happening.

As I will teach in coming posts, thoughts directed with the Force of Intent and feeling the emotions of the desire already manifested is how Reality is created.  Why not consciously cause what you desire to happen with the election, by using this principle?

Again, what will happen to all the negative people?

As the positive ones choose to move into a higher energetic band of 4th density frequency, still in this 5D New Earth, others have energies that resist that.  They will continue to live as we all used to, in 3D lives full of strife and conflicts that will likely be accentuated.  That is why it is so important to let go of all fear, self doubt, pessimism, hatred, anger and self-limiting beliefs.

Personally, I don’t feel anyone will be taken to another 3D planet, and Jerry agrees, but the striation will be wider.  Neither of us expect an immediate big change and we still expect no one to be left behind.  Hopefully, many 3D people will come to this website to learn that they can control their lives with unlimited abundance, and how to do it.

Looking Forward

We will begin to notice the accidental unraveling of time and space restrictions.  Our 3D senses may not reliably define life, as they have up ’til now.

Fifth dimensional abilities will spontaneously happen to us, without having to work on it. Do what you enjoy and don’t be concerned with your progress.  The energies will drive it.  Being creative and playful will result in it.  Your Higher Self will meld into your multidimensional self, whether you meditate or not.  I can say that, as Dr. Gregory’s laziest student; my Higher Self gets messages and higher understandings to me in real time.  It will happen to you. But if you feel inspired to work on extrasensory perceptions, astral travel, time travel, etc., you’ll find methods suggested by other teachers and writers.

I’ll be concentrating on how to consciously create the lives we choose, which, in the accelerated vibrations and expanded Freedom of our 5D environment, will be so much easier!




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  1. Hi Rosalie, I loved your post! Much appreciated! Am feeling the striation as well. I am sometimes overwhelmed by the energies of the 5th – but still not fully embraced.

    I always look forth to your Gaia portal interpretations. Wishing you both well, With love, Tamik (all the way from Beirut, Lebanon!)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So good to see your posting. You always create powerful posts. I post more often, but only rarely create a good one. I mainly post for myself though. Anyway, I was spreading word on the Internet that American’s are able to write in any name on voting day. I am hoping that Social Media will get behind a name outside of the two choices. Unless I hear of a new 5D runner, I will be forced to write in Bernie.

    I do not know Bernie too well, but he is the most likely name (as of now) to be written in. Otherwise, I would have to not vote at all as Trump does not represent my ideals in a diverse society. I have heard to many criminal actions behind Hillary to confidently vote for her.

    Hopefully someone who can unite the nation even more then Bernie is discovered. Someone who I would be proud to have as a leader.


  3. Thank you, beautiful Flower. ❤ Whatever happens before and with the election, it sure will be interesting, not only in the presidential vote, but for congress, state and local positions, as well. How will 5D attitudes present themselves in the results? We shall see…


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