Bounties Finally in Place on Cabal (“Illuminati”) Criminals

Gold Bounty

1 Ton Gold Bounty

I just finished reading the 7/18/2016 update from Benjamin Fulford at the link, below, and had an urge to post names of people with bounties on their heads.

benjamin fulfordChaos everywhere as current world order continues to collapse while new age begins

If you are subscribed to Benjamin’s news reports, you can read tonight the complete global overview of criminal ploys to gain power and save their skins.  Or if not, you can read part of it on the above link and the rest will be disseminated on Thursday.

Luckily I read some comments and saw the he had given permission for “Mozart”, a reader, to do just that.  She did post those names at this link:  Post Including List of Cabal Criminals with Bounties on Their Heads

This excerpt is not the complete list of those on which bounties have been placed, but only those requested to be added!  I had thought the Rothschilds had agreed to cooperate, but obviously, at least not all of them had.

Also, representatives of the White Dragon Society had meetings with several Asian factions to discuss the 1 ton gold bounty placed by the WDS on certain members of the Khazarian mafia.

The WDS explained that the West was like a beautiful woman infected with syphilis and that the Asians need to make sure she takes anti-biotics before getting too friendly. The Asians agreed and confirmed gold and agents will be made available.

Pentagon and agency sources responded to the bounties with requests for more names to be added. So, at Pentagon and agency request a one ton gold bounty will be placed on the people they mentioned:

Jacob de Rothschild

Evelyn de Rothschild

Jay Rockefeller

George Soros

Dick Cheney

Paul Kagan

Henry Kissinger

Angela Merkel

Neil Bush

Jeb Bush

Marvin Bush

Michael Mukasey

Scooter Libby

911 judge Alvin Hellerstein

Paul Wolfowitz

Richard Perle

Dov Zakheim

Michael Chertoff

Frank Lowy

Larry Silverstein

Rudolf Giuliani

Michael Bloomberg

Paul Singer

Mark Zuckerberg

Mikhail Khodorkovsky

Tony Blair

Haim Saban

Sheldon Adelson

Arnon Milchan

Hank Paulson

Bob Rubin

Sandy Weill (Citigroup)

Lloyd Blankfein (Goldman Sachs)

Jamie Dimon (JP Morgan)

Stanley Fischer


Soon all the dark ones will have been removed or have turned to the Light.

No fears.

This is leading to our Freedom.




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  1. When will we (the public) know that this is really, actually happeninng? Will anything be reported by the lame stream media? Thank you! Peter

    On Monday, July 18, 2016, Rosalie Parker ~ Wayshower for the New Earth wrote:

    > Rosalie Parker posted: ” 1 Ton Gold Bounty I just finished reading the > 7/18/2016 update from Benjamin Fulford at the link, below, and had an urge > to post names of people with bounties on their heads. Chaos everywhere as > current world order continues to collapse while new ag” >

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  2. Hi, Peter,

    Jerry and I had a conversation the other day, on that question. I think it’s a good one.

    Most people won’t believe it until the LSM admit it. Even if one of them were taken out–obviously to us–by a bounty hunter, they would claim a crazed gunman or a Muslim did it. If Putin or another government announce the bounties, LSM won’t report it. IF it is true that clones exist, they could substitute a clone when someone is removed. You probably see how often spacecraft are seen and filmed, yet the gov and LSM pretend it doesn’t happen.

    I’ve often thought it might require a heavenly event, a light show or something, that everyone knew happened and could not be successfully denied. Spacecraft landing openly? Some have, already. Landing on the White House lawn during a live broadcast might do it. Yes, I think either The Event that’s heavenly. Or if suddenly a mother ship hovers, surrounded by smaller craft, one of which lands, during a live broadcast; and meanwhile all Earth weapons are neutralized. That would do it.

    I know that General Dunford is said to be acting as president, keeping Obama on camera, to avoid mass unrest. I see that as true. If we see Obama, Dunford, et al on a stage, announcing the removal of the bankers and other bad politicians (most of them), that Obama has stepped down and whether he has reformed or will be taken away, as well as how the governing will procede, the plan for election and interim, and how we will regain the Constitution. That would do it.

    But it WILL happen in as non-fear provoking way as possible, letting us know that we are Free, not overtaken. We’ll be here to help calm people. No fear.



  3. Why hang your hat on this kind of dust in the wind? If you’re looking for a sign I’d suggest study something those behind the curtain care about – the central banks. Everything else is just musical chairs.

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    • Yes, you’re right, Doug. There are some movements in banking, while I’ve not as yet heard of any paid bounties. The banking changes were being discussed long before any reported movement there, too. Instead of “movement”, it’ll be great to hear that all of it is gone! Cheers to that!


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