New Earth

Becoming Florescent

There is a lot of good news coming out, indicating that the Cabal of global tyrants are ending their losing battle.  Here is what Gaia Portal has to say about that.  My interpretation is in italics.

Carillons remind all Gaia inhabitants that Light is their home

16 Jul

Carillons remind all Gaia inhabitants that Light is their home.

“Bells” ring from higher dimensions to remind us that we came from the Light.  That’s who we are.  Now, we take more Light into our multiple dimensions of self, including our three most mentioned bodies:  physical, emotional / astral, and levels of mind.  Our souls are not human; we came from very high energetic dimensions to participate in the stage of Earth that is now ending (maybe prior to that, as well) and/or the New Earth stage that is just beginning.

Fluorescents increase.

Taking in more Light, our brightness increases and radiates more, gleaming, glowing, glittering, becoming noticeable to others, calling the attention of Higher Beings.

Spartanized conditions are abandoned.

As will be made clear over coming days and weeks, the dark Cabal who have taken global control of the planet had been determined to win the battle of Lightworkers against them.  Those Spartans, the controlling families that Benjamin Fulford talks about, are surrendering, at least on top levels.  With their rule and support gone, the underlings will collapse.  Don’t worry, Lightworkers have plans to prevent much suffering. 

A new era of prosperity is set to begin!

Gleanings of Star Beings connect.

Just like people glean remaining grain from a field after the major harvest, Star Beings have rescued regular humans who were left behind, that is, unascended / unawakened.  These rescued ones connect to the larger body that we’ve been calling Hue-Manity (God-Men).

Hue-Manity is formed.

Earth humanity has become Hue-Manity. 

We, individually, and our Collective Consciousness are enlightened.




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  1. I wonder if Bashar spoke of the coming Fall in any of his latest channellings. While I fully intend to watch at least one of them, they cost a lot of money. I would have to budget to afford it this month, or maybe even the next.

    Honestly, I wish the universe would just give me a windfall of money to hold me over till the time of abundance. I have great ideas for increasing the joy and ease for all in the time of abundance.

    If I beg the Spirits for a windfall, they reply, “Do you want us working on you winning the lottery, or all of humanity winning together?” I always reply, “Of course it is more important for us all to win than just one, but could you please just let me win (insert random sweepstakes that I recently entered.)”

    I am a persistant one. No matter how many time I fail at winning free sweepstakes, you will aways find me searching for a new one. So far I have been unable to even win a basket of cheese, or month of tea. (I search for sweepstakes based on stuff I want at the time.) So yes I did a search for a cheese sweepstakes on a reputable sweepstakes listing site.

    Sorry for the long comment. I am processing Matt Kahn’s latest Angel Academy 6 Call.

    If I win the latest $5000 cash sweepstakes, I am going to save some for Angel Academy 7, and buy some Bashar videos. Yet, a lot of the money would end up in Apple’s hands. Hopefully, there would be enough after Apple to get Earthing Sheets, because those look cool.

    Sorry again. I integrate energy by either talking or typing. I guess I should have been making a Blog post. Peace!

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  2. very true, the cycle is over and a new one is beginning, i saw a circular cloud sometime back and had a visit of the Spiritual type, and it is for those who treasure love to let it flow, the collective conscience that is God working is us, flourishes when we think with wisdom and love in the heart, blessings. pray the prayers that increase the loving instinct, as Jesus said all those years ago, the 11th hour promise is there for all, amen

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      • i had a visit from the Holy Spirit in real time, and saw a few other things, but in a nutshell, we are light when we love, and we can pour out blessings when we gain the trust of The Great Spirit, you just have to believe it, it’s why when we pray, we should cast our nets wide, amen.

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  3. I have just started meditating this year and it has rocked my world and switched a light on within me I love it x


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