The Event

The Event Is More of the Same ~ And That’s a Good Thing


We each create our own reality within a framework of probable realities for the planet and ourselves.  Therefore, our personal future on Earth must be within the probable Earth futures.  For example, for the last fifty years, Earth has been hit hard with transformational energies from our sun and many other powerful sources.  Those energies have transformed her people and her whole self.  The people have had no choice but to go along with her in the Transformation, either increasing vibrations of their body/emotions/mind/soul complex in real time or if their vibrations can’t handle it and they can’t shift, then dying (dropping body) and reincarnating in a higher frequency multidimensional energetic configuration, body and all prepared to better survive the Transformation period.

The longer those with dark vibrations have remained here, the harder it’s been on them, until now, they are sick, dragging out death, still trying to implement their dark plans that are no longer in any probable Earth futures.  They and their plans are crumbling, while the majority of people are more awake and lighter, having chosen Freedom from anyone’s control.

The first event I’ll mention may be called the “Real World Event” of the demise of the dark forces, or Cabal, either by arrest, being taken out by the White Hat warriors (the Resistance) or by illness.  Keep reading the links on the side frames of the New Earth Blog, to keep up with that “Event”, to the extent that you want to reassure yourself that our enslavers have no more power.  But I highly suggest that if you feel any fear from it, or feel your energies shaken, then just concentrate on building your life as you desire it.  That’s Conscious Creation.

Only One Shared Timeline

They say that in our future, we’ll have more Freedom of Time.  In the old three dimensional (3D) Earth, it seemed like we all herded along the same shared timeline, with only small side loops that would re-sync with the main one.  We didn’t even think there was such a thing as different timelines.  By 2012, in fourth dimension (4D), we had a more obvious few shared timelines and the ability to move from one to another, as future timelines collapsed into those to which more consciousness was tuned.  We finally wound up with a third density (3d) and a fourth density (4d) timeline in fifth dimension (5D) Earth.  [See What Is 5D?]  Those in 3d are having more negative experiences and are less awake and aware then those in 4d, but don’t worry; they are raising their vibrations toward fourth density.  In fact, in galactic circles, Earth recently became known as a Fourth Density Planet!

In our dimension, we have only one shared reality, with one shared timeline happening.  At any time, if you can see into the future, you may see several probable futures; but when it comes down to any moment of life on Earth, the realities for Mother Earth are all transmuted down to only one that she actually experiences.  And so, any of our probable timelines that were not in this shared framework of Earth experiences will have to transmute to one within that framework.

For example, there was a real probability that the people of Earth would be wiped out again by the end of 2012, by all manner of catastrophes.  The dire predictions were true probabilities that would have resulted in harm or hardships to humans on this planet.  This might even have been the last chance for us to reach the Light of a New Earth.  This process we agreed to, of our losing memory of who we are and reincarnating to gradually choose Lightness over darkness and to remember that we are souls who are a part of God, would have been ended.  The next experience of each of our God fractal monads would have been elsewhere.  [Note that the veil of forgetting was voluntary, rather than caused by enslavement by other beings.  It’s what we do.  More on that at another time.]

More Looseness in Our Future Shared Timeline

The timelines of our 5D personal reality will not be so lock step as they were in 3D. That is, our Consciousnesses will not be so tied to a common reality.  I’ve been wondering how much we’ll be straying from our evolving agreed-upon reality during the next few hundred years.  My personal experience still pretty solidly looks like the old 3D reality, though my situation is much happier than a couple of years ago.  I mean, the trees don’t walk around and cows in the pastures aren’t purple polka dotted.  We live with woods all around and no TV, usually not knowing what day it is, and when I go into town, everyone seems cheerful and loving.  I could be off on my own branch more than I realize, but I’ll bet you are finding the people around you to be increasingly positive, too.

Back to my multiverse pebbles analogy of stepping from pebble to pebble in a multidimensional universe, each pebble is a still picture that we focus on for a billionth of a second, and then step to or jump to, another pebble, choosing our pathway of experience, or living it without conscious choice.  We do, however, create that path, whether consciously choosing our path and creating its pebbles or simply walking forward to whatever pebbles we find in front of us.  Whether we are leaves blowing in the wind, or to what degree we control our fate, is up to us.

Energies During This Time

A lot of people have talked and written about the influx of powerful energies into the planet during this last half of December, 2016.  All such transformational energy blasts are termed Spiritual, the idea being that the Creator is behind the forces causing them; that God desired this Transformation into New Earth.  That is how I see it, as well.  This may be the most potent transformational blast we have received.  That is what we’ve been calling “The Event”, the spiritual one.  I have written about it under the category “The Event”.  Right now, I have links to some of those articles right at the top of New Earth Blog front page.

I used to expect this Event to be something undeniable, so that every person on Earth would know that something happened.  Now, just as I came to realize toward the latter half of 2012, I feel there will be nothing so obvious as to awaken everyone to know that something fantastic is happening.  Though any one person might feel such things as expectation, nervousness, heaviness, headaches, dizziness, calmness, or even joy, only the very sensitive will detect the energies and gain some description of what is happening.  We will, however, ALL be pushed forward in personal evolution by the energies of this Event.

What’s Happening During This Spiritual Event?

Some of you may be confused by conflicting reports.  Soon after I started blogging, I heard of “The Event” from Ron Head’s Higher Self during a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) Session.  As I took it, he spoke of it as an event, not something happening over a stretched out period of time.  A short time later, in another QHHT session, Ron’s Higher Self said we were in the Event—the Energies of the Event—”right now”.  That was in 2014.

Okay, I understand that the differences of time experiences in realms of higher vibration can make one of our time periods seem like a flash.  There is also the problem in predictions that we humans on the planet are constantly changing our own future, and thus, the timing of or even the happening of events.  So I still call it “The Event”.  Now, what is happening?

Many are sending out fearful messages that I won’t pass on.  I still intuit that what we can expect in the short term and throughout our evolution of New Earth conditions is more good social and political changes than you could have imagined, while we continue to work on  remaining personal psycho-emotional issues and eliminate or redesign and replace social and government systems.  We’ll be learning to consciously create our desired reality.  There is nothing to fear.

I take issue with many New Agers, mostly ones who have served us for many, many years, helping to raise the planetary vibration through their writings and lightwork.  I honor them for doing that.  A lot of them still envision a sort of rapture—a mass ascension to higher realms by the spiritual “elite”.  Actually, I think they may be correct, but that would be so small a percentage of people on the planet as to be unnoticed by those without personal connection to them.

At one time, a dimensional split was a probability around 2012.  There would have been cataclysms and many people would die.  Some of those would reincarnate (ascend) into a wonderful fifth dimensional realm (reality), while others returned to an even more negative 3D world, or even be taken to a different negative planet.  Some expect an ascension and a return as Light beings, masters.  Well, none of that happened and it won’t.  There won’t be a dimensional split.  We’ve done it all in real time, carrying our 3D world into 5D.

Our ascension is not to float out of here, nor to be reborn in another place, but to increasingly evolve right here, in body.  Some will drop body and come back in with a better starting vibration, with more possibility of quickly raising it higher.  This transformational ascension is in energetic vibration of individuals and therefore, the collective.


For an example of the perspective that the Event will happen all at once, both the “Real World Event” and the “Spiritual Event”, refer to the following link.  What is described has been happening and still is.  It’s not wrong, but to us living it, it’s happening over quite a long period of time.

For an up-to-date spiritual perspective, read what Sandra Walters has to say:

In contrast to Sandra’s take, I feel no need to assist the energies to do what they are coming to do.  I suggest you find your way, your spiritual practices that help you feel lighter, closer to the Divine or God, wider awareness, more Love and Divinity within.  Though a formal religion isn’t necessary, you may find your way in the practices of your religion.  There is good in every religion.  “Spirituality”, in the New Age sense, is simply more free style, without dogma.  You have choices.  God doesn’t use shackles.



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