Gaia Portal 12/21 ~ Butterfly Effect Brings Freedom

Butterfly Essence comes to the fore


Butterfly effect by eReSaW. See it on

21 Dec

Butterfly Essence comes to the fore.

A small initial state change can have an eventual high impact, as in Chaos theory.  Far evolved from the slow crawling caterpillar, awakening humanity, like butterflies, are beautiful and  light.  We have set the tone for changing conditions, creating our New Earth of beauty and Light.

Static paradigms abandoned and released.

Our paradigms, which are our beliefs, thoughts and opinions, are no longer static.  Our Free Thinking has made us ready, willing and able to let them go.  As we do so, we create our desired increase in Cooperation and Compassionate Love, in our individual lives and in our governments.  With this lighter and freer approach to life, we are the Butterfly Essence of change.

Surrogates are charged.

True governments in this New Age are surrogates for the People.  Across the world, we have charged them to stand in for us, representing our new paradigms and new attitude of settling for nothing less than full Freedom.

Flasks of compliance are stirred.

Flasks are containers for something precious.  Flasks of individual desires are stirred into a liquid of Collective desires with which our surrogates must comply.

Mastrichts are moved to the Light.

Maastricht, Netherlands has a history of being overtaken time after time, by Rome, Spain, France, Holland.  [See History of Maastricht, Netherlands.]  Also, the treaty to form the European Union (EU) was held in Maastricht.  I will call Mastrichts those who desire union and cooperation with the people and lands around them, while maintaining Freedom.  While that was the supposed purpose of the EU, it instead served the tyrannical objectives of the global dark Cabal.

Now, the world-wide Mastrichts of cooperation are moved to the Light of seeing what goes on under the surface of politics.  They won’t be fooled again.  We desire and will have Freedom and humane unity.  

Our Butterfly Essence is taking us there.

Reader, Rebecca Campbell, was thoughtful enough to send in the following—her own, very well done interpretation.  Many thanks out to you, Rebecca.


Butterfly Essence comes to the fore

Butterfly Essence comes to the fore.

Static paradigms abandoned and released.

Surrogates are charged.

Flasks of compliance are stirred.

Maastrichts are moved to the Light.


The core of human transformation into illumined ascended beings now comes forth for all, with resistant, rigid structures creating our destruction in the past being rejected, both individually and collectively. Those who have served the darkness at its lower levels are now being indicted, while those of the light who are to replace them during Earth’s transition period are now being appointed. The means of containment for all systemic evil at its highest levels are being readied. This systemic evil includes the core of corruption on this planet – the satanic pedophile networks, embodied by the Dutch border city of Maastricht, Holland, after which the Treaty of Maastricht – creating the European Union and its attendant evils, including open-border human trafficking from its western hub on the Dutch/Belgian border – was named. – REC


There is an ancient network of tunnels in Maastricht, Holland on the Maas/Meuse/Mossa River at the Belgian border, in which more recent but now-abandoned NATO underground bases have been built, with some entrances located in local Roman Catholic churches. Some of the main tunnels go into/through Belgium, another known hub for human trafficking in Western Europe.

Synchronistically, the original Latin of the translated “Maastricht” is “Mosa Trajecta”, or “hurled over the Maas/Meuse/Mosa (River)”. This exactly describes what is happening to those human beings – particularly children – now being trafficked there, and also indicates the natural physiological reaction of most normal human beings when they first find out about this ancient unimaginable evil.

The Ascended Master Jesus called out the satanic pedophile networks over 2,000 years ago, showing how his teachings have been defiled by the Vatican/Jesuit Order/Black Nobility who now control the Roman Catholic Church:

He took a little child whom he placed among them. Taking the child in his arms, he said to them, “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me…

If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them if a large millstone were hung around their neck and they were thrown into the depths of the sea.” – Gospel of Mark 9: 37, 42


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