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What We’ve Been Up To ~ A New Site

I regret not posting much lately.  It’s partly because we’ve had some commotions going on here.  Our new deck roof was not properly installed and collapsed during the first good rain after the drought.  It will be repaired, soon.  Worse than that, our Little P, the dog who found Jerry at the post office, several years ago and was a God-send to him during difficult times, was once again attacked by dogs running in a pack.¹  He’s been in the vet hospital since last Wednesday.  We expect him to recover, but he’ll have a few more days in hospital.  Poor little thing is so full of love.

I’ve written a bit more on Gaia Portal and hope to get that out in a few days.  Christmas company will take precedence, but I MUST tell you about the current energies through the end of December, ASAP!

~ Announcing Our New Site ~

We’ve spruced up the menu and made other small changes to the New Earth Blog.  Now, we would like you to take a look at our Living Local site.  It ties in with what we’ve been saying about going local, and shows the kind of life we are creating for ourselves.  Those of you who have enjoyed my Facebook posts on birds in our yard will find them on the new site, instead.  The first post tells what it’s all about.  Please take a look and feel free to leave a note:

Living Local



  1. See the story of Little P’s miraculous healing: Archangel Raphael: “Yes, You Are Receiving My Help”.


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