The Event

The Event ~ Galactic Connection 12-8-16… “Urgent Message from Alexandra Meadors December 8, 2016”

Here’s an important share from Alexandra Meadors on Kauilapele. Confirmation that all is falling in line, life in New Earth improving, step by step, as we each do our best to improve ourselves on all levels.

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alexandra_meadors_headshot_c_4An important message from Alexandra.

“As of 8:18:46 pm Tuesday night PDT A Great Event Occurred! The final “pillar” of the matrix came tumbling down. All curtains fell and all as we have known to be this reality is no more. There will be a delayed effect from this anticipated Moment and occurrence and all will begin to see an even greater acceleration in the dismantling… As was previously stated, all systems of control have been uncreated. A VERY specific sequence of uncreating has occurred and is complete now!!!!!!!!!

“There will be a greater number of strange and sudden news flashes relaying groups of people killed/passing in unexpected ways… More and more information will come forth challenging us to release attachments to ANYTHING we have believed to be the truth. This is because sometimes what we believe to be true is not necessarily from our hearts but from programs, looping…

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