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Softness of Inner Gaia inhabitants transmits to the surface

3 Nov

Softness of Inner Gaia inhabitants transmits to the surface.

Who lives in Inner Gaia?  There are the Agarthians, for sure.  I’ve heard that some elder Mayans do.  We shall see, as we are told more about our planet and our history, and as people show themselves, as they feel it is prudent to do so.  They are not so harsh as we had become.  These qualities are transmitted up to us:  acceptance of differences; compassion; kindness and love; helpfulness; appreciation for beauty, spiritual strengths and unique qualities, freedom and all life.  Do you feel them?

Hue-beings respond in the moment.

The awakened fourth density people intuitively respond to the energies transmitted up to us.

hu-beings collapse the veil.

The veil is the separation of us from higher beings, higher levels of ourselves (Higher Self), and higher realms.  By higher, I mean faster energetic vibration.  Examples of higher beings are Archangels, Kryon and others straight from Source who come to serve Earth and humans in some capacity, Ascended Masters, Creator, and other benevolent beings.  Actually, the veil is created by blockages in our DNA—a topic to be addressed here, soon.  So, what does it mean that hu-beings are collapsing the veil.  It would mean that their DNA is changing; that’s something that the new energies do. 

Fraternities are acknowledged.

We recognize the brotherhood of all humanity.

Gaia is freed.

The veil is what has held us back.  It caused us to forget who we are, to believe in lack, to see each other as adversaries.  It allowed us to be enslaved by false governments and fake news stemming from AP and Reuters that fans out to the mainstream media.  Now, we have higher level understanding of those “real world” situations, use of intuition, and as we know how powerful we are, we desire Freedom and feel able to be fully responsible.  Not just us, but we learn to give love to Mother Earth and all on her.  This planet has been freed!!

Carryings of heavyweights is abandoned

9 Nov

Serenities of hu-beings magnifies as apocalyptics rain

12 Nov

The People of Earth must and are building solidarity in freeing themselves.

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