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Evolving the New Human: The Higher-Self and the Integration of the Whole

ascended masters declare freedomGreetings my friends. The following is something that I wrote for myself but thought it might be useful to you. Writing helps me synthesize information and organize my thoughts. In this case, it is inspired by the information found in a Kryon channelling originally given by Lee Carroll in Mt Shasta, California, June 21, 2013, as reproduced and enhanced by Lee for the book The Human Soul Revealed, authored and compiled by Monica Muranyi (2015). The channelling itself is titled The Nine Attributes of the Human Being.  The first chapter of Monika Muranyi’s book contains a transcript of this channelling and served as my direct source.  I hope what I have written is an accurate reflection of what Kryon teaches.  However, what I have written below is not intended to be a summary of Muranyi’s chapter so I hope my readers will be interested enough to consult her book and explore other sources of Kryon material, most especially those found on Lee Carroll’s website,

The Human Being is evolving, both biologically and spiritually. Therefore, any description of the Human as we exist today is subject to revision, even if that description is accurate at present. This evolution will result in a human being who is more tolerant, more compassionate, more joyful, and wiser than is presently the case. We are beginning to recognize that we are not separate from the creator who created us; that there is a “God within” with whom we co-create our reality. And instead of forgetting much that we have learned in past lives and starting “at zero” again and again, we are gaining greater access to the lessons for which, through numerous incarnations, we have lived and died.

We are moving toward a greater integration of our whole self, an integration of attributes which now seem separate but which are to a greater extent merging or coming into greater communication, cooperation, and harmony. This integration will produce a human being who is of a higher consciousness.  For example, in 2014 Kryon described humans “right now” as “operating at slightly less than 35 percent…the percent of your DNA that is active and working.” As human consciousness evolves, “Each one of you can eventually become your own medical intuitive. This is evolution, and it represents DNA working at almost 44 percent.” We have not yet arrived at this 44 percent level of DNA functioning but Kryon predicts that we will.

Since humans have evidenced higher levels of learning and awareness in very recent times, adjustments are being made in the extent to which we will be allowed to see truths which have heretofore been obscure. It is vital that we become more aware that we are multi-dimensional, that there is “more to us” than a singular individual living in isolation from the many aspects that make up our larger self.  Kryon’s discussion of the nine attributes of the Human Being will help us develop an understanding of the advantage of our recognizing them all as parts of us which are meant to operate as an integrated whole. He discusses them in terms of three groups of three.

The first group of three he calls “the Human group.” It consists of three attributes which together “create the Human Being walking in 3D.” The first attribute listed as belonging to the human group is “the Higher-Self in the Human Being.” This refers to the Higher-Self as it resides and functions in the DNA of the human body. The Higher-Self in the DNA has access to knowledge of all the experience of the human in all past lives. (See Kryon Book Twelve, The Twelve Layers of DNA.)  As the human evolves, the second attribute in the human group, human consciousness, increases it’s awareness of both the higher self and the third attribute, which Kryon calls “the Innate,” or “smart part of the cellular body.”  The Innate “knows what’s going on at the cellular level in your body;” yet in the less-evolved human, consciousness does not acquire the information about the body that the Innate knows.  An improvement in the integration of the two would facilitate health and healing. As Kryon illustrates: “Your brain is separated from your internal molecular structure. You could sit in your chair right now and have a disease growing in your body, but your brain might be completely unaware of it.  Your white cells could be rushing to a specific place to fight the disease…yet your brain has no clue until you get a blood test.” The Innate DOES know about the disease and the body’s attempt to fight it, but the human’s awareness (via the brain) does not. Increases in human enlightenment will improve human awareness of what the Innate knows. In like manner, when there is increased consciousness of the knowledge possessed by the Higher-Self, humans will become more aware of the lessons they learned in prior lives. As Kryon expressed it, with better communication between the Higher-Self and human consciousness, humans will have “an overall intuitive remembrance of what has happened in all of [their] lives. That manifests itself as wisdom.” Imagine the resulting improvements in human organization and human character. “It’s about time that you started to remember in a future life, what you have earned and lived in this one.”

The second group of three Kryon calls “the Soul group.” The term “Soul group” is used in a different sense by some sources, so it is less confusing to recognize that Kryon’s usage is simply referring to parts of the soul which function as a group, not to humans whose souls “belong to the same soul group” or to the same soul family.  Kryon’s Soul group category consists of three soul parts: (1) the Higher-Self; (2) Guides, sometimes also perceived as angels or other spiritual entities; and (3) a part which remains “on the other side of the veil.” Here we see that the Higher-Self is a part of our soul, and a part of the whole self which is not only operating within the context of our corporeal body’s DNA, but is also operating together with higher vibrational parts of the soul on both sides of the veil. We also see that the beings which we tend to perceive as our guides are actually a part of this same whole self, higher vibrational parts of our soul. As Kryon describes the guides, “They create wisdom and learning and healing and knowledge. They are also the ones who help with Soul intuition, and can see the overview of who you are in a much larger picture.” Increased communication with this part of our self which we now perceive as separate will increase our wisdom and learning. The same is true with regard to increased conscious integration of the third soul part in the Soul group, the part which remains with the Creative Source, but which is no less a part of the whole self.

All parts of our soul are part of the divine Creative Source. But when we incarnate as a human, there is a part of our soul which remains “on the other side of the veil.” It does not incarnate when the human incarnates. This is because the Creative Source is a divine energy so powerful that the corporeal body cannot hold or contain it. At present, our body can contain only a small fraction of our soul in its entirety. Only a portion comes to earth with us, and the rest remains with the Creative Source. At earlier stages of evolution, we could not hold even a small portion of the Creative Source within the human body. Now, we are able to hold more. That is greater integration. The part that comes with us, Kryon calls “the piece of God within.” Recognizing and cooperating with this “piece of God within” is of the greatest importance to our ascension. In Kryon’s words, “More than anything else, we want you to understand that God is within, not without. The key notion is the fact that you are your own Creator.” (Muranyi, The Human Soul, p 8.) As we continue to become more enlightened, our body will become able to contain a larger “piece” of divine creative energy, a larger piece of the soul which at present cannot be held. While there remains a part of the soul which does not become a part of the corporeal body, it continues to assist the parts which do incarnate. In Kryon’s words, “The portion of your Soul that is not in corporeal form is helping you in an overhead view, and steering you to benevolent things. Your intuition is the communication.” This is what happens when we recognize that the self with which we identify is a part of, not separate from the Creative Source. Central to the ascension process, we will gain greater awareness of truths that have remained hidden “behind the veil.” We will recognize and co-operate with “the God within.”

The third group of three Kryon calls “the Gaia Grid Group” or “the cooperative group of Gaia,” He characterizes it as “the most misunderstood” of the three groups of three. He also explains that his use of the term “Grid” is simply meant to convey the notion of it’s being a support group: “We call it a grid because it surrounds you with support.” Despite the ease with which we perceive the human as separate from the planet upon which we live, this perception of separation is deceptive. Our physical body is made of the elements of the earth and there is an even more intimate connection. This intimacy can be noticed by those who are sensitive enough to feel it in the mountains, the trees, the grass, the sky, and the waters of this beautiful planet. We respond to the planet and the planet responds to us because we are a part of a greater whole.

In the Gaia Grid Group, the Higher-Self is again present, this time “represented by the Magnetic Grid.” Among other things, the presence of this grid is detected by our magnetic measuring devices, such as the common compass. But it is not common knowledge that the human self is represented in the same grid whose energy moves the compass needle. The connection between human consciousness and this grid is the primary reason for Kryon’s presence here: “The entire reason Kryon is here is because this grid now needs to be adjusted to allow for a higher consciousness of humanity to develop.” (Kryon in Muranyi, The Human Soul, p. 15) This is because “Your DNA responds to it in ways that you don’t know about yet..” Our spiritual evolution requires changes to our DNA which in turn require changes in the magnetic grid.  In brief, these changes will allow for a higher functioning of our DNA.

The second member of the Gaia Grid Group might be confused with the first because it is also termed a grid. This Kryon calls “The Crystalline Grid.” Unlike the Magnetic Grid, it’s presence is as yet undetectable by current human technology. Kryon’s description is best quoted at length:

This is a grid which holds and remembers Human vibration. What you experience as a Human, is never forgotten by the planet. It is a grid of remembered consciousness, , influenced by Human action…This grid is the reason why you can stand in a battlefield that is 400 to 500 years old, and can still feel the energy of the battle. For what happened emotionally, is still there. All through the eons of history on this planet, the grid has seen and remembered what is the most dramatic for humans…death, sorrow, and drama. (Kryon, quoted in Muranyi, The Human Soul, p 15.)

Of great significance for our evolution is the fact that this grid is presently changing in a very beneficial way.  In Kryon’s words, “This grid is starting to be far more responsive to joy, laughter, and compassion. Death, war, and horror are beginning to take a back seat in the hierarchy of Human Emotions.” This will result in a greater exposure to these benign emotions and to the behavior which flows from them. Kryon has spoken of this phenomenon in other channellings as a “re-writing of history,” not in the sense of changing what has occurred in our history, but in the sense of changing what is remembered.

Kryon does not describe the third member of the Gaia Grid Group in any detail in his 2013 Mt. Shasta channeling. He describes it as “a cooperative energy in the mammal life of the planet.” He talks specifically of “the cetaceans,” the whales and dolphins, who are “like a living library” and “ hold an energy that is part of you.” They are to play a role in our spiritual advancement but
what it will be has yet to be revealed.

In contrast, the role of the Higher-Self has been given great emphasis in Kryon’s description of the nine attributes of the Human Being. In his discussion of layer Six of our DNA, Kryon adds, “The Higher-Self is the brother-sister that is absolute divinity. When you feel the creator inside, it is the Higher-Self that you are feeling. It is the connection to the other side.”  It is the only attribute which he places in all three groups. Most tellingly, the Higher-Self is called “higher” because it “vibrates at the frequency of the creator.”  The Higher-Self is a part of your soul which has a presence “on the other side of the veil,” but is also present in your corporeal body, in your DNA [ layer Six], and, in the Magnetic Grid as a part of planet Earth. In this sense, the Higher-Self is positioned to play an integrative role in bringing the whole self into a higher level of functioning. The adjustments in the Magnetic Grid which Kryon came to make will permit changes in our DNA and subsequent changes in “human nature.” (For much more about the Higher-Self, please see Kryon’s discussion of layer six in The Twelve Layers of DNA.) The end result will be a human population that is wise enough to recognize the folly of war, wise enough to handle interpersonal problems with respect for the interests of others, and informed enough to make major technological advances. Collectively, we will be more compassionate, more tolerant, capable of living in good health many times the typical life span of today, and ready to co-operate with others both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial. Most importantly, we will be able to harmonize as co-creators-in-love with the Creative Source.

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  1. I find some wonderful aspects in this post, thank you indeed Jerry; not the least this: “Recognizing and cooperating with this “piece of God within” is of the greatest importance to our ascension”. ‘Cooperating’, being just a wonderful ascension word for me and seemingly attainable. At least to cooperate with.

    According to an Ancient Aramaic dialect transliteration of the bible the most Holy name of God is ‘Eil’ (it does not translate into English, neither does the ‘English’ God translate into Ancient Aramaic). Within ‘Eil’ is a revelation of who we are that is so profound that I have no words, only a whispering sensing of it. Surely within the most holy there is a cooperation, a creating and oneness beyond words, so, in the English vernacular of our ascending days, ‘cooperation’ must be on the right track. Cooperating ‘as’ great joy!

    ‘Eil’ would not generally be accepted this way in the West.

    I always feel Kryon is right on. Thank you again.



    • Thank you bluejay2014 for such an informative comment. It is unfortunate, but you are correct; there is much resistance in the West to a recognition of the inseparable nature of our relationship to God. Your comment reinforces something I have read in at least one Kryon source (can’t remember which). Much to my disappointment, he noted that a smaller proportion of our population on “this continent,” meaning the U.S. given where the channel was delivered, is responding positively to his message. In general, the Western concept of God as a separate, powerful, and often “disapproving” creator makes it more likely Kryon’s message will be both misunderstood and rejected. But, as you said, I always feel Kryon is right on. I learn much from his messages but I have never heard him say anything that conflicts with my intuitive understanding. –Jerry

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    • Thank you Eliza for re-blogging this message. I do urge everyone to read or listen to Kryon directly and not to depend on anyone else, myself most certainly included, to interpret or report what he says accurately or fully. However, any time we can acquaint others with what he is saying and doing, we have served them well. Hopefully, that will inspire them to take a more direct look. Thanks for your help in that regard. –Jerry

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  2. Thank you for your integration of Kryons teachings whom i hsve followed since the 90’s .i especially like the last paragraph which sums up so beautifully the vision i intend to hold in the days ahead. Wearing my E shirt, Maureen

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  3. Thank you Maureen. Now is a very good time to hold that vision. As I have reminded some who have questioned the premise that humanity is moving toward the light, those who we see or read about in the public media are by no means a representative sample of humanity. –Jerry

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    • Thank you dreamweaver333 for helping acquaint more people with the message of Kryon. As I stated in my post, I hope I have been faithful to his message but I do hope readers will be inspired to go to Kryon’s own words directly. There is much more to his message even in that one channelling than I could convey. There is a large number of free mp3 audio recordings of his channellings on the Kryon site, I appreciate your recognition of their value.–Jerry

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