Creating Reality

Accelerating Expansion of Personal Consciousness Has Increased Our Personal Co-Creative Power

Underlying our increasingly positive governmental changes (see the previous post) is personal change.  We’ve been on an accelerating Expansion of Consciousness for many years, and now are collectively forming this New Earth, creating a world of beauty in every respect.  So, you see, the way we do that is to make our own lives beautiful.

Create Your Beautiful Life

Create Your Beautiful Life

How do you create your beautiful life?

First, know that you already have created your life, as it is now.  Think of it as a law of the Physics of Consciousness:  very briefly put, what we focus on and resonate with is what we have in our lives.  If I were to only recommend one avenue of learning this misnomed “Law of Attraction” (LOA), it would be to listen to and read Esther Hicks’ teachings of Abraham¹.  Now, don’t think it’s fluff.  Kryon, the master of magnetics, also teaches this principle.  It is required learning for a 5D human.

Recently, I posted a warning about spreading old prophecies of doom.²  That’s on a global scale, and similarly, let’s understand that our speaking negatively or worrying about anything in our lives will lead to more of that very type of thing!  We had been advised a few years ago by good teachers to stop speaking of situations that we don’t desire for this world, unless we’re discussing solutions.



They’re being replaced. Why not tell them that they are young and perfect?  That will change their DNA.


I am learning to be careful of what I write and speak, especially out loud, and how I spend my time, taking seriously my self-creation of my reality.  So, not much about humanity’s enslavement; only about our freeing ourselves.  My issues now, I’ll just tell you, as an example this one time, are some physical issues—not threatening, but unpleasant.  Kryon says, “Cells are listening,”  to what you say and will provide as you say.  If you often complain of pain, especially aloud, they will provide pain for you.  It’s tricky to keep it light and positive and I’m afraid they’re going to learn what the letters h-u-r-t and p-a-i-n mean.  So I go out into our exercise room (the enclosed breezeway) and do something every day, so my cells remember what it’s like to move with strength, ease, and grace, with flexibility and high energy.  I’m in there talking out loud.  It makes me multidimensionally happy.

Jerry’s had a habit of worrying about things when there is nothing to worry about.  That’s his issue.  What’s yours?


See, it’s habits of thoughts, attitudes and beliefs.  Observe your own and don’t criticize yourself for them.  We all have a LOT of those habits to improve upon.  In these energies, they are more powerful than ever for us who are Co-Creating with God!

Have you noticed how much faster the Universe responds to your desires that you consistently and optimistically call for, intend and believe you will have?   Have you noticed almost immediate response by the Universe when you put attention on what you choose to have in your life?  On 11/11, not thinking anything about the 11:11 Gateway that would accelerate manifestation of what you focus on during it, I did just that.

pr1050x_1_lI woke up for awhile during the night and decided to research a machine for my future home textile studio.  I was imaging the studio, the machinery and furnishings, tools and projects, and I ran across an inspiring embroidery and quilting art project.  I was in the Vortex³!  I was thinking that I’d sell my line of clothes first on eBay and that if demand ran high, I’d have to find a manufacturer.  Two days later I was contacted by a friend who has ideas to manufacture hemp products, including beautiful natural fabrics for clothing and other uses.  She said we’d have to create or find manufacturing plants.  I told her that COINCIDENTALLY, I plan to manufacture a line of clothing.

I focused on something I desire to create and two days later, someone with resonant thoughts contacted me!!


Not only that, but my friend brought up helping local people with projects for growing food crops and medicinal plants.  COINCIDENTALLY, another desire that is less clear in my mind than the textile studio is a greenhouse.  Since Jerry is enamored of wild medicinal plants, I’d envisioned propagating them in the greenhouse.  That could lead to wider production of plants or of the medicines, themselves.  One of my sisters might be able to play a part in that, being as spiritually connected with plants as Jerry.  I’ve told her that her knowledge would be important in New Earth.

My friend and I tossed up many projects, especially since she’s a wealth of knowledge and bright ideas for making life on Earth better.  As we focus on new ideas, the collective thought cloud of them grows, to be received by others, as well.

Synchronicitously, information is flowing to me on my desire to develop quicker, reliable, Quantum Healing methods for myself and others.  Kryon has predicted the integrations of powerful healing techniques in New Earth.  The Original QHHT Forum is full of dedicated healers already innovating.  Now, with help (well, more like insistence) from Dolores Cannon, who is working with Dr. Emoto, et al, from beyond the Veil, we on the forum are being cohesively guided in combining techniques.  Dolores Cannon and Candace Craw-Goldman, the two power houses, are on the case, with communication via Pamela Aaralyn, Spiritual Alchemist, as clear channel for Dolores.  I push to keep up with them and the other wonderful healers on the forum, in Beyond Quantum Healing.

See why it’s called the Law of Attraction?  When you think of things and resonate with them, it seems you attract them like a magnet.

It’s already done.  Already happened.  ~ Dolores Cannon

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Due to a Very New Energy On Earth

The Spoken Word Is More Powerful than Ever Before

According to Lee Carroll’s November newsletter, Kryon’s latest messages have been that

A “very new energy” is causing what you speak to be like placing an order at a restaurant.

Immediate manifestation!  We are moving into the era of personal power and close involvement with Spirit.  Now, we discover why we weren’t ready for it until earlier!  We had too much unhappy emotion from all our incarnation experiences.  We would have dug a dark chaotic hole of unhappiness with our disempowering beliefs, fears and oppositions, repeatedly stated aloud.  Now, we have been cleansed of psychological issues so that, for the most part, we only have to observe where we revert to habits.

If you fall into an old habit of thinking, talking or complaining about the undesirable, just turn the conversation around and
Re-Phrase to State What You Do Want


 Using Kryon’s message, my current personal spiritual practice includes
  • Know and image what you desire to create.  Imagine all about it.
  • State your intent out loud, positively and in present tense.
  • Ask your entourage  of guides, guardian angels, etc., and God/Source for assistance.
  • Listen for guidance and watch for opportunities.

We will do so for ourselves and family, our communities and greater collectives.

We will do it for groups, individuals and visionaries that we work with or want to support.


We’re already Creating Reality.  Let’s get started doing it on purpose.



1.  See Amazon for books by Esther Hicks and search for “Abraham Hicks” on YouTube.  I have created many playlists of LOA on YouTube; you can get there by hitting YouTube on the main menu of this website.
3.  The Vortex is a way that Abraham, via Esther Hicks, described being in a high energetic frequency to help you manifest (create) what you desire in your life.  It’s a positive feeling state that keeps your mind positive.  You can’t create your positive desires while thinking negatively; you can’t be both negative and in the Vortex.  I feel it’s good to attempt to always be in that state, as we create much-needed improvements in our New Earth.  See Hawk Brings a Message about the Vortex of Creation.








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