New Earth

Gaia Portal 12/24 – 12/31 ~ Changes within Move Us Forward to Create Our New Era

Stretchings begin as Essence Awareness expands

24 Dec

e5b35fc4c41646b7fa8230a10542d272Stretchings begin as Essence Awareness expands.

More people are becoming Aware of their Essence, the Soul, the piece of God inside us.  That Awareness is Spreading to more and more people.  Also happening is the Stretching of oneself to integrate the Higher Mind or Self (the part of the Soul that incarnates in us) with the lower mind, the personality/conscious mind—a major goal of humans, now.

Nasturtium communities come to the forefront.

Nasturtiums are flowers that grow very easily in pots or as ground cover, even in poor soil, needing little care.  So nasturtium communities are poor or overcrowded, thriving on less than people usually feel is needed.  But here, we speak of the flowering Essence Awareness as the Nasturtium.  People are gaining Soul Awareness, seeming without spiritual support.  They have never studied spirituality and have not been in a religion, sometimes having left their childhood religion.  The popular culture on American TV and in universities is anti-spirituality, favoring atheism.  Even under such conditions not conducive to Spiritual Awakening, humans ARE beginning to integrate the Higher Self.

Lilies are carried for the fallen.

Lilies are a symbol of purity.  The fallen are those who haven’t Essence Awareness or couldn’t sustain it.  Such ones have the attention of saints, ascended masters, angels and incarnated ones who are dedicated to assist humanity in our efforts to reach the goal of integration.

Star Lights are recognized in full.

Those Christed, who have integrated their Selves, shine as Star Lights.  These are recognized and people are drawn to them.  The above mentioned helpers may all be called Star Lights. 

We are never alone, but constantly surrounded by Star Light family who guide, assist, teach and heal us.


Standbys are engaged as trumpets sound

28 Dec

Standbys are engaged as trumpets sound.

Trumpets sounding indicate it is time to move forward toward becoming Christed, feeling our I AM presence, that piece of God inside.  Standbys are those who are ready to act as the fractal of God Source that we are, to serve in Creation of the New Earth as we desire it, in Freedom and Spirituality.

Night shades are raised.

Those Star Lights who have not revealed their Light, raise the night shades to let themselves be seen.

Decisions commence leading into the forward areas.

The Standbys and Star Lights now move into areas at the forefronts of Creation of our New Reality.

Light swords are raised upright as the parties connect.

Light swords cut the binding beliefs that held us captive, not understanding who we are and the power that we have.  Those stepping into the forward areas of New Earth wield the swords to free our thinking, awakening our minds to see and believe a truer understanding of our lives on Earth and our place in the Universe.  It’s necessary ground work for creating our Now Reality.

Those Light swords are modified DNA, having the veil removed that has hidden from us our true Selves.




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