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Reblog: Kryon or Sheldon Nidle (with a little Channeling) Plus explanation of RV


There are many others reading this who have picked the same Timeline. They will be the ones leading the changes in the world. They will pick their talent, which is what they love to do most, and use it in the metamorphosis.  ~PeaceNowFlower

PeaceNowFlower shares a viewpoint of differing Timelines [Probable Futures] from now, forward.  It will give you food for thought about how we create the general shared Timeline.

Kryon or Sheldon Nidle (with a little Channeling) Plus explanation of RV

Let me introduce the topic. I was reading the weekly Sheldon Nidle after having just listened to the latest Kryon Channeling. Kryon had said that the transformation would take 17 years from the year 2012 so 14 more years. Yet Sheldon Nidle was talking about transformation happening ‘Now.’

I think Sheldon Nidle is referring to the RV, which despite my blog post on UFO RVs, I know does not mean Recreational Vehicle in this case.

Here is an email that explained to me what RV is…[more]


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