Pyramid of White Light

pyramidPeople who do healing or spiritual work of any kind are told of ways to keep the energies around them and their own energies clean, and to protect themselves.  There are various ways of doing so, involving use of, ex., sage and other herbs, water, and candles.  Prayer of some sort is usually used.  The most usual and powerful form of protection is white Light.  I capitalize Light, because God is Light.  I advise not to work with any healer or spiritual worker who does not use white Light.

The Subconscious has told Dolores Cannon to have her clients use a white Light pyramid for protection.  They say it is the most powerful form of protection. They said to have the person, while lying down, image a pyramid of white Light around them, completely encasing them in the shimmering, radiant white Light.  That way, the person can rest assured that no harm can come to them during hypnosis.  They are not reliant on the hypnotist for this, but themselves.

Of course, Dolores says there is nothing to be protected against, anyway.  My thought is that this is because she never admits the possibility of darkness into her universe, so it is not there.  In the same manner, I know that I am always protected.  Still, the pyramid of white Light is a prudent practice.

pyramid-powerIn case you have any difficulty imaging the pyramid, I wanted to show an image.  I couldn’t find or create the perfect image, so let’s do this.  Imagine that you are standing, sitting, or lying inside a pyramid, like the man in the picture.  Make it the right size.  Then image that a beam of sparkling pure white Light shines down through the top of the pyramid while you are in it.  Inside fills with shimmering and sparkling, beautiful Light all around you, even permeating you, which is okay, since we are Light beings.

That two step process of first imaging the pyramid, and then bring in the Light is much easier for me, than seeing it all in one step.

You can use the pyramid in your daily life, not just during meditation and prayer, but throughout your day.  You can also image one around your car, your home, your purse, children, friends – anything and anyone you wish to be kept from harm.  It really does work.

This is real because we are Light, and we are Mind; we have the ability to move Light and energies by imaging, using our Minds.  As you practice this kind of “work”, it will become second nature and will feel completely normal to you.


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