We Free Ourselves of These

eb2dcf7917932e6e09b58dd47ee6cf16The following modes of enslavement must be eliminated.  For each item, I will add a link to a page of solutions, as details evolve and examples come to my attention.  Please comment or email me with thoughts, ideas and links.  This is to be a collaborative effort.

This list will likely be expanded, as omissions are corrected.

  1. Enslaving monetary and banking systems, as means of energetic theft.
  2. Identification systems like the social security number, which facilitate control and tracking.
  3. Unlawful taxation by globally owned corporate IRS entities.
  4. Birth certificate registration, which supports the above items.
  5. Miscategorization of citizens as legal “drivers” (hired operators), demanding licensing to move about the land in normal societal fashion, using the drivers license as tracking devices.
  6. Takeover of local policing, putting police under military / global organizations.  Psychological testing to choose policemen from a pool of sociopaths.
  7. Big Pharmaceutical Companies (Big Pharma), Health Insurance and controlling American Medical Association, all designed to keep us sick and make us poor and afraid.  The AMA is used to control the doctors.
  8. Big Food Manufacturing.  Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) food and seeds.  Patents on natural plants, body cells, and the like.
  9. Cloning.  Mixing animal and human DNA.
  10. Actions against the American 2nd amendment.
  11. Dumbing down of people via miseducation and non-education, controlled mass media, fluoride in water and chemtrails.
  12. Takeover of waterways.
  13. Ruination of air with chemtrails.
  14. Seismic and weather control.
  15. Corporate Prisons for profit, which create more prisoners.

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