Michelle Fielding Reports on the Result of American Midterm Elections ~ Part I

I want to preface this report by suggesting that we all take it as good news, as it will move us, world wide, to a feeling of oneness.  It will propel us into a New Earth of prosperity, Love, and permanent Freedom.  So lighten up on your preferences while you consider the outcome trajectory.

The emergency broadcast (EBS) that we’d expected and hoped for will probably not happen.  It doesn’t look like the White Hats plan full disclosure when they appear.  It may simply seem that they stepped in, solely due to the undecided election.  

The White Hats want to push us toward a better governing system, rather than form it and hand it to us.  They want us to get so sick of the divisions of R vs. D, left vs. right, gender, sexual preference, religions…all division, that we stop it and feel ourselves as one people.

They want us not to want parties in government.

They want us to want devolved government; that is, nearly local only government, so that we can act as the godly sovereigns that we are.  So we won’t have tyranny.

I’m already with them on all that.  Are you?  If not, read on and take some time to consider it.

Per Michelle Fielding, written before the recent election, published on November 9th.  I’ve mostly paraphrased:

First, Michelle was shown a vision of people [military] sitting around a table, still strategizing, about how they wanted it to go, based on various possibilities.  Another vision showed people trying to balance the votes.  So she asked about the meanings of those visions.  Further questions were asked to draw out these answers.

The election will not bring clarity.  That isn’t the purpose of the exercise at this time.  People need to pull back from the left or the right and the whole system needs to collapse.

Midterms will be manipulated by biased media reporting and vote counting, to bring them to the middle.

The elections will seem to be without a clear winner. A type of dual government will be witnessed. Left & right will need to work together, bringing things to middle ground.

Trump will be “brought forward for justice”, and this will prevent him from openly engaging on an open forum, but he will not be incarcerated, under house arrest, nor censored.  [We already knew he was willing to submit to this, for the good of the people. -rd]  In addition to this major move in the military planned operation, Biden will also suffer a major defeat.  A new structure and process will need to be implemented, going forward.

It is a manipulated situation / story to help awaken humanity and collapse the old paradigms. Neither side is right nor wrong. The only problem is in the division, itself. Everything has to be brought together, to a position of center, of oneness.

The midterm results will create a natural hiatus where no person has any overall status or impact.

This will create frustration and shock, and cause people to become disillusioned with the current system of central government.

Both White Hats and Black Hats want it all to go awry, but for different reasons.  The White Hats want the system restructured, devolved to humanity, to have their own individual sovereignty.  The Black Hats want the system to be more structured and controlled to prevent freedoms and diplomatic sovereignty.

Trump has been subpoenaed, but ultimately, after all the noise, it will amount to nothing.  Everything is set up at this time to get a public reaction.  People must learn to view everything from an apolitical center ground, so we can move into a higher vibration, collectively.  [We are all ascending together, with no one left behind. -rd]  People must learn to govern themselves, eventually, through a devolved system of government.

This whole process over the past few years and beyond has been to get the public, the collective, to see that they are already controlled and that it’s now time to raise the collective consciousness to a new wave of harmony. The People need to break free from what has already been a New World order. A New World Order system of programming—a matrix.

End of Part I

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