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The quotation below is meant for those of us who consult esoteric sources of information and for those who try to “listen” to the communications we receive from spiritual sources within ourselves, sources variously called intuition, higher self, our guides, or advice for which we have prayed, or received through meditation. Kryon below calls such information flow “soul communication.” Sources in whom I personally have confidence say that God, or the messengers of God we call angels, constantly communicate help to us, but we have trouble receiving or even “allowing” them to come through. In the excerpt below, Kryon talks about this difficulty in terms of both blocks and filters.

Excerpt from Kryon channeling “Soul Communication–Part II” delivered in San Antonio, Texas, February 23, 2014

Blocks and Filters to Soul Communication

Let me talk about blocks and filters. The main block to allowance, to you feeling these multi-dimensional things or believing them, is tradition. We use this word to mean, “what you’ve been taught.” What you have been taught holds an energy over you that you don’t really see as all that powerful, but it is. Changing the way you believe requires you to rethink something that has been sacred or precious to you because someone or some organization that you trusted taught it to you. Perhaps it was your parents, or your school, or others who you love, admire, and adore? Truth is the cognizing of concepts that you are taught.

When that happens, your consciousness “owns them,” and anything other than that truth is not seen by you as real. It’s a commitment that you make, and it puts you in a box that you don’t even know you are in. How does a Human get through that incredible block? How can you change tradition? The answer is that you must suspend that which you have been taught and give allowance for something different. This is so difficult that some never get through it. They cannot, and it remains what we have called a permanent block. Professionals tend to have strong blocks, for they had the longest education to get them to where they are now. For them to allow information that challenges what they learned is difficult, if not impossible, for their reality, for it would create chaos in their intellectual survival. Filter: Sometimes, Lightworkers can allow some information to become their truth, but not all of it. Let us say, for instance, that what you have been taught fights with one or two aspects of the esoteric system that Kryon teaches. You are open to some, but not to others. Is this a problem? No. Again, you have free choice to “clean the window” of your Soul to see whatever part you need to. Your Human psyche is compartmentalized in linear ways, so you may be wide open to one kind of thing, and yet with another, you’re still undecided. That is called a filter, and we understand that the revelation of truth is an ongoing process for humans. A filter keeps you from seeing the whole picture, but gives allowance for other things that are accurate. So you might say it skews what you do and how you do it. This is best observed in healers, psychics and channellers, who are mixing old energies with new ones. Let’s take a channeller, for instance. [Kryon smile] He may sit before you and he will feel that he has good and real information. However, his track record clearly shows that he is better in certain areas than others. He will give you predictions about the future, but then they won’t happen. He will give you a time and date, and nothing happens. So what would you think about a channeller like that? You would think, “Well, maybe he really isn’t channelling?” There are many like this who really are channelling, but who are still “cleaning the window” of how to interpret what they see.

They have a filter, and the filter might be that they have been taught that the future is going to be filled with doom. So that’s what they look for when they are in a channelled state. It’s hard for them to shake this, and they will indeed be channelling, but in the process they will go out and look at the potentials of what is going to happen on this planet and in the “soup of possibilities,” and instead of seeing the strongest ones, they report the most dramatic ones – even if those are very remote potentials. You see? Their filter attracts them to the negative, no matter what. For 25 years, I have been telling you, through my partner, that the strongest potentials for your planet are that you are slowly cleaning things up. The new energy is upon you, and you are headed towards a peaceful planet. I told you that there would be no problems at the millennium shift, and there were none. I told you that the Cold War would end, and it did. Against all odds and ancient prophecy, back in 1989, I told you that you would turn the corner, and you did. This remains the strongest potential of your future. Now I’m telling you that the old energy will fight back, and it is [look at your news]. It wants to pull you backwards, so it will remain in charge. But it can’t. Peace on Earth and higher overall consciousness remains the strongest potential, and that’s why I’m here, dear ones. I hope you get that clear. But it doesn’t mean there are no other potentials. There are some potentials that probably will not happen in a million years. They are also old potentials, but they’re still “out there” and the channeller will see them through a dark filter and never see the bigger picture. Their filter is that doom is coming, so no matter what, they will come back and give you that message. That’s a filter.

Muranyi, Monika. The Human Soul Revealed: Unlocking the Mysteries from Beyond . Ariane Editions. Kindle Edition.

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