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Michelle Fielding Reports on the Result of American Midterm Elections ~ Part II

We heard President Trump’s interesting announcement last night.  I’ll give you my thoughts on that in a later post, after I finish with Michell’s report.

I’ve paid almost no attention to “Biden”…ever; just enough to see photos of him pawing children.  That show is completely irrelevant, but to show people what would have happened were he to have held office.

Continuing the November 9 report by  Michelle Fielding, written before the recent election.  I’ve mostly paraphrased:

Roll out of the QFS is already well on its way.  All nations will become equal in status, stature, and power, with the introduction of this new financial system. No one country will be able to initiate war. All will be equal in diplomatic relations.

The hung government [an English phrase] will initially leave everything in political limbo. Biden could be removed, due to ill health. Trump may be temporarily out of action, due to a legal situation, as he has been subpoenaed. With no leaders, a military intervention will be required at that point, until Trump’s legal situation is clearer. Trump’s inactivity, politically, could go into early 2023, when it will be resolved and he will be able to reconvene his leadership duties.

Trump may form an alliance with Nancy Pelosi, initially, with Biden’s removal. Trump will not ally with Harris in the longer term. She will either step down or be superseded by Pelosi.  It may come to light that Pelosi had been working with the White Hats.

By January there will be more major changes and a new setup will start to be seenmore like a one-party systemsomething completely new, never seen before.  Tulsi Gabbard and Ron DeSantis are big players in the new setup.

Going forward Tulsi Gabbard will hold a major political role in America. She is a guardian within the QFS and she’s high up in the military plan and structure known under the 17th letter of the alphabet.

In the future prominent players will be Donald J. Trump, Ron DeSantis, and Tulsi Gabbard.  Donald J. Trump will hold office in a slightly different role after the midterms and other players will come to the forefront; players like Ron DeSantis, Tulsi Gabbard, Lara Trump, and maybe Candace Owens.

Many things are about to change in how the voting, elections and government take place in America, going forward.  These midterms of 2022 are going to be the catalyst to how things are going to be totally overhauled.

Changes in Other Countries

In the background whilst the USA is making massive social changes, the rest of the worldwide White Hat players will be setting up the financial systems, so that the world economies are all on an equal footing.  No one country will be higher or stronger in military or financial stature.  All will be equal.  Without the need to compete for financial or physical resources, there will be world peace.

The players within the military alliance know what is intended for longer term restructuring for the voting political setup in the USA.  Leaders such as Putin, Salman [Salman Al Saudi, Crown Prince and Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia], Xi JinPing and Sunak [British Prime Minister] will be privy to how the voting / political structures need to change, worldwide.  They will follow suit in their political setup once the USA has set the template, going forward.

Social Changes Movement

Likely, unelected officials will also be involved in the new setup.  People like Candice Owens and Kanye West, people from different backgrounds and disciplines will all pull together to create a huge movement of change.  It will be the Truth Social Movement.  They will be brought in to pull everyone into the middle ground.  No black or white, no straight or gay, no Republican or Democrat.  Only We the People.

Massive tech giants like Google, Apple, and a new social network by Elon Musk will start to create the momentum of a censorship-free media.  Old media paradigms will either begin to shift or die.

More smart cities will be developed, with the freedoms and peace of the citizens being the uppermost incentive.  The New World Order, which has already been in operation for many years, will be dismantled as world leaders move towards community, cooperation, and sovereignty.  Many Hollywood players, actors and music giants or influencers will step forward to create a peace transition movement in the USA, one party, one people.

A movement of wanting to move to the center ground, politically, will now come forward very fast.  New systems and structures will be set up quickly to allow local states and communities to implement policy for the greater good.  The Quantum Voting Systems [QVS] will allow people to vote for policy and not people.

Live concerts similar to Live Aid [Thank you, Willie Nelson. -rd] may be put together to bring the People together.  It will no longer be fashionable to associate with a political doctrine on the left or the right.  People will move to the center to individual choice.  All the political noise will start to quiet down, as peace and progress begin to ensue over all nations.

Tech giants, like Elon Musk, will be behind a lot of social change, as social networks start to bring dialogues back to the center.  People will be tired of extreme dialogue, of views that go to the left or the right of the political spectrum, and will naturally move towards allowing personal sovereignty.  For example, your body, your choice; no pushes for medical sanctions or chemicals on people, unless it is their choice.

A lot of previous medical agendas will be dropped, and children and adults will choose on an individual basis what, when, and if to have medical pharmaceutical intervention.

We are moving very fast to sovereignty of nations and sovereignty of people.  The new Quantum Travel System [QTS] will see borders being opened.  The world was not designed with post codes.

Technological advancements will be used to work in harmony with all citizens.  Many more freedoms are coming:  Freedom from the rat race; financial freedom; political freedom.  All the seeming noise of the recent years will start to quieten and people will start to relax in their nervous systems.  They will begin to breathe more freely and deeply.

End of Part II

I have to go over the end of the recording to see whether I need a third part.

But you have heard enough to see the benevolence in our future and understand why I, knowing we are almost through this Transformation to New Earth, am optimistic about everything.

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