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Mine Your Akash ~ It’s in the DNA

“The Demise of Junk DNA and Why It Matters”. Click on the pic to read the article.

Some scientists now know that the “junk” DNA is actually encoded information. If you are scientifically minded enough to allow the possibility of un-disproven ideas, consider what Kryon, a channeled service entity, says about the Akash.

Jerry and I spent a recent snowy morning listening to Kryon from 6/28/2008. It’s about our Akash, which is sometimes envisioned as and called the Akashic Library.  It is a record not only of each of our past lives, but Kryon says it includes possible future lives.  AND he says it is stored in the DNA.  That may seem mind-blowing, but in spiritual development you get used to that feeling.  “Think of it as mind candy,” as Dolores Cannon said.

I won’t debate the topic of past lives, but will tell you that for me reincarnation and prior lives explained many questions that I picked up early in life.  So why not consider it?

Kryon tells us that we can “mine” our Akash; that is, tell it to bring us talents, wisdom, body aspects, etc., that we had or will have.  I’ve worked with mining my own Akash enough to know it works if I keep myself in the “Vortex of creation”, a term from “Abraham Hicks” that means being in a joyful state.  I’ve been too busy to play the piano much, since we’ve been creating a studio for textile and leather arts, so my playing is inconsistent.  Since I had only recently learned to play, it has deteriorated, with no practice.  But when I call to me past life know-how, my playing improves.  It is noticeably easier.  I know that when I start playing regularly, the old talent will come quickly and persist.

I had listened to this recording before and today I got a small tidbit that I had missed.  It’s funny how just a couple of words can give you a whole new level of understanding or in this case, confidence.  What I picked up is, “Your Akash IS You.”  For me, knowing that makes calling forth aspects of other lives much EASIER.  After all, it is who I am, so it is mine to use.

This long channel is packed with information and I won’t try to tell you about everything.  I hope you listen.  You will probably want to listen multiple times.

How to Find the Free Audio

We only have access to cellular internet here in rural northwest Alabama, so I’ve stopped the effort of putting recordings up on Sound Cloud.  You can find all Kryon recordings at

For this one, click on the bubble marked 2008 and when that page comes up, choose the date 6/28/2008.




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  1. I am almost certain I did not listen to this one yet. A few years ago I went through a phase of listening to Kryon quite a bit and I explored earlier years of channeling. But the titles can be a bit vague sometimes so while all the channeling are gems some of those gems are rare diamonds!

    I recall bringing a Kryon book to the beach once and a seagull staring at the book from a distance. When I left the book on the towel to go do something my companions told me that the seagull walked up to the book and just stared at it. There is some power in that book that some animals can see.

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    • Yes, I agree that the books and all of Kryon’s words in audio or writing hold power. I like to sometimes be still and feel it. I know that some people see beings–the entourage of spirit–around them when reading or listening. I read about one blogger’s experience of opening her eyes to see an orange light coming toward her, the first time she heard Kryon (and the first time she’d heard of channeling). She closed her eyes and then felt it sit on her lap, as Kryon has said “they” may do. As for me, I’ve been so sleepy I could barely stay awake in every live Kryon channeling that I attended. Maybe it was healing/youthing.

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