The New Human

A New Era of Awareness

An Era That WE Are Creating

Jerry and I have been super busy creating our reality, lately, so neither of us has had time to write much.  This is something I ran across on my computer today.  Jerry emailed it to me in December, 2014.  He comments on what Seth says about a “New Era of Awareness”.

Jerry wrote:


I am pleased to see the increased attention being given to the movement into a new era.  However, I believe there are some serious misunderstandings as to the process involved in bringing about “a new age.” My view will not be consistent with much that has been written in recent years, so I will begin with a quotation from a very senior source in the history of the New Age movement, Seth, “an energy personality no longer focused in physical reality” who was channeled by Jane Roberts over an approximately 20 year period beginning in 1963.  As Louise Hay said in recommending the Seth Books, I very much agree that they should be, “…required reading for anyone on their spiritual pathway.”

Since I am critical of much that is presently being written, I will begin with Seth’s description of the coming of this new era, words channeled in Session 742, April 16, 1975.

In fact, you move into new areas of the self all of the time.  The species is now entering such a phase, a period in which it will come more into its own.  Mankind will be entering its own new house, then — but the physical changes will be the results of interior ones, and alterations in main lines of probabilities¹.

Christian theology sees the end of the world in certain terms, with a grand God coming to reward the good and to punish the wicked.  That system of belief allows for no other probability.  Some see the end of the world coming as a greater disaster, or envision man finally ruining his planet.  Others see periods of peace and advance — and each probability will happen “somewhere.” However, many of my readers, or their offspring, will be involved in a new dimension of selfhood in which consciousness is fully explored and the potentials of the soul uncovered, at least to some extent.

Human capabilities will be seen as what they are, and a great new period of development will occur, in which all concepts of selfhood and reality will be literally seen as “primitive superstition.” The species will actually move into a new kind of selfhood.

Theories of probabilities will be seen as practical, workable, psychological facts, giving leeway and freedom to the individual, who will no longer feel at the mercy of external events — but will realize instead that he (or she) is their initiator.

Now, you squeeze the great fruit of your selfhood into a tiny uneasy pulp, unaware of the sweetness of its juices or the variety of its seasons.  You look at the outsides of yourselves as if a peach were aware only of its skin.  In the reality I foresee, however, people will become familiar with far greater aspects of themselves, and bring these into actualization.  They will be in touch with their own decisions as they make them.

If they become ill, they will do so knowing they choose the condition in order to emphasize certain areas of development, or to minimize others.  They will be aware of their options, comma [sic], consciously.  The great strength and resiliency of the body will be much better understood; not because medical science makes spectacular discoveries — though it will — but because the mind’s alliance with the body will be seen more clearly.

…….In that probable reality, to which each of you can belong to some extent, each person will recognize his or her inherent power of action and decision, and feel an individual sense of belonging with the physical world that springs up in response to individual desire and belief.

Roberts, Jane (2013-01-23).  The “Unknown” Reality, Volume Two (A Seth Book) (Kindle Locations 7496-7528).  Amber-Allen Publishing, Inc., Kindle Edition.

This message is so enticing, so encouraging, that it is easy to get distracted by its promise—distracted from understanding the underlying core principle to which Seth alludes in the first paragraph, “but the physical changes will be the result of interior ones.”  If those “interior ones” do not occur IN YOUR CASE, YOU will not experience the changes in YOUR physical world—BECAUSE all physical phenomena, including this planet and all  “things” in your life, are  reflections of, manifestations of, prior “mental” (inner, nonphysical) processes.  If YOU do not change your beliefs, intents, and desires, your world will not change either.  If my last sentence sounds familiar, perhaps you are familiar with Bashar’s more recent expression of what Seth taught nearly 40 years previously:  You make your own reality.

Please pay close attention to another of Seth’s phrases above, where he says that each person, “…will no longer feel at the mercy of external events — but will realize instead that he (or she) is their initiator.”  Physical reality as YOU experience it does not “happen to” you; it happens through you.  You create that reality every moment and you do not have to go to another planet to experience a different reality from that of those around you—you already ARE experiencing a different reality to the extent that your reality constructions are different.  The notion of “multiple earths” is misleading if you insist that there must therefore be earths occupying a different space in physical reality, as many authors apparently do.  There already ARE multiple earths and you do not have to “go somewhere else” to experience them.  [I am being critical of the notion that the 5th dimension experience will require that some people be physically removed to another physical planet; that can occur for some but it is not necessary.]  It is urgent that we recognize that we are the initiators, not the passive recipients of an imposed physical reality.  It follows then, that if you want to experience a DIFFERENT reality, you need to learn  to initiate another DIFFERENTLY.  That applies just as much to the coming of the 5th Dimensional World as it does to any other aspect of your life.

I will try this analogy.  Imagine that you are in a train station with a hundred other people.  Word has gotten out that there is a beautiful new train coming to the station but not everyone can get on it.  Since the description of this train is so enticing, nearly everyone wants on that train.  And so, they wait for it to come.  The word is,  really bad scurrilous people will not be allowed on the train, but that does not discourage ANYONE, because no one thinks of themselves as in any way falling into that category.  And so, they wait for that train.

After a long time, some become discouraged because the train does not appear to them.  They begin to resent the people they had previously believed who told them the train is coming.  But they forgot an important part of the message, perhaps never delivered for some:  YOU DRIVE YOUR OWN TRAIN.  They thought some miraculous, benign OTHER, external to themselves, would drive that train right up to them.  So some continued to sit, waiting for a train that will not come because they did not realize that they had to drive it to that station themselves.  Each one; because you create your own reality.  Your physical world, whether you think it is good or bad, wonderful or a place of inevitable suffering, is of your creation.

So, instead of telling people that the wonderful train is coming if they will only trust, and wait, I urge those who have a larger audience than I do, to tell them what I have just said.  Such a train indeed exists, you can get on it, but there is no force external to yourself that is going to deliver that train to you, even though—and I really mean this—you are a creature of God.  But if you are just sitting and waiting, you are in for a long wait.

Prayer for All:


1. “Lines of probabilities” I might call them timelines of possible futures. [rd]

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