The Event

Will We Soon Poof into New Earth?

People are talking a lot about the COMING New Earth and the Event that would carry us into it.  They say that only some of us will make it.  I don’t see it that way.  I’ve blogged that we are already in the New Earth and now are responsible for what we create here, as we tear down and rebuild societal systems and each learn to love more and to individually and collectively create the beautiful life that we choose.

I disagree with the main premise in the interview, below—that The Event is to be an event from our Earth human perspective of what that means.  The cause of confusion is that from higher dimensions, divine beings often see whole cycles of thousands of years as one event.  Still, I’m posting the video so you can use your own discernment on that and many interesting sub-topics in the interview, none of which are new and all of which have for some time, been popular ideas.

As we gain Intuitive Discernment, we change our minds on many things.  The history of my posts about The Event show that I once believed what others said until I learned to trust my own discernful knowing.  Be willing to let go of your beliefs and understandings.  Let yourself Evolve.

New Earth Is Being Created by Evolving Earth Humanity for Ourselves

As an example, the video mentions healing domes as something that will be provided for us in the ready-made Earth. A couple of days ago looking at the new hospital in Florence, AL, I envisioned it as a place that would sometime in the future be closed as a regular hospital and utilized as a place where today’s true healers of many modalities will open offices.  WE will switch from Big Pharma hospitals to good health care as we go further into the future on this New Earth.  Eventually—how long depends on US—each person will use his own Consciousness to stay healthy.

Just today I read that more than six million people from age 18-34 began gardening in 2017.  Most did so because they desired organic, non-GMO, fresh food.  That seems like a new trend for the New Earth.  That is US establishing New Earth ways!

How do you see it?  Comments on The Event or any sub-topic are welcome!


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  1. I have to disagree with this. I do see it how Angela in her interview as described it and also the QHHT practitioner Alison Coe and Dolores Cannon describe it as well. If we were already in the New 5D Earth, then we wouldn’t see all of this violence, slave work system, and any other lower vibrational issues happening. We wouldn’t still have sickness and disease, plus all of the shadow groups trying to cause problems. I do see good happening, but this has not been a shift yet to the New Earth. Not everyone will make it. This is a free will choice of all to choose if they go forward to 5D or not. You cannot make any soul move into 5D unless they are truly ready. Plus, the 5D New Earth carries a specific frequency vibration to it and if a soul cannot match that frequency, then they do not go forward. I can not believe any Cabal who still wish to control and harm others will go forward to this New Earth. No way. Just not possible unless they truly turn to the Light and accept that reality.
    I respect your version of the New Earth and it is possible there will be multiple versions. I do see it that way as well. Maybe the version you are on is different than what Angela from Calgary, Dolores Cannon, and Alison Coe’s clients are talking about. I resonate with the latter.

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  2. Also, everyone needs to remember that what you believe reality will be then it will be. It won’t be the same for everyone. Because this is a free will planet everyone has the choice to ascend at this time or not. You cannot force anyone to ascend if they don’t want.

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    • Well, it is not a question of forcing anyone. Every soul on Earth made the decision to ascend, many years ago. We are not ascending to another dimensional space; we are ascending, raising our vibrations, right here, to differing degrees. Each personal reality depends on the personal consciousness.

      A person of lower vibration may live a life of drugs and thieving, always having problems, while a person of higher vibration doesn’t have such problems. As we raise our vibrations, we may still be working on attitudes, beliefs, relationships, manifesting, etc., (everyone has their own path), but are not sunk into a quagmire of low vibration. The two levels ( two for simplicity) may live close to each other, get into the same line in a store, pass in traffic, because they are not in two Earth spaces (Earth did not dimensionally split). We are having different experiences in this same space, according to our consciousnesses.

      The shared third dimension is still all around ALL of us and some of us increasing experience synchronicities, extrasensory abilities, intuitive discernment and knowing, spiritual visions, etc., while still right here, but not of the old 4D.

      This shared reality Earth space is now 4D and 5D+, all together.


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