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URGENT ~ Let’s Dissipate Hurricane Irma in Compassionate Unity

 Let us work DILIGENTLY,


Hurricane Irma

and all terrible storms.

We have the power to bring Victory of the Light.

Friends, it seems to me that we have a little battle of darkness and Light regarding Hurricane Irma. Understand that this hurricane is an artificially enhanced storm, enlarged and controlled by technology of the dark side.  Many demons are reportedly in the FL skies.  Nevertheless, so many people prayed, meditated, and did other Lightwork to move the storm out into the ocean, that I believe we had begun to change its course.

Last I looked last night was a little before 4am and the projected storm path through Florida hadn’t changed much, going pretty straightly up the middle, bottom to top (South to North).  I did finally sleep and awoke to see that the composite of models gave a path from Florida’s tip, up the coast, and out a ways into the ocean.  I understood that as a level of victory of the Light.   Well, a lot of us got busy today and let our efforts drop.  The projection has sprung back toward that mid-path.

We have to know and feel

that piece of God that is inside of each of us

and know that we are great Creators.

What is called for is that we understand that our use of the Force of Intent is greatly magnified in the New Energies of New Earth!  We are more powerful than ever before.  When we join together in meditation and prayer, even if doing our work at different times, the power increases exponentially.  And when our desires are in alignment with the Mind of God, God co-partners with us.

We are now learning to help each other when help is needed, by working in cooperation and compassion.  This is to be our new way, as we learn to Love and gradually become a new race of more united Higher BEings.  My previous post included a video of Brad Johnson in which Adronis said that one of the reasons we are having problems such as big storms is that Mother Earth (Gaia) is showing us the importance of uniting in compassionate actions for those in need.

Don’t let Gaia’s message fall on deaf ears.

Let the dissipation of Hurricane Irma be one of our first efforts in compassionate unity.






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  1. Mother Earth has been so horribly abused and continues today as most of the Caribbean islands treat her poorly and greed of power rules the lands… maybe this can be said of the rest of the world too. Yes we are all powerful but unless each person has shifted into wisdom/knowingness it remains a fight of light and dark and that indeed continues if you like. All my children have survived Irme, but the island of st Maarten hasn’t and Jose is following. Thankfully they are holding the wisdom of new earth and know everything is perfectly ok. Much love and wisdom for everyone…❤️ Barbara x

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  2. Dear Rosalie, I am formerly from Florida. I lived on the Space coast and I’m familiar with hurricanes- (5) in one year. I would like to share a visualization that I found effective. Visualize a Golden Screen (like a patio screen) only 100 ft tall and the length of the coastline (mine was 30 miles long). See the angels holding it up right in front of the incoming winds, As the wind passes through the golden screen it dissipates the force of the wind. In my mobile park, no mobile homes were overturned or torn up but further south they were severely damaged. Even though we had to evacuate the mobile home park, I kept up the vision throughout. That is the mastery that is crucial to hold a vision in the midst of the hurricane where the palm trees are bent and swaying in the wind and the noise is like a passing freight train. I am working with Commander Kuchar of the Ashtar Command. He is a weather specialist/scientist. Send Light to him as he is working to turn the horses head even this hour so the eye is in the Atlantic not on landfall. Thank you for your article, Your reader, Maureen

    On Thu, Sep 7, 2017 at 9:19 PM, The New Earth Blog ~ Living in the New Energy wrote:

    > Rosalie DeGregory posted: ” Let us work DILIGENTLY, t0 DISSIPATE Hurricane > Irma and all terrible storms. We have the power to bring Victory of the > Light. Friends, it seems to me that we have a little battle of darkness and > Light regarding Hurricane Irma. Understand that ” >

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  3. Barbara, you cause me to raise a fine point. We must not fight a thing, but choose not to have it. If you fight it, you make it stronger, but if you envision and use Intent to have something else, that is not fighting and is effective. In spite of the fact that I did use a form of the old phrase, “battle of good and evil.” LOL!

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