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Enlightenment of the Unawakened Is Happening ~ GaiaPortal 1-6-18… ~ Reblog

Here’s KPs post of the latest GaiaPortal message which he includes after his comments.  I follow that with how the post “hit” me.  I haven’t felt like deciphering one of these for awhile, thinking that if someone has something to say just say it in plain words, but for some reason playing the game is my momentary “highest delight”.

GaiaPortal 1-6-18… “Soporifics of the Planet are slated”

[Kp update: pardon but the first “slate” definition I placed here was not the one I intended, So I’ve replaced it with the one I originally wanted.]

This new GaiaPortal as usual has some hidden messages. I did look up the two words, (I chose the definitions I felt fit:

Soporific: something that causes sleep, as a medicine or drug
Slated: To cover (a roof, for example) with slate

So perhaps those things that are causing the “sleep state” of those on this planet are now being covered (slated) so they no longer keep people from seeing the truth.

See what “hits” for you.


Soporifics of the Planet are slated

Soporifics of the Planet are slated.

Resistant energies are transmuted.

Stars align.

Forms evolve.


What Does It Mean?

Notice that GaiaPortal and some Pleiadians often use the suffix “ifics” where we use “ists” to indicate a group of people, as in scientifics for scientists.  Since, as KP said, “soporic” indicates something about sleep, the soporifics are the sleepers who have not awakened to spirituality, to feeling themselves as spirit, feeling the God inside themselves, or even questioning the norms of their segments of society.  They haven’t changed.  It used to be that, “People never change,” but that is no longer true.  Many of us have.  Human love and compassion have increased on this planet.

The awakening of the still sleepers is “on the agenda”, slated, set, scheduled for their awakening.

The sleepers have resisted  transformational effects of incoming waves of high frequencies.  They haven’t dropped psychological baggage that the rest of us have been clearing—like fear, greed, jealousy, guilt, pride, etc., that lower a person’s vibrations.  They’ve resisted (or we say their energies are resistant to) release of negative emotions, solidified habits, and self definitions.  They cling to what they’ve been taught about science, spirituality, and how reality works and is created.  Many hearts are closed and resist loving others.  My readers know what it feels like to cling and the bravery it takes to “look in the mirror” and change.  It’s uncomfortable, but we do it and so will they.  Their energy blocks to change will be transmuted—hit by transformational energy like a rock exploded by laser beams.

The Star Alignment is that of Human Consciousness with the Higher Self.  Each human mind with their Higher Mind or Soul.  The late bloomers become enLIGHTened multidimensional creatures who have awakened to let the Light replace darkness in themselves.

The Star Alignment allows more Light into the physical body (form), causing it to evolve.

What it really means is the DNA changes.  

Not to get into it too deeply in this post, our bodies will regain the ability to stay well and not age.  The body can live for hundreds of years.  We can, even now, drop our prior belief in aging and dying.  It will take a couple of generations for all of us to accept and allow that.  Some of us are working on it now and having some successes.

In fact, the effects go beyond the physical, beyond dropping petty psychologies.  Look at it this way.  We are going from having  30-40% of our multidimensional DNA unlocked, toward 44%.  Jesus and other masters were (some are) at 80-90% DNA.  Friends, our potential is 100%!

None of this—not even the awakening of current resisters—will happen at the snap of a finger, as we all know who have already been transforming.  It won’t be an “Event”.  It is a process.  And no one will be left behind, even if they have to drop body and come in as enlightened New Kids.









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