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Luck Against the Odds ~ How Reality Works

Have you ever had a streak of good luck…or bad?  Have you ever noticed a theme cropping up over and over?  Like repeatedly running into famous people, or having many car wrecks?  Those are real examples that I know of.  A common experience of this is if you buy or decide you like a certain car—say, a new model red Honda civic.  Maybe you’ve never seen a red one of that model, before, but after your decision, you start seeing them everywhere.  You find that odd and you decide it must be that you weren’t noticing them, but now you do.  I used to think that was a good explanation, but I now understand reality differently.

We set up vibratory “themes” in our personal realities, and those themes manifest into physical things or aspects of our lives in incarnation.  Why?  Because within our multidimensional selves is a “piece” or “fractal” or bit of God.  We just can’t help but to create what we think of, vibrate with, and especially, what we expect.  We can’t really understand the mechanism of how God creates through us, but we can observe and practice a few principles of Conscious Creation of our own personal Reality.

I’ve had several more successes this year creating conditions I chose to be in my reality.  A couple of them were what I wanted for someone else.  Some successes are stalled while I clean up some subconscious beliefs and quiet negative thoughts and expectations.  I’m here to tell you that Law of Attraction (LOA) or whatever you want to call it, does work, but we do have to learn the principles and correct negative habits of thoughts and emotions.

Here is an interesting story of unusual events noted by a man, leading up to his buying a lottery ticket because he felt lucky.  And he won!

What can we learn from it?

  • Remain on the lookout for signs in your world that stand out to you.  They are telling you something.  It’s up to you to figure out what a sign means.
  • Don’t declare the impossibility of something you desire to be, to happen, to have, for yourself or someone else.  If your will is in alignment with the Light, once you direct the force of Intent, it will be, unless you cancel it out.


$180 Million Mega Millions® Jackpot Winner Claims Fortune in Riverside County

Rick Knudsen 400


There was some very “weird stuff going on” the day before and the day of the August 22 Mega Millions draw – and nobody is more superstitious than 53-year-old Rick Knudsen.

The now retired RWC Building Products Branch Manager from Calimesa said he knew then it was time to buy a ticket for the $180 million jackpot, even though he only plays the lottery maybe five times a year. “I don’t play unless I feel lucky, and the jackpot is high. I felt lucky,” Knudsen recalled. That might be an understatement.

This is a truly unbelievable story of some very strange coincidences related to purchases Knudsen made leading up to – and even after – his decision to buy five Mega Millions Quick Picks®. The premonition Knudsen had that he just might win a fortune began the day before the draw at a convenience store.

“I bought something and it was six dollars even. No change. And then later on that morning, I bought something somewhere else and it was nine dollars even. Five different places that day I didn’t pay any change. The totals were all even amounts,” Knudsen explained, still in disbelief. “I’m a numbers freak and that all means something in my head. So I said, ‘I gotta stop somewhere and buy a (lottery) ticket.’ So on my way home, I bought the Quick Picks for $10.”

Get this: Knudsen recalls the very next morning (the day of the draw), “I bought something else and it came out to even money again! It was kind of weird. But I’d already gotten my (Mega Millions) ticket, so I wasn’t really thinking about (the weird string of payment occurrences) anymore.”

That evening, he met his family at a time share in Indio. This is where things get a little spooky. And if you get chills, you won’t be alone. “I went with my wife down to the cantina to buy some things for the room.” You guessed it:

It was like $24 – EVEN!!” Knudsen recalled – his voice nearly shouting with excitement. Every single thing that Knudsen had purchased over a 48-hour period totaled even dollars – absolutely no change involved! “I was like man this is it. The seventh time that I bought something in two days in two different cities and counties! The clerk at the cantina said I should buy a lottery ticket and I said, “I already did!”

But the icing on the cake came late Friday evening (Aug 22). Knudsen, who had no idea his winning Mega Millions numbers had already been drawn, met his children at the Fantasy Springs Resort Casino. “Everywhere I played I won! I played on seven different machines (ironically lucky seven – the same number of even-money purchases he had made!) and I won on every single one of them. I said I’m getting out of here!”

The next morning Knudsen got a call from his sister informing him that someone from Calimesa had won the $180 million jackpot. “She said did you happen to buy one? I said, ‘I did!’ When she said it was the Calimesa 7-Eleven, I looked up the numbers and said, ‘Oh my God.’ I looked at the numbers three different times and I just about fainted! My family and I were yelling and hugging. We drove home. It took 45 minutes but it felt like an entire day – felt like we were driving in the river!”

The very first line of Knudsen’s five Quick Picks matched the winning numbers 5-31-34-41-74 and Mega Number 3. The 7-Eleven where he ended up buying his lucky ticket (301 County Line Road in Calimesa) is a winner too. The owners receive a $900,000 retailer bonus just for selling the ticket!

Not surprisingly, after 35 years in the roofing business, Knudsen is calling it quits. Before he claimed his winning ticket yesterday, Knudsen said he decided to go on a previously-planned Alaskan fishing trip adventure with some co-worker friends, including his boss. That’s when he broke the news. “It was bittersweet. When you like your job – I’d been working there since I was 19,” his voice trailing off.

Knudsen has decided to take the cash option lump sum amount of $107 million (even!) before federal taxes. The long time Riverside County resident says he will be helping his church with some things, including a new roof. “And then enjoy life – help my (five) kids and (three) grandkids.

“A friend of mine told me he heard the odds of winning (the Mega Millions jackpot) are the same as you being eaten by a shark and lightning hitting you at the same time – and probably some other things as well! I just had a feeling. I only play when I feel lucky. And I felt lucky.” Knudsen has enough money now to tell merchants, “Keep the change!” no matter how the total works out in the future.



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  1. I started an Etsy shop where I charge $10 for 30 mintues of Channeling or Writing on a Question/Topic. Or $10 for 30 mintues of written blessings/prayer. I only need to make about $100 more a month with my disability and current part-time job. So far I have only quickly set up the Store and the two offerings. I know I will need more offerings to attract more notice. Yet, I think LoA will help me even more than thinking up even more offerings at this point. I wondered how I was going to increase likelyhood that my buisness will take off. I know I can spend on advertizing, but I kind of want to test my LoA abilities. So I thought, “I will listen to Abraham-Hicks.” Only I didn’t end up doing that. I ended up writing on the Bashar Forum about my idea and not posting a link. If requested I will PM the link to them.

    I put a link to my store on my Blog header, but have not written about it yet. I am so very nervous about this because I have been trying to make it as a Blogger for many years and even set up a Zazzle site when I was still doing Artwork. Yet, only sold about because of the low royalty percentage for the site.

    I am thinking of adding 60 mintute​s of drawn blessings when I feel like doing artwork again.

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    • Well, with the LoA, the odds don’t matter. You don’t need a lot in order to attract attention. Lately, I state my intent out loud, do nothing to make it happen, and it happens. For some reason, the little negative thoughts don’t happen, so my intent materializes.

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      • Change the law of attraction to law of creation and manifestation because the reality we’re in are entirely manifested in each of our divine consciousness for we’re both the creator as well as the created in one, realising this is the start to access and to use our innate divine potentiality.

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    • Agree, until we learn to embracing everything we see or experience are but part of our own creations and manifestation, we will always subject to the idea of separation and imperfections thus continue to make judgement and suffer from these distortions we believed to be real.

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      • I just found this reply in my notes, a year later:
        Danny, that’s right. Since I’ve seen the idea of “embracing everything” be misconstrued, I’ll add that it is up to us to freely choose what we will have in our reality. We can of any circumstances say, “Thank you, now goodbye,” or, “Oh, no, not this time.” Or we can say, “I would prefer it that…,” to say that of the many alternatives we prefer something other than the disadvantage we’ve previously created. Then image what you desire to have. It is a free will correction to what is in your reality.


  2. This is more real than people know. We can move mountains – if we want to move them. It is very hard to not doubt, but it is a key in your prayer.You could have a serious illness. It doesn’t mean your illness will magically disappear, but you might meet the doctor who can help you, get the right physical therapist, meet someone you can encourage and help and that cause changes something in your life. Maybe you realize what you can do in spite of your disability. Its about learning to be happy. Learning the strength to not be depressed. Open doors to other possibilities. If we aren’t looking we can’t see the possibilities. When we change our attitude, things change. When we change inside, our environment changes. But we can’t move or go anywhere and start over. We take our baggage with us. Change first and then a move happens if that is what you want.

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