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Understanding Predictions and Determining Possible Futures

An interesting post on     opens us to discussion about predictions and changing possible futures.  Here’s a quote from the post, including PeaceNowFlower’s link to one of her sources:

Making Sure Bashar’s Predictions Are Wrong – Intuitive Voyage

The things Bashar describes as coming, do not seem like a cake walk.  So I am intent on changing the future to a more Joy filled one, without humanity having to learn from more suffering first.  I looked at the predictions, and I intend to change the predicted changes. Here is a forum post on the predictions in case you want to know why I am saying they are not peaches and cream.


Bashar is an alien from planet Sassani, channeled by Daryl Anka.  For the purposes of this article, believing Bashar or anything about him isn’t necessary.  This is a piece on predictions and changing outcomes, not channeling or aliens.

Prediction #1

“In the fall of 2016 before the US election, EVERYTHING will change!”

“Incidents and events will occur in your reality, after which everything will change.”


Bashar did not make that prediction.  It was announced by Epsilon, one part of the three part planetary collective consciousness of planet Sassani after Bashar introduced him (it).  The message was later clarified that it did not imply sudden massive changes, but that we would begin to see one change after another from that point on.   I’ve written a couple of posts, already, on the announcement—one in 2014 and one in the fall of 2016¹.  You may want to read them for a little background on Bashar and Epsilon².

Our collective consciousness has changed so that we won’t accept the conditions we’ve had up until now.  Only 10% of people believe the “mainstream” media or politicians.  More people accept only quality food.  People are more spiritual and less religious–or, their religion has become more spiritual.  People are more loving and compassionate.  All that and more is changing society.  Plus, the younger people factors are just beginning to ripple in.

The election of Donald Trump represents those changes in consciousness.  He is working toward big changes, within the crazy current governmental system.  Others that we call White Hats are working behind the scenes, not spoken of by the controlled media, to change many ways that we have been enslaved.  They work with governments, sciences, new media, arts and any way they can find, to raise our consciousness and help free us Earthlings.

Collective Consciousness is a major factor in future directions or timelines, and events.

Relevant Factor:  Changing Consciousness


Prediction #2

“’Between your years 2015 and 2017, and now with highest probability focal point being sometime around the fall of 2016; your world will in some way shape or form finally realize that ET in some form is a fact.”

Truth Unclear

Several governments and officials have admitted ET presence is a fact.  Many people, including pilots, have reported ET spacecraft or UFO.  Ever hear of the Phoenix Lights, for example?  Life has even been found on meteorites.  None of that prediction is new.  If you’ve observed some evidence of new realization of ETs, please comment below.

Relevant Factor: Prior events can be mistaken as fruition.


Prediction #3

“’…sometime again around the fall of 2016 is the highest probability, of about 75% to 80%, is that you will have an abrupt change in your economic system, you may experience what you call a great economic downturn…”


Regarding economic collapse, it is very interesting. In the fall of 2016, the economy was in really bad shape.  Economists made warnings, as did intuitives.  In January of 2017, Kryon said just that and he said that all those predictions were correct.  We absolutely would have had economic collapse, BUT for the Wild Card, President Donald Trump.  Meanwhile, Ron Paul said he thought Trump was doing everything possible to prevent collapse.  (Mainstream media did not call that out, of course.)  Trump saved or pushed into effect 50,000 jobs here, 100,000 there.  He did what he could with lawful executive orders.  He spoke with leaders of every industry, asking them to do what they had discussed that would save or create jobs.  International discussions and agreements also positively affected the economy.  Kryon was right.  Trump saved us from a crash.

An unexpected person—a “Wild Card”— may effect great changes in global conditions in unexpected ways and thus change which probable future will become realized.

Relevant Factor:  A Wild Card


Predictions Beyond 2017

Bashar and many others have made other predictions about “devastating” terrorist acts, nuclear meltdown, changed political and monetary systems, and viable free energy.

Results – TBD

Is the future out of our control?

Some of the last group of predictions are desirable and some certainly not.  Can future unpleasantries or even disasters be prevented?  Well, yes, through changed consciousnesses that collectively affect the global framework reality, or by the work of a Wild Card.  How else?  What can a simple person like you or me do?  PeaceNowFlower says:

There is an unspoken of force which many religions call Prayer, and others Meditation. We all turn to our Spirit Guides, or Angels and tell them, “NO! You do not accept this as your future. They can do a **** of a lot better coming up with plans.” Because why does there have to be a nuclear meltdown to get people to see New Energy is a good thing? I think most of us know that but are powerless to implement it. They need to be empowering the people, not pushing them until they are so uncomfortable they are forced into action.


Per the Law of Attraction (LOA), good results will be had if you believe your prayers will be answered as you wish, and not if you doubt it.

Aside from the LOA, why should prayer work?  Does anybody listen?  It is my understanding that we have a “family” who, like us, are Source (God) fractals who have taken the job of supporting us and who CAN assist, but who usually may not interfere in our free choices we make in creating our realities, personal and collective.  However, in most cases, they will help when expectantly requested to do so, whether we mention them by some name we have heard, like that of an Archangel or ascended formerly human master, or simply calling to “God”, “Allah”, or “Spirit”.  Ask and it shall be given unto you.

Meditation, Imaging, Imagining

This, again, is Law of Attraction and it works very well.  It IS how the universe works.  It’s the Law of Creation, the Law of Energetic Resonance.  However, you need to be consistent in thinking about and imagining what you DO want and NOT what you don’t want.  So to prevent disasters, spend time imagining and FEELING happy lives for yourself and others.  Fill in details.  Practice that and train yourself to have that as your world view of the future.

You may think, “But I’m talking about really doing something.”  “Start an information campaign, a fund, invent something.”  I believe in doing what you enjoy or strongly desire to do that aligns with the goodness of God.  It’s called Partnering with God or Co-Creating with God.  Strong Intent for beneficent results will automatically bring assistance from the “family”, in the form of synchronicities like finding needed information, meeting people who can help you, accidentally taking the wrong turn and ending up driving by a shop that has just what you need, or a sign that gives you the golden idea.

Expectation = Belief

In all use of Intent, Imagination, Law of Attraction, Prayer, etc., your beliefs control your expectations, which affect your results.  If you desire to, but feel incapable of inventing a system for households to lessen energy usage, unless that belief about yourself changes, you can’t but fail, even if you ask God or your Guides for help.  Low vibrations can only bring failure until somehow you change them.

The Age of Responsibility

Speaking of Guides, don’t expect them to make plans for you.  Since a few years prior to 2012, we are no longer under Karmic Law unless we choose to take no responsibility.  This is the Age of Self Responsibility.  Plans from on high are responsible for the Transformational Energies that have and still are changing our DNA and thus, our Consciousness.  Universal forces are pushing us to evolve, while it’s up to us how readily and rapidly we change.  And those forces take no direct control of our social systems, like governmental, financial, religious, educational, health and others.  Those are up to us.

As we add compassion to self responsibility, we are on the verge of the Age of Collective Responsibility.


PeaceNowFlower sums it up.

Everything will change in the Fall of 2016, but every other point Bashar has predicted (except the seeing of U.F.O.’s and the knowledge of life in the galaxy) needs to be prevented. We each have our special power when it comes to changing the future. I send out blessings with meditations on, “I Love You,” and “May you be Blessed.” There are so many various ways in which you could be talented that it is largely up to you to pick you the course of action in changing history’s course.

The percentage of likelihood does not matter because we can make that percentage 0%. We can craft our own future instead.


Don’t think things will work the way they always have.  We are creating new pathways and no old cycles of reality can affect us.  The future is up to us.  And we are not the ones we used to be.  Stop taking opinions and fake data from TV news.  Observe the changes first hand.


  1. GREAT Transformation Expected in 2+ Years  andGREAT Transformation Expected in 2+ Years (Announced in August, 2014)
  2. Sassani Extraterrestrial Race









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  1. There is some of what you write that aligns with what I know to be true, although I don’t insist I am right and others are wrong and that people need to believe as I do.

    We are what we think. We are what we believe. If we think we can or we think we can’t, we are right about both. How we treat people and the world around us – we get back. We make a cause – there is an effect. Life is a rhythm. Birth aging sickness and death over and over. Spring summer fall and winter – always in that order. All of life follows that order. There is no luck, chance or miracles – only cause and effect. It might seem like luck, but only because we don’t understands the cause. You can ask for forgiveness but there is still an effect for whatever cause you made. That puts us in control of our life. We can’t ask something (an entity) outside ourself to fix our life. No one plans our life for us. We are responsible for that. Only we can do that. We may need to change our nature and that doesn’t happen by simply saying, for example ” I’m going to stop being angry and lashing out.” Life will test you, and you’ll fail. Life will test you over and over until you understand the lesson of why you do it in the first place. It is a slow process of understanding and seeing the results. And if you want something in life – whatever it is – you have to be able to see it – focus on it – and don’t doubt it, example: I want to write a book. I want to write a good book. I’ll need to promote it. I need to meet the right people. You won’t know all the steps to get you there, but if your brain doesn’t know where you want to go, how can it get you there? We have so much un-utilised power inside us. When we doubt, we can’t get there. Life slaps us left and right until we give up our dream. People worry about what others think. They fear failure, afraid of risks, they eventually tell themselves they are too old, shrivel up and die. I don’t believe in the Christian God, or any God outside myself, but I do believe in a god- like nature inside us as we strive to perfect ourselves as human beings and overcome the things that cause us unhappiness.

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