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Even if You Don’t Like Gaia Portal…

Even if you don’t like Gaia Portal, you still may find some helpful words in my interpretations.  My Higher Self aids me in my posts, knowing that my mission is for everyday people, and guides me to expand the words into what others may need.  If you wonder why Gaia Portal messages don’t just say in plain words, what they have to say, well, I agree with you.  ÉirePort Group have explained the multidimensionality of the Gaia messages in a couple of past posts.  I think the following message from ÉirePort Group does that well and  gives us a very positive note.  Dissemination of optimism helps us all and assures that the world we are creating is a happy, loving one.

Following that, I tell you what I get out of the last two Gaia Portal posts, planning to fill in the rest of the March messages in another post.

ÉirePort Group Message and Update, 6-1-16… “Imminent and Important Planetary Changes”

eireport_logo_green_thumb_1This is an alternative posting for the GaiaPortal Gaia Energy messages site. Although it relates to Gaia energetics and potentials, we felt it desirable to communicate in this way as the “ÉirePort Group”.

This group consists of Light Bearers, more precisely, “Frequency Carriers”, from various levels, each assisting in their own realms (some encompass several vibrational arenas). Our function, as the ÉirePort Group, is to communicate to those with eyes to see and ears to hear and hearts to comprehend the breadth and fullness of our messages. We are also here to alert the planetary Hue-Beings to imminent and important planetary changes, primarily in the “Energetic” sense.

Such a moment is NOW.

The rise in frequencies of this collective planetary body, called “Earth”, “Gaia”, etc., has, until this moment in the evolution of Gaia, been relatively constant. In other words, the increase has been similar to a straight line. This is about to change… drastically.

And by “drastically” we mean “dramatically”, not in a manner which will cause any major adjustment to the planet’s 3D structure (such changes are occurring in a very “managed” way… we are, in large part, “The Managers”). But it also is affected by hu-being and Hue-Being consciousness. Such consciousness has been rising at an unexpectedly (to us, at least) high rate. This is, in the end, speeding up the awakening of all, and increasing the planetary vibration to such an extent, that a strongly “perceived” breakout is poised to occur.

We cannot say when in the 3D timeframe this will occur, but it is very, very close.

We can only suggest that each of you go within and ask your Higher Self how to best prepare for this “breakout” moment. It is coming.

Blessings from the Father and the Mother of your precious planet, “Gaia”.

ÉirePort Group

If you didn’t feel a big energetic change, back then, don’t worry about.  You didn’t have to and you don’t have to.  You only need to have the Intent to do and be better.  Anything more doesn’t have to be forced.  You will increasingly shine your own facet of God.

Forested arenas are cleared of invasives

24 Mar

Forested arenas are cleared of invasives.

Social institutions may be called “forested arenas”, but let’s get to the elements of those arenas.

You could call each multidimensional (as we all are) hu-being who is beginning to awaken to what’s going on around them, to Spirit, Love, Who they are and what’s been happening on Earth, a “forested arena”.  The energies of the past twenty years and more have planted and tended the seeds of that forestation.

With that meaning for the arenas, “invasives” are manipulation by the media; dysfunctional thoughts, emotions, and beliefs; parasites on various levels (physical, astral, mental); fears and even “beings” that their own fearful beliefs have conjured up (we’re so creative).  All that is cleared!

Care for hu-beings is paramount.

Of course it is, because at early stages of awakening, people are apt to be swayed back to their previous sleeping state or completely confused, by such things as listening to media brainwash, disapproval and reprogramming of friends and family, and reappearance of habitual, and especially fearful, thinking.  We must care for all awakening and still unawakening members of our human family.  None will be left behind.

Hardenings are cracked.

Encasements of hardheartedness, hopelessness, ingrained false beliefs, entrenched low self-esteem, and hatefulness are not as strong as the Love, Compassion, and Optimism now being projected by spiritually minded Hue-Beings (God-beings), here and from higher planes.

Galactics approach.

Members of “the family” of God-beings like us are aware of what we have accomplished here, in choosing light over dark, bringing this planet to a new state of enlightenment.  They are from other planets, other galaxies and even other universes.  Galactic riff-raff are trying to understand, while our family are all celebrating what we have done here. 

They approach to observe, and they whose place it is to do so, are approaching in readiness to show themselves en masse.  In a few short years, our Lightness meter reading will show that it is time we meant our parents, the Pleiadians.

Cosmic awareness expands.

Look at how we’ve gone from awareness of only our little “world”, to global Consciousness, and are expanding to Galactic and even Universal Consciousness.  In so progressing, we powerful beings are expanding awareness throughout this Cosmos of multiple universes; meaning both that more beings are expanding their scope to Cosmic Awareness, and that the Collective Awareness of the Cosmos is Expanding.

Genesis of the Galactic human accelerates

28 Mar

Genesis of the Galactic human accelerates.

Our human evolution is accelerating.  One of the consequences of our New Earth evolution is that we are becoming Galactic humans, grown up enough to join in galactic federation(s), fair-minded enough to interact with other planets of people who know how to treat others.

Stellars are incorporated into all Hue-creations.

Light is understanding and wisdom.  We have the Light of the Stars, of our Sun, the illumination of Spirit; that is, the illumination of our own Higher Selves.  This stellar Light within ourselves is incorporated in all that we create.

Asterelles add to the Galactic constructs.

I discovered that asterelles are one of the simplest forms of true plant, the basis for evolution of all plants.

This is such a huge idea that I will make it another post.










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  1. thank you Rosalie,,,i do like Gaia Portal and come pretty close,,,it is not really to understand linear,,and in a way forces one to to go within,,,but that is the only place to
    be anyway,,,,i feel the Galactics,,,i feel the whole of “Heaven” more and more ,,,
    thank you again Rosalie,,,

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  2. Reblogged this on Intuitive Voyage and commented:
    Actually, when I read about the ‘invasives’ in forested areas I thought about all the invasive species crowding out the native in the wild. In Michigan forests, you have the Gypsy Moth, Stink Bugs and so much more.

    In Michigan Lakes, you have the Zebra Mussel and ocean toothed fish (whereas fish native to the great lakes have no teeth because they didn’t need them before the Zebra Mussels.)

    So I pictured balance returning in out wilderness and less about invasives in politics. They when I think of invasives in politics I think of spies more than anything else.

    Perhaps when we clear the invasives out of the other realms, nature will naturally do the same as the outside world is a reflection of the inside.

    There can be many kinds of invasives more than spirit beings are the thoughts that are not native to us that others have let us borrow. These can be beneficial, but many of the ideas we encounter push out the native belief like the Zebra Mussel has been eating the foods in the great lakes.

    So ask yourself, what do you really know based on your experience? Now while following alternative media has helped me be less swayed by MSM into that narrative of ‘FEAR’ ‘BAD NEWS EVERYWHERE’ it too is a set of beliefs that are not native to me. Following it has helped me greatly consider alternative views to the narrative of people around me. Yet, it isn’t my truth. It is just a truth less listened to… that is becoming ever more important.

    It is your feelings that will help you shift through the varies beliefs out there to discover your own. “Does this idea make me feel good?” Should be the primary way to tell if something to true to your native belief system. If a belief feels good, it is a Native Belief to your personal ecosystem. I cannot tell you which beliefs are right because my ecosystem of Native Beliefs is Invasive to your Beliefs.

    So what you must do is write out the things you BELIEVE and go through the list feeling each statement deeply to see if it aligns. You do not have to share the list, but you can help teach others how to return to a Native Belief system as I am giving you the suggestions of how to do so.

    The more Native your ecosystem of beliefs becomes. The more every aspect of life from politics, economics to nature itself will become strong ecosystems filled with Native Species.

    I, originally, didn’t plan on this comment being so long. It is being turned into a Reblog as it was directed to a general audience after the first statement and not just you Rosalie. I do not know if the advice will help you because I have only seen your wonderful posts. You are already wise in different ways than me. I cannot be the judge of who needs to do this process because I only have my own set of Native Ecosystem Beliefs to go by.

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    • Thanks for giving us your insights, Peaceful One. Yes, beliefs are a personal level of facade–a part of how our Divine Ego makes necessary sense of the world; a facade that is ever changing. As long as we don’t cling to beliefs, but allow them to change, they are helpful.

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