Being Human

Breaking News: God Offers Creative Partnership To Humans

Greetings, my friends.  To all who have come to cherish the messages of Kryon over the past several years, my “headline” is not really “breaking news.”  In fact, it isn’t  news at all.  Whether it is news to you or not, or whether you believe it or not, it is at the core of what constitutes the REAL New Age.  As Kryon has recently expressed it, although many important changes have occurred since the year 2000, THIS change is central; it represents a change in our ability to co-operate with God while still living on earth as humans:

The door to the relationship, the beauty, the tools of God is wide open and the duality of your biology is all you have to get through to take the hand of God…Why don’t you ask the Creator? “Dear God, I know the door is open.  I know I am part of it.  Guide me along the way.”  And then just be quiet–because that is the intent of you and your consciousness with the creator and you are going to get a reaction.  You’re going to start feeling there is help and it’s not coming from any place, any human.  It’s coming from the source that you have inside you.  It comes slowly because you’re going to have to walk through that duality.  Chemically and in consciousness, [throughout] all of the lifetimes you have lived, there has been one kind of a relationship and a veil that has hidden this.  Because in the old energy, this was tough.  This is not the old energy.  This is not your grandfather’s new age.  THIS IS NEW.  And all that is today have different rules, but the chief one is this:  THE DOOR IS OPEN, THE VEIL IS STARTING TO LIFT.

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Without diminishing the importance of the many changes that have come with “the new energy,” the profundity of this change cannot be overstated.  Many of us have spent hundreds, even thousands of lifetimes working under great difficulty, striving to discover answers to questions, “Who am I?;”  “What is the purpose of this life?;” “Is there life after death?;” “Is there life before birth?;  “Does God exist?”  Finding satisfactory answers to these and many other such questions has been extremely difficult.  Once we are born into a life on this planet as a human, we are no longer aware of what came before.  As many have expressed it, it is as though a veil had been placed between us and whatever may be beyond our ordinary awareness. Even those who have no belief in God are left with the unavoidable truth:  throughout all of human history, our ordinary awareness has been  greatly impaired !   In other channels, Kryon discusses why this has been the case.  It is not by accident,  but I will not address that information now. As reflected in the quotation above, it is most important for us to recognize that THE VEIL IS LIFTING !  It is not totally removed, but it is lifting.  The reason for that lifting is also worth your effort to explore, but that, too, I will leave for other occasions.  Let us just center our attention on what is vital here and now, moving forward— and we definitely DO want to move forward.

IF YOU CHOOSE– and you have the power of free will to choose otherwise– the opportunity is now available to you to come into a closer partnership with God, the one who both creates and lives as ALL THAT IS.  God lives as everything; there is no thing which exists outside of God.  But not all beings have been given the ability to co-create with God.  We are so blessed.  You have always been lived by God; you have always had “God within;” you have always been loved by God; you have always known your true relationship to God when not incarnated or living as a human.  None of that is new.  What is new is that, given the new energies, the new permission, the new elevation of human consciousness, YOU DON’T HAVE TO DIE TO KNOW YOUR TRUE RELATIONSHIP TO GOD.

Kryon’s description of that relationship is so beautiful that I want to share my understanding of it with you next time.  As for now, I am feeling very loved, very grateful.  We are all blessed with this great gift, so you should feel the same.


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