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Our Relationship to God

Greetings, my friends. As I indicated in my March 23 post ,  there have been many important changes in our circumstances since the year 2000.  But the one of utmost consequence  is the change that has occurred in our capacity to know what has heretofore been hidden—hidden by the density of a “veil” which is, figuratively speaking,  drawn around us as we are born into human life on this planet.

Throughout all of human history, we have met with great difficulty in recalling  ANYTHING prior to our present birth.   Jesus is an example of one who had the uncommon ability to know  his relationship to God as it existed prior to his birth.  He knew God and he knew his relationship to God. As a result, he exercised powers that few have ever had while still in human incarnation on this planet.  Some readers may recall that the Master Jesus spoke of the possibility that we can be LIKE HIM.  He would not have urged his followers to be like him if he thought that to be impossible!  It is not impossible and, better yet, it is an achievement that is easier now than it was when Jesus spoke of it!  The good news for all of us today is that, AS NEVER BEFORE IN HUMAN HISTORY, the “density” of the “veil” that has made that so difficult has  diminished.  The veil is lifting.  We have been given a new energy in which this planet and all who live here are awash.  It is now easier to know what Jesus and many other Great Masters knew.  Still we must “seek” before we find; and we are free to choose not to seek.  But those who do seek will find it easier to find that relationship to God which has always been the case but which has been hidden by a veil that is not as dark as it once was.  Throughout human history, wars among people have been commonplace; physical and mental abuse, the persecution of outgroups by ingroups, humans hurting others for their own perceived gain— all of this and even greater darkness has been our common experience.  Why?  Not because God desired it to be so, but because humans have found it so difficult to know God, to know Who God is— and Who God Is not– and to know themselves as having a part of God within them.  We have been given free will, and that means the freedom to choose destructive rather than loving things and it has been hard to see the light through a veil that has been so dark. BUT THAT IS THE CASE NO MORE!  THIS IS AT THE CORE OF WHAT MAKES THIS A NEW EARTH.  It is why I am optimistic about our future when the experience of the past has given little room for optimism.  Set aside the experience of the past and know that we now have the greatest power we have ever had to disperse the darkness and co-create with God, with the One Who Is Love.

If  I were to ask, “Who is God?,”  it is very unlikely that there would be  a high degree of consensus in the answers given by my readers.  Some would answer, “There is no God.”  Some answers would be more complicated, as there are many different concepts of God among those who would agree in the abstract that God exists.  It has never made sense to me that a loving God would be so offended, and so vengeful, that he would want those who disobeyed him to burn in hell forever.  As I grew older, I learned the explanations for belief in such a scenario that are still conventional in Christian theology.  It still did not make any sense!  Let me recall a conversation I once had with a hospice worker, a very good and loving woman.  As I was telling her of my experience with the healing power of prayer, she assured me that she believed in God and characterized herself as “a God fearing person.”  As soon as I heard those words, “God fearing,”  I knew that we shared a belief in God but that we did not agree on who God is and who God is not.  We had some consensus in the abstract, but not in some very important particulars.  “Please, don’t fear God,” I said.  “We are loved by God, don’t you agree?”  The immediate answer was “Yes…”  I interrupted.  “I know you love your son.  Does he have anything to fear from you?”  “No!”  “Is there anything, anything no matter how far fetched, that your son could do that would so offend you that you would want him to burn in hell forever?”  “No!”  “Then why would God, whose love for us is even greater than your love for your son, be offended by ANYTHING we do to such an extent that he would want us to burn in hell forever?”  Imagine how pleased I am, all these years later, to have heard Kryon use a very similar analogy to make this same point, namely, that God is not a vengeful parent; he does not have the negative attributes that humans do.  As Kryon explains in his February 24-26 channel, “Who Is God?”,

In a lower energy, the spirituality between man and God has been misstated.  And what you have done with God we have told you so many times before.  You have put God into a place that has human consciousness.  You can’t think above what humans are and who you are, who your parents are…and so you put the human attributes on the creator of everything.  And you made him hard to get to.  I want to show you how absurd that is…

Kryon asserts that God is not a parent in the human sense but, as I had done in my conversation with the hospice worker, he points out that,  even in the limited experience of humans, it would not be expected that a loving parent would require of their children what some humans believe God requires of us:

And what do you think that relationship is to that which you may call the parent if you want to?…envision every child right now that you had anything to do do with as being six, seven, eight years old.  They’re still clinging to you and the love that you’ve given them, and the care that you’ve given them, and the beauty that they are when you stand above the bed when they’re asleep.  You just look at them and your heart goes out to them.  And we say to you, amplify that a million times.  THAT’S the relationship of you and the creator.  Now imagine that six or seven-year old coming to you and saying, “I’m a little confused.  Do you really love me?  Mom, do you really love me?  And what are you going to say to the innocent one, that beautiful one, the one from you?…Are you going to say, “Well, I’m not going to tell you, and instead I want you to jump through some hoops a few times.  I want you to go over there and maybe suffer a little.  There are about a thousand steps over there.  I want you to climb them and when you’re done, go the other way.  And when you’re really tired, let’s talk again.” –Dear Ones, welcome to earth.  That is what you do to God.  Literally from the depths of the ignorance that low consciousness humanity has, that’s what you’ve done.

Since Kryon has recently described what our relationship to God IS, and, just as importantly, what it IS NOT, I urge you to  listen to Lee Carroll deliver his beautiful message.  In the meantime, I will close with this quotation in which he all too briefly describes what your true relationship to God IS:

Who is God to you?  The operative word is “who,” not “what.”  The creator of the universe is not an energy, it is a WHO.  It’s not a Human Who.  It doesn’t have the consciousness of a human being or a brain or a heart.  The who that you think of that created that which is this galaxy and all that is in it has an attitude.  it’s a Who….It’s more than [a parent].  FOR WHEN YOU ARE NOT HERE, YOU ARE PART OF THE WHO.  IT’S LIKE WHEN YOU’RE AWAY, PART OF GOD IS AWAY.  If I told you that the creator of the galaxy and the universe knows who you are, that is a mild statement.  YOU ARE A PART OF THE WHO.  You are missed.  It’s not that, somehow, the creator knows about the tiny little human and the tiny little earth and the tiny little solar system in an enormous galaxy and universe.  It’s not that way at all.  YOU ARE MISSED BECAUSE YOU A PART OF THE CREATIVE ENERGY GOD INSIDE YOU.  Who is God?  Not a parent.  It’s an energy that is missing you.  And if God is love and compassion, what do you really think that the relationship is?…You are part of an amazing puzzle that this planet counts on.  You are not here by accident.  You’ve lived before; you’re eternal.  The part of God that you are, that you call the soul, never had a beginning, always was.  You were here when the universe was made.  You will be here when it’s gone.  That’s who you are.

There is a LOT more that could be said about this.  There is no topic that you could contemplate or explore that is more important.  I pray that what many of us were taught in our various traditions does not impair anyone’s ability to know the truth of this message.  Ask God to tell you what you need to know.  He will.

Sincerely.  Jerry

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