Creating Reality

Are You Ready to Take Responsibility for Your Reality?

I know a man who has long been making efforts to improve his circumstances.  He has gone through books by Jerry and Esther Hicks and Abraham, Doreen Virtue, and several other Hay House authors, Bashar, maybe others.  He’s tried affirmations, prayers, imaging, journaling.  Still, he hangs onto ill treatment by his parents in early life and if only his wife would correct herself to make his life better.  He, in order not to take responsibility, blames the past and behavior of others for everything he lacks or doesn’t want in his life.  He repeatedly brings up those topics, which shows how he dwells on them, and at the same time, he believes he has “let them go”.  Do you see how the near constant thoughts of how someone crushed you in the past or how their current behavior is hurting you now would sustain your feelings of being downtrodden?

Can a person take control of his life while thinking, feeling, vibrating with the idea of his life being controlled by other people?

The answer is NO.  That is just one example of beliefs that prevent your ability to create what you desire.

This man I mention gets angry if told, however gently, that he is responsible for his life, that he created his situation.  He feels like he is being accused and harshly criticized and he doesn’t hear the rest:  “And you can create something better.”  He feels that way because he doesn’t know how powerful he is.  How can he expect to make his life better if he has no control over it?

You can’t have it both ways.  You can’t simultaneously blame others and take responsibility.  If you want to practice Conscious Creation, the first thing you need is to feel self-responsibility.  You must know that you have the power to affect your life in positive ways.  Know that, in fact, you are such a powerful creator that whatever you most place your Consciousness upon, you bring into your life.  That being so, you’d better train it on what you do want, not what you don’t want.

Conscious creation of your reality requires you to understand something of your power. 

Consider how powerful we are.  This early stage of New Earth is an exciting time.  Enough of us are awakened that our Collective Consciousness is changing the direction of mankind on Earth, toward Light and Love.  We are wiping from our reality all systems that hold back any person from freely and joyfully expressing their inner qualities.  If you don’t yet see it, keep watching with an open mind and you will.  I suggest you do as I do and, for the most part, ignore all the darkness going on, or at least know and affirm that you know that it is being exposed only so we can feel the desire that it is gone, and clear it away.  The changes in each of us are the force behind the positive changes we want to see on Earth.

In fact, as we develop this important ability to be in control of ourselves and our environment, we are creating this Earth into a paradise.  You know my feeling is that we start that on the personal level, go local, then spread out from there.  The more global solutions will come from that foundation of loving vibrations and from people whose mission it is to revamp global human interactions.

In other words, the power of the individual is the force behind the power of the collective.

“The work of the individual still remains the spark that moves mankind ahead even more than teamwork.”

―Igor Sikorsky

I’ve loved and remembered that quote from Mr. Sikorsky, since I saw it the first day I worked at Sikorsky.  Creativity comes from individuals.  That is why the controllers of Earth, aka the Cabal, overemphasized the group and downplayed the individual.  Ideas do not come from groups, though ideas from individuals in a group may catalyze the great idea of an individual that solves the problem the group wanted to solve.  And other individuals in a group may refine it.  But no idea has ever come from a group.  So you see the importance of your own mental efforts; and mental effort begets intuitive information, as any good theoretical mathematician will tell you.


Many people take issue with the idea that a person may control his own reality.  That’s understandable.  It’s a completely foreign idea, antithetical to all beliefs we’ve held about our circumstances.  At best we were taught that if we work hard, we can dig ourselves out of the hole we inherited or created with our behavior; or if we pray hard, God may favor us and do it for us.  We are led to believe that we can only choose among whatever choices we see as logical possibilities right in front of us.  We go through life, logical step by logical step, not believing in the next step unless we can think through how we can arrive at it, believing dreams to be unattainable.  We believe we are controlled by circumstances around us, that our own circumstances and future possibility are thus bounded.

The Law of Karma fits nicely into that belief.  Karma controls our possibilities.  It sets up life boundaries and presents the possible next steps to us.  We will learn from each negative situation that Karma puts before us.  Our only responsibility is to make an effort to learn by doing better.  But in the New Energies, we can choose to drop Karma from our lives.

We don’t have to be blown by the winds of Karma.

Another way to improve your life is to Pray to God to take care of your problems.  Hand Him all of your responsibility and rely on Him to act as your parent.  “Let go and let God.”  That will be an improvement over Karma, but as you begin to find God within yourself,

It isn’t necessary to blow with the whims of God. 

It is still a legitimate choice, just as Karma is, for many people, while there is another choice that we are growing into.

Now, we are learning that we can Co-Create with God—that with the help of God, we can create the life we desire.  How does that differ from letting go and letting God?  How do we take control of our lives and determine the structure of life in which we live?  Anyone who feels the stir of God inside them is likely, in the New Energies, to feel the power of that God inside, and to want to take self-responsibility by use of that power.  Most people have had no guidance in doing that.  Many misunderstand and wrongly think that self-responsibility implies atheism.

How do we Co-Create with God?

We don’t approach God as a little worm beneath Him, for we are living as that part of God that lives inside us, who is our Higher Self.  As Jerry expresses it, “God lives as us,” or “God lives us.”  Didn’t Jesus say that, “The kingdom of heaven is within you.”  That’s something to hold in high esteem; in fact, it’s high self esteem to admit it, something that many old souls are not in tune with.  Let’s simply allow ourselves to acclimate to the idea that we are the Higher Self and even our Oversoul.  We can go ahead and purposely Co-Create, as we do that.

Now, when co-creating, we may think of God in the way most helpful and comfortable to us:  as the One Source; Grandfather; Great Spirit; as all of Providence—Archangels, Guardian Angels, our Spiritual Teachers and Advisors, and other Divine Beings; or don’t worry so much about what we mean by God, and allow ourselves to grow in our idea of It.  An atheist can practice Co-Creating with God, by leaving the word undefined or calling it Luck, Energy, Mystery, Sympathetic Vibration, the Universe, Law of Sympathetic Vibration, or even Law of Attraction.  None of us can truly understand God, though working and communicating with It is our human birth right.  Even we who are not atheistic often adjust our concept of God.  In fact, an atheist and a theist may share the same God concept.  It’s how we work with the idea, that matters to us.

In co-creating, we drive our desires and choices.  We can do that, as people with Free Will.  As long as our desires are aligned with God, God will co-create with us.  We decide where we want to go and let God help steer.  God’s part in the co-creation is to show us the way, provide “coincidences” and hook us up with helpful people, while we remain on the lookout for those synchronicities and learn to listen for intuitive knowing of when and what action to take.  It’s action that gets us rolling toward our goals.

Now, as you begin to get that feeling of power inside yourself, get clear on what you desire.  Don’t necessarily choose from the obvious, but know that you can have whatever will most shine the Light of the Fractal of God that your are.

Here’s a 13 year old to help you understand who God is.  He has had success in Free Energy.  What he says about that reminds me of what Kryon calls the Cosmic Lattice.

Video Link

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  1. Amazing!!!! The weirdest stuff is happening to me and my life I can’t even properly explain it to people!

    Thank you so much for your words!



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