A “Warning” message from the TAPT about future posts on the Kp blog…

I’ve been posting all my comments about Trump on my Facebook Timeline. I’ll let Kauilapele’s words here stand, in case I start blogging my feelings on Trump.

Kauilapele's Blog

donald_trump_headshot_w_77777_2Click to see why the 77777 is here.

This is a “warning” from the “Trump Allergy Prevention Team” (TAPT)…

We at the TAPT feel the “need” to present this “warning” (caveat, forewarning, heads up, augury, caution (more synonyms here)), and that is…

Many of the posts from now on will possess (contain, include) the name “Trump” in them, since many of the articles Kp is viewing and/or re-posting, also possess (contain, include) the name “Trump”.

Like it (or him) or not, that’s the way it is.

If you have any severe allergies to that name, or his image, you may wish to keep a piece of paper handy to cover them up when they do appear, and/or drink plenty of clean, energized water while reading, if you do choose to read. Also you may wish to install this app, and/or view this photo while reading.

View the image…

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