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Meadows of Peace are Sown

31 Aug

Startled are they who view upon the Nova Gaia.

Nova Gaia (New Earth).  Mother Earth has gone Nova, exploding in Light.  People in spaceships or observing Earth remotely are taken aback.  They never expected such progress on this planet.

Surprises of Higher Consciousness are observed in all hu-beings.

Those observers are surprised to see that the regular humans who had been slow in raising their consciousness are reaching a higher understanding and raising their Heart Consciousness to a higher level of Love.

Stellar connections are viewed and grasped.

We Earthlings came from many different planets of other stars and never lost our spiritual connections with our homeys.  I picture them reaching down to us and we grasp hold.

Meadows of Peace are sown.

Thus, peace is sown between us and extraterrestrials, enabling their welcomed landings on Earth.



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  1. Thank you so muchRosalie for this interpretation. This is it. This made me cry hard. The feeling of our true family is felt.

    Many blessings and have a Glorious day, Lucie


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  2. I believe you. They are observing us & have been. The reason I believe this to be true, is that thru meditation, I experienced a village, relatives & world to see & feel. It felt like home. I didn’t speak to anyone but my questions were answered by my friend, maybe relative. The feeling I received by visiting this world was no conflict, no anger, no revenge, just peace. I am not a star seed. just a soul who chose to be here now.

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    • While reading your description of your experience, I got the goosebumps that I often feel when my Higher Self or another being comes near. It’s like, “Here’s some truth for YOU, Rosalie.” Thank you for relating it to us. I’m sure it helps other readers to allow such knowing about themselves and the benevolence of our friends and relatives.
      Love to you, Don. Rosalie


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