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paradiseEnter Paradise

Aspirational menses surface

3 Sep

Aspirational menses surface.

As the dark side’s aspirations are foiled by the planetary White Hats, traces of their incomplete projects and plans, evidence of participation in controlling and enslaving, all their false flag dramas, and lying “news” reports, are surfacing. 

As we aspire to increase our vibrations, to bring more Light into our molecules, our “stuff” surfaces; that is, stored angers, resentments, prejudices, blame, fear, low self-esteem, arrogance, hypocrisy, etc.  We feel the associated emotions and let them go.  Similar clearings are going on in societies.

On a deeper level, oft-revisited thoughts that are not of the highest vibrations have turned into false beliefs about ourselves and the world.  These beliefs attract more thoughts of the same ilk.  Not only that, but our beliefs determine the kinds of experiences we have, individually and collectively.  If we feel, for example, that life is unfair, we will experience what we take as unfairness, real or imagined. 

NOW, however, our Light “quotient” is higher—Light is showing us our abilities.  As we let go the emotions, above, we also let go of false beliefs.  We are seeing that life is in our own control.  And so, we are shaping our futures in New Earth.

Reliables are uploaded.

You could say that outside the lies of the mass media, reliably real news is uploaded to the internet. 

You could also consider people who are reliably 4th Density, as opposed to vacillating between 3rd and 4th Density feelings, thoughts and attitudes.  They are “uploaded” in the sense of being handed off from one level of spiritual overseers to another.  Overseers are spirits, or you may say souls, whose task it is to assist this New Earth in some way.  Hue-Mans are uploaded and given more responsibility, more effectiveness, tasks or missions of wider effect.  You may imagine what those might be and what that might mean for you, personally.

Tallification of Energetics begins.

An accounting and assessment of the energetic systems of individuals, societies, groups, all of us together as our Collective Consciousness has begun.

Streams are cleared.

Think of a wide, deep creek with running water that is muddy and clogged in places by fallen trees or rocks.  Then think of its being cleared of all the impediments and stirred sediments, so that it runs clear and more powerfully. 

Similarly, as the menses surface,  the above-mentioned Energetics are cleared by this month’s powerful Event energies, which may be guided at times and in instances for more effect, by Higher Divine beings.

Senegal treatments alleviate the morning chill

5 Sep 

Senegal treatments alleviate the morning chill.

Senega is a pretty little flowered medicinal plant.  Some major uses are for respiratory and heart ailments, snakebite, to induce abortion, and according to an old Irish medicine book (1735), to increase lactation.  And we can gain several meanings from “Senegal treatments”:  Assistance in recovery from the “snakebite” of the dark side who has controlled Earth; helping us to be able to breathe in the new energies and open our hearts; aborting the plans of the dark side.

As I take it, Mother Earth and our Great Goddess, the Divine Feminine who has returned to Earth’s realms are providing increased “nourishment” of our New Earth.

Desperation measures fade.

The thrashing around of the dark cabal in feeble last efforts to avoid its end, is settling still.

How about our desperation in ridding ourselves of elements of life that we don’t desire, as in fighting against hunger, disease, control, etc.?  When we realize that what we fight, we focus on and thus create, we stop fighting—anything.

Straightened pathways present.

Our stepping stone paths through the multiverse are made straight¹.  We proceed directly toward further development of wonderful experiences in this delightful New Earth.

Star Families gather.

You know who that is.  Our Extraterrestrial Families.

Hue-manity insights have been clarified for next phase to begin

8 Sep

Hue-manity insights have been clarified for next phase to begin.

Our visions of New Earth and of how Reality works has been somewhat murky.  We’ve held some misconceptions about New Earth.  I’ve heard, for example, that some people will be taken up in the sky, into a heavenly realm and descend back down as glowing Light beings.  Some people still think that major catastrophes will wipe out the third density people.  Some have thought that the ET will land, either to save us or to enslave us.  There are stories of Jesus descending and saving us, from what is never explained.  I tell you, none of those things will happen, unless you somehow create it.  We will not be slaves, even to Jesus or Buddha (neither of whom wanted us to be).  There will be no catastrophe and no dramatic and automatic ascension of anyone.  All such filmy ideas are being clarified so we know that WE, our collective and personal consciousnesses, are driving our ascension. 

Gaia gateways are now primed.

Gateways are energetic openings, opportunities to proceed along certain pathways.  Now, the gateways that we have desired—those to lives of peace and happiness, are prepared.

Fantasies are cleared.

Fantasies we’ve believed, such as being held back by dark forces, or having someone else lead us into paradise, are cleared.  We know that we are co-Creators with God / The All That IS, and what we create is our own responsibility.

Portals of activation expand at once.

Portals / doors / openings / gateways / opportunities / probabilities of activation of all good things, of great Renaissance, of continuing betterment of our experiences here, of wider Consciousness and greater use of inner senses in this New Earth are expand. 

There is no way to avoid creating and experiencing our desired beautiful Gaia.


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  1. what about today’s Gaia Portal message of 11/09/2016

    Pathways are cleared for the full Apocalypse
    by ÉirePort

    gaia_energy Awakenings come strongly in the clairvoyant Gaia Energies.

    Fortunates are enabled that all may be viewed clearly.

    Heaven-sent visions come to the hu-being.

    Rainbow visions come to the Hue-Being.

    Pathways are cleared for the full Apocalypse.


  2. Dear Rosalie,
    Your interpretations seem to me the most successful, I share many of your views. But I would like to make a comment about the following sentence (without claiming detract from your performance, please understand me)
    The phrase is: “Senegal treatments alleviate the morning chill.”
    Senegal is also a West African country bordering the Atlantic Ocean.
    And remember that the page of Gaia Portal, it is said that the transmissions belong to a group linked to the land of Eire, which is supposed to Ireland (Europe)
    Well, since September 3, in this area we have had an unusual wave of African heat, from the Sahara and Senegal.
    I live in the Principality of Asturias (Northern Spain), which is a very green and fresh area, linked to Celtic peoples (such as Ireland or Scotland).
    At this time of year temperatures are usually between 15 ° C (59 ° F) minimum and 21 ° C (72 ° F) maximum.
    From September 3 until today, temperatures have been between 30-39ºC (90-103ºF) … even at dawn !!
    My brother who lives in London says they’re going through something similar. What is quite unusual.
    The radiation is so intense that in my garden have burned apples on trees. And the grass crunches underfoot. It is really something amazing.
    Weather forecasts say that this will continue until Tuesday 13, when temperatures plummet 20º and have heavy rain.
    I do not know what is happening. But my feeling is that this is more than just weather. I do not think that either try to climate change. I think that somehow the Earth is subjecting us to a much needed radiotherapy session, and will arrive on Tuesday heavy rains that will clean all traces of what has been deleted. I hope so.
    With Love

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  3. Wow! That sounds right on, Cristina! I can’t wait to go read it to Jerry. I’ll call attention to your comment in my next Gaia Portal post and will see what else I might “get” out of it. I sure appreciate all of your insights.



    • So no one saw my posting then?? this is the latest Gaia portal………

      what about today’s Gaia Portal message of 11/09/2016

      Pathways are cleared for the full Apocalypse
      by ÉirePort

      gaia_energy Awakenings come strongly in the clairvoyant Gaia Energies.

      Fortunates are enabled that all may be viewed clearly.

      Heaven-sent visions come to the hu-being.

      Rainbow visions come to the Hue-Being.

      Pathways are cleared for the full Apocalypse.

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