Keeping Our Vibrations High Through This Period of “The Event”

I’m passing on an important message from Bill Ballard that we must keep our vibrations very high now, to assure that our Collective Consciousness does bring on The Event and positive accelerated timeline.

We are now learning just how important it is to ALWAYS keep our vibrations high.  One of Abraham Hicks’s teaching tools is the analogy of a vortex, of being in the Vortex of Creation¹.  I feel it as a state of higher energy, more optimism, awareness and happiness.  In that state our thoughts and emotions are more magnetic.  Continuance of that state brings into our life the success, ease, fulfillment, health and happiness we desire.  Sometimes I get out of the habit of turning on my little mental “switch” that puts me in the Vortex of Creation.  Then I turn on some of the “Creating” playlists on my YouTube channel to reinforce my habit.  If you listen every day for 30 days, your habit will be well established.

violinPicture Reposted from The Awakening Website

A Call for Positive Focus ~ by Bill Ballard

2016 40-Day Event ~ August 22 to October 1, 2016

Ok Guys…. We are going to have the next 40 Days of No Negativity Collective Focused Event. It begins NOW!

Just Change:
2012 40-Day Event ~ June 21 to August 1, 2012 in all references below
2016 40-Day Event ~ August 22 to October 1, 2016

8000 focused individuals were needed in our Light Quotient and Frequency in 2012…. ha… but we are soooo much more powerful now…. Could you imagine getting ALL persons who are awake and Aware at this August 22, date to join in for Collective Focused Intents in our thought and emotions setting the stage for New Earth….. ha


Someone just sent me this from my past 40 Day Events and Why Not Do this AGAIN? Why not RIGHT NOW!

Much LOVE!

[Read Bill’s 2012 message, here.]

Now, what do we mean by Vibrations? 

Frequency & the Law of Vibration

 Reposted from The Awakening Website

In the year 1905, Albert Einstein proved that we can break matter down into smaller components and that, when we do, we move beyond the material realm and into a realm in which everything is energy.

This is the Law of Vibration, a law of nature that states that ‘nothing rests; everything moves; every-thing vibrates.’  The lower the vibration, the slower the vibration; the higher the vibration the faster the vibration.

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Here’s Abraham’s explanation of Vibrations.

Abraham Hicks ~ What do you mean by Vibration?


  1. Vortex of Creation YouTube Playlist




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