The Event ~ More Q&A with Jim

Yesterday, I wrote the GaiaPortal post and forgot to give the rest of my conversation with Jim.  This is a Facebook off the cuff conversation.

New Earth Changes

Glorious 5D New Earth

So friend Jim says, “All I want is someone to sit me down and tell me, in words I can understand, exactly what is going on now and in the near future. I have way too much static and can’t pick out what I need to know. Please help!”

My answer: Our solar system and the larger system (never can remember its name) around which it revolves are careening closer to the galactic center. No worries, not all the way. Energetic frequencies are higher, things are less dense, there. So Earth energy has risen a LOT since 2000. And so have our individual energies. That’s caused us to wake up to what is going on in societies and we are awakening spiritually; that is, we have stronger intuition, feel closer to God, are developing inner faculties (of which I’ll say more, later), for some people, causing “miracles”. We are more compassionate, more understanding and wise in many ways, more independent and desirous of Freedom. We are God fractals and are beginning to know it and become conscious co-creators.

Something huge, I feel, will happen in September. It’s not long to wait. It will be caused by energy from the center of the galaxy. No fear. Welcome it. However it presents, it will awaken the remaining sleepers–like 1/3 of Earth’s human population. We have old souls here, of all ages, especially the little kids. We will explain and calm people, if needed.

I feel that this “heavenly event” will kick off actions to complete the riddance of the controlling Cabal from the Earth. With sleepers having awakened, everyone will be demanding of it. Paper shackles removed, maybe they will even stop paying the IRS to fund our enslavement.

It may be just about time for the oldest of the “new kids” to present their talents in governing, teaching, science and engineering, etc. From them will flow one innovation after another. In other words, “In 2016, before your presidential election, EVERYTHING will change!” As clarified, everything will change, one good change after another, rather than one big change involving everything.

I intend to turn my answers to Jim into a blog post, so please continue with your honesty, Jim. Make me get clearer.

Rosalie:  p.s. Get clear on what you want, because, increasingly, it is, “Ask and you shall receive.”

Jim:  I guess what I was expecting was that one big moment that will never come. Changes are good if they help society. Otherwise, change is meaningless especially to those who don’t fully understand. With time winding down, I doubt that we will have anything meaningful by November but let’s see what happens. I am open to change but only if it’s for the good.

Rosalie:  And it will be! 🙂

Rosalie:  I had for a time expected one big moment, but we slowed down for those who were not yet ready.

Jim:  Rosalie, what are replicators?

Rosalie:  I’ve not studied that, but from what I’ve heard, I gather that technology exists to replicate parts of reality. The more I learn about life in the universe, the crazier it seems things can get when we co-creators knowingly create.

Jim:  If September means that something big is going to happen, do we have a glimpse of what we are in for and for how long? Is it the financial meltdown we’re all expecting? Is it Nibiru? Climate change? Pole shift? Any hints or clues at all?

Friend M: I’m having the same problem Jim, I see things in my visions, and wonder when? Sometimes I get this feeling like we are being just string along. Yes I have seen small changes and little shifts. It’s like waiting for a baby to be born, you can rush it, but at least when you are waiting for that baby, we get the small progress reports. Yes is some ways we are getting them. But it’s hard to wait or something when you don’t know what?

Jim:  I want to have that one glorious moment where I can finally say, “I made it to the New Earth, 5D.” I want clarification and a road map would be nice.

Then I posted an article on a cure for cancer (one of the many) that is behind the many recent deaths of alternative doctors.  In response,

Jim:  Is this the breakthrough that will bring in the changes?

Rosalie:  No. I am already seeing a lot of innovations, but for example, doctors are still being killed for theirs. Soon, there will be no dark side to stop them. I think the breakthrough will somehow stop the darkness and get people to wake up from brainwash, to want, demand, allow the good changes. One, after another.

Jim:  So this is merely a beginning to a greater change for all. Well, if this is the beginning then we are in for a treat!

Rosalie:  Absolutely!




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  1. rosalie Sheldan Nidle talks about replicators, what I get from it is e.g. you want to eat aand feed the device with what you want, be it a dish, a fruit, parey

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  2. the event is basicly a return to the pristine creation our Creator made, and the souls of distortion messed up, changing many if not all laws of the universe to suit their control

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