New Earth

The Beacons Who Accelerate Advancement in New Earth Are Positioned

The video, below, speaks to the Lightworkers who are mentioned in my explanation of the first line of the Gaia messages of February 1st and 4th.  Abraham gave this message more than three years ago.  Now It Is Time for us to completely fulfill our reasons for being here.  Gaia says we are situated to do that.

You may be one of these, or need reassurance that you are, or you may want to know more about what they do.  Our time spent on Earth, up to now and in the future of New Earth, is preparing every human here to be a Lightworker for the rest of this universe.

Abraham Hicks ~ Being Tuned In, A Lightworkers Guide

Video Link

I want to thank Jerry DeGregory for always taking interest and bouncing thoughts between us to help me bring in my finalized interpretation of a Gaia message line.  He shines Light and Love to all BEings around him.  That’s his major Lightwork.  I’m grateful for his example and his support.

Forestations of energetics are completed

1 Feb

gaia_energy1Forestations of energetics are completed.

The Lightworkers have been “planted” where the Higher Beings want us to do our work.  We are in situations where we have access to the ones we are to serve.  We are prep’d and have the needed tools.

The new kids are being born to the chosen families. Walk-ins have arrived (see below).

Illuminations of planetary families are begun.

We’ve each arrived here, in this Earth incarnation, along with other members of our Spiritual Family, i.e., groups of spirits that have their own ways, goals and histories.  Each family is now acting as a unit, united in amplification of their Light.

Prognostications of old are dissolved.

The fearful predictions have no possibility of happening. 

None is on a current timeline.

Recognitions of Higher Intents begins.

Carlos Castaneda’s Don Juan never spoke of intention, but of the Force of Intent.  That Force is not an idea, a desire, a goal, a focus, nor an intention.  It is a Universal Force that must be applied if any endeavor is to succeed.  I take the use of the word intent here to be more of an aim than a force.

We are multi-dimensional and one of those dimensions is the Higher Self, that Soul with its Higher Mind that descends into these bodies; that is, the Higher Mind descends.  We are now experiencing use of that Mind to direct our lives, as it brings to us knowledge of the Soul’s higher desires, or “Higher Intent”.  With that comes a fuller measure of Intent, the Force.   

In other words, our Motivations are now very much those of our Soul.  Since energy follows Motivation, with more application of the Force of Intent, we are successful at fulfilling the Soul’s desire.

Generation of Gaia harmonics accelerate

4 Feb

gaia_energy1Generation of Gaia harmonics accelerate.

Birth of highly evolved Hue-Mans is accelerated.  Earth is filling with harmonious energies, with harmonious people/beings, and activities.  More means of acceleration are mention, below.

Resets of missed opportunities begins for all of hu-manity levels.

Regular people, even dark ones who are willing to raise their vibrations, who hadn’t awakened earlier are not being left behind.  They are given more opportunities to advancement to Hue-Beingness.

Stellar participations are requested and granted.

ET who have been held back are now granted permission to participate in the founding of New Earth.

Highly advanced souls, as requested, have entered as walk-ins (a person agrees to allow another soul to take over in their bodily incarnation–one walks out, another walks in).

Ultra-fine lineals permeate the bodies.

In addition to people’s Higher Selves descending fully into the body (a major goal), this is reference to the seating of the requested walk-ins into the body.  The word lineals says that the new Self that walked in is in the lineage of the one that it replaced, but is of a finer vibration—a higher Higher Self!

For example, a person has a version of Self that is active in the 6th dimension.  There is a 3D version of this person living an ordinary life.  The 6th dimensional person walks into the body of the one who had been living in 3D, whose focus now changes to that of an unincarnated Soul.

This may be too much to think about.

Just know that the beacons that will accelerate our advancement are positioned.



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