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Stargate in Peru

Stargate in Peru

Simulation similarities are noted in hu-beings

7 Feb

gaia_energy1Simulation similarities are noted in hu-beings.

It is noticed that regular people generally take on the facade of a group they have joined.  They look and act like, say, a “Nerdy Software Engineer”,  “Successful Businessman”, “Pillar of the Community”, “Ethnic Representative”, “Suffering Downtrodden”, or “La La Love and Light Bliss Ninny”, each with all the trappings of dress and accessories, vocabulary and attitude.  The dark controllers of Earth have used that hu-man tendency to divide people into opposing sides of religion, political party, sexual preference, gender, race, social class, or affluence.

The chosen facade includes not only outward identifiers, but a shallow level of mental activity that includes opinions, attitudes, and beliefs.

That is noted, as opposed to the individuality of the Hue-Man—their realness, which is lack of pretense or facade.  The individuality of the Soul shines out of the spiritual person.  It is real and glows more Light and Love.  More knowledge, understanding, wisdom and compassion. 

Energetic lamp postings are conveyed in confidence.

The Lightworker Beacons (energetic lamps), whose purpose it is to assist in the awakening and enlightenment of the people of Earth (as explained in my last Gaia post) have been placed where they can best serve.  It being easier to deal with groups of similar people, the “simulation similarities” of their peeps make it easier for the Beacons to communicate with them.  Their messages and Light are conveyed with confidence of success.

Stargate potentials are expanded.

The result of the work of the Beacons is that the potentials of Stargate openings are expanded.  Mother Earth and we have been undergoing increasing Light,  raising our vibratory frequencies, creating energetic openings, or portals, for us to step into a higher level of shared reality, one with more self-fulfillment through service to each other, better feel for and understanding of Spirit.  The response of regular people to the Beacons, that is, their awakening, raises the possibilities of everyone’s stepping through the gate to our new abilities and the wonders of New Earth.


Read the stargate story at Crystalinks.

Forefronts of discovery are transcended.

As humanity advances on Earth, leaders take us to new frontiers of knowledge, know-how and consciousness.  The work of the Beacons awakens multitudes of people whose latent abilities are activated.  This rapid expansion of human potential brings new ideas.  The forefronts of discovery are surpassed.  That is, past and present leaders are surpassed by newly awakened Hue-Mans.  Their work goes beyond that of earlier scientists, businessmen, spiritual teachers, social leaders, like Tesla or Martin Luther King.

Do you feel the excitement at the brink of awesome things to come?

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