New Earth Dawning ~ Gaia Portal

New Earth Dawning

5D New Earth is here and we have changed.  Now we begin changing to new life on New Earth.  That’s the main message I get from these most recent Gaia Portal posts.

Transformational energies have bombarded Earth and caused our energies to vibrate faster and in more harmonious patterns.  All of the Gaia Energy Messages are about energetic configurations of ourselves and the Earth, and how this is affecting our lives in New Earth.  Having attained higher levels of Consciousness and Light content in our personal energetic systems, we are more in control of ourselves and our environments.  We have reached the Fifth Dimension.

This post covers the last six Gaia Portal messages.  My comments are in orange:

Ramps of ascension are constructed

7 Dec

gaia_energy1Ramps of ascension are constructed.

By ramps is meant energetic channels and structures that push, pull, or guide us to becoming fifth dimensional Hue-mans.

Gaia movements portend planetary changes.

The poles have moved quite a bit.  Ocean floors are rising.  Earth is moving with the solar system and the larger Pleiadian system, toward the center of the Milky Way, where vibrations are higher.  With all that going on, the planet will certainly change. 

Personally, I don’t expect it to be catastrophic.  The latest Gaia messages have been about soothing, peaceful energies on Earth.  Mother Earth and nature are calm now.

Linears are dropped as exponentials merge.

The old 3D perceptions, understandings, and concepts are considered to be linear.  Things happened step by step.  We were locked into a shared timeline, so we thought.  Having no idea of a multidimensional universe, or multiverse, where each being has his unique reality, we could only think of “true or false” and “right or wrong”, rarely allowing that opposites could be true.  We are now opening to possibilities of individual realities and timelines, in which an idea can be true in one person’s universe and not another’s.  Our linear perspectives are being dropped, replaced by freer forms of creativity that exponentially change life on Earth. People who are changing exponentially are working together.

Fortifications of all Gaia energetics completes.

Gaia’s energy patterns are stabilized.  All of us have had our DNA modified and energetic frequencies raised, have received energies that bolster our new states, ensuring that we cannot backslide.  There is no going back to sleep.  Sorry conditions that we’ve left behind won’t reoccur. 

Ultracousticals permeate Gaia inhabitants of all levels

9 Dec

gaia_energy1Ultracousticals permeate Gaia inhabitants of all levels.

Extremely fine frequencies of energy (vibrations / sound / light) are permeating all of us, no matter what our current state of development is.  Recall that Light is no longer separated into colored rays, so that we now take in white Light.  Our senses, therefore, have increased. 

We have increased power of not only our physical senses, but of emotions and thoughts.  More people are experiencing extrasensory perceptions and increased intuition.  We see into other dimensions.  We “just know” things, hear messages from higher beings or get telepathic messages.  We know what others are thinking. 

Our actions, feelings, and thoughts can now use and affect higher energetic frequencies with ease.  We manifest desires more easily, and while we still have some darker emotions like fear, when these crop up, they may instantly manifest a representation of the emotion.  Like my fear of mice is a little thought and feeling, and I instantly have a mouse in the house.  Another example of using higher energies is that quantum healings are no longer unusual.

Forced withdrawals accompany the shadow operators.

Yes, this is partially about the dark Cabal that had been increasingly enslaving us.  We no longer submit to them and they are being cleared away.  Their motives and tactics can’t survive in these energies.  Neither can they.

Those Ultracousticals pry loose and clear all aspects of ourselves that diminish our power; that is, the shadow side of ourselves.  Many of us have already dropped most of our fears, hatred, low self-esteem and other emotions, thought forms, and beliefs, that have clouded our luminosity. We hold more light.  Vestiges of such energies are being stripped from us.

Expansions of ring energetics is called.

I picture energies forming into expanding and rising spirals.  And I see this in groups of like minds, combined efforts and circles of love.  Beginning to act as and see ourselves as one.

Seasons of elevations are upon the hu-beings.

The hu-beings, regular people who had not risen to a higher level of and wider Consciousness, have now begun the rise toward Hue-Being state.

Carillons sound the call.

Earth elementals—living beings of the four elements of Air (Sylphs), Water (Undines), Earth (Gnomes), Fire (Salamanders)—beings who serve humanity, each send waves of the purest and subtlest of their particular types of elemental energies to us, giving us increased expression using Freedom (Air), Memory (Water), Manifestation (Earth), Passion (Fire).  These energies push us and our environments to higher levels of density of our physical, emotional, mental and intuitive parts of ourselves.  Thank you, dear elementals.

Mountains of Peace are viewed in awe

12 Dec

gaia_energy1Mountains of Peace are viewed in awe.

As Hue-manity comes to the assist of hu-beings.

People tend to gravitate to the Hue-beings.  They sense Peace and Wisdom in us.  They often tell us their deepest needs, problems and desires.  Our words and healings calm their inner turmoil, clarify understandings and possibilities, heal bodies, and bring awesome Mountains of Peace into their view.

I imagine that people in higher realms and other planets look at everything that is happening here with awe, especially the Peace that is settling into Earth.

Angelic sorties are flown over all Gaia surfaces.

Earth is swarming with flocks of assisting angels of all sorts.

Inner Earth rises to greet the dawn.

The Being whose body is the Earth, raises its own frequency to greet the dawning of this New Earth.

Kindness elements incur upon hu-manity essences

14 Dec

gaia_energy1Kindness elements incur upon hu-manity essences.

Regular humans find impulses of kindness in themselves.

Fractured paradigms are healed.

False systems of belief that no longer make sense, that we can no longer feel or tolerate, are corrected and replaced with systems of better understanding.  Think of the drug and cut paradigm of medicine and turning over responsibility of one’s own health to a doctor.  It is being replaced with the paradigm of self-responsibility and knowing that the body’s self-healing is assisted by natural medicine of plants, minerals, and energy medicine.  Think of war being replaced by cooperation, division replaced by oneness.

Farsights impel further investigations.

Ones with the sight to see what the Controllers have been doing to us impel further investigations of their crimes.

We have been conditioned to look at, plan for, and find solutions in the surface, the short-term and the nearby.  A newly expanded field of vision and consideration shows us the wider understanding and effects of actions.  We are impelled to investigate those effects and adjust our ways, accordingly.

Armistice has passed.

Armistice on repercussions for crimes by the perpetrators has passed.  They WILL be stopped.

Respite from struggles with life and each other has turned to a permanent state of Ease and Peace, not only in outer shared reality, but in our individual inner states.

Foreground patterns illuminate the masses.

The curtains of lies, pacification, blame, and brainwash have been pulled back to reveal true conditions.  The masses now see the obvious state of our lives on Earth.

As egoic personality issues are cleared, the true Self shines out of each of us into our outer lives.  We live as the luminescent Source (God) fractals that we are.


Lichens are consoled and removed

17 Dec

gaia_energy1This message uses the analogy of agriculture to show how all humans and societies are being adjusted for New Earth.

Lichens are consoled and removed.

Those clinging to and finding sustenance in 3D limitations or negativities are consoled, as they are separated from that old reality and its old ways.  This applies as well to parasitic methods and systems that are failing because they are not of 5D energies.

Harrows are smoothed and patched.

Destructive people or those who fight against what they don’t like are shown positive ways.  Similarly, systems of competition, opposition, and war, and the participating societies are transformed into peaceful, constructive 5D participants.

Green pastures are viewed from the border.

As we arrive at this early stage of creation of life in New Earth, we can see the pastoral future before us.

Fields of Light are now the norm.

Cultivation of new, positive elements for New Earth is now the norm.

I just don’t run into much negative any more.  Do you?


Heralds of ionics bring voices of new life

19 Dec

gaia_energy1Heralds of ionics bring voices of new life.

An ionic person has something added that sticks out, not like the uniform thoughts and ways of the masses in 3D life.  Ionics bring a new way or point of view.  They foreshadow and instigate new life on New Earth. 

Guardians are alit with passion.

The Watchers or Custodians, beings who tend this planet and wider areas that it and we affect, are pulsing with energies to assist us in further refinement of this new life.

Masterfuls are recognized.

Those who have a higher understanding of life and spirit and have mastered expanded abilities are seen as masters.  No more debunking or persecution of healers, shamans, seers, mystics or wise ones.  Naturals in all walks of life are respected.

Masteries are accepted and utilized.

Those who can improve life for individuals and communities will be allowed to do that.  No more ruining the life and career of a person who, for example, diagnoses and does quantum healing long distance, who engineers free energy, or who thinks out of the box.  Rather, the skills of the masterfuls are accepted and utilized.


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  1. With each day is a New Day, and the potential to dawn a New Era. The Channelers are sensing that potential in mass lately. All the while jokes about WWIII were trending on twitter not long ago. The mass media has the population scared, while the mass Channelers are offering promises of change. The contrast in Realities between us increases.

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