The Event

“It Is Time” for “The Event”!

Barred OwlMessage to Me from the Owls

I’ve written a little about animal totems, that if we notice a certain animal over and over, then it is our totem, providing us with something.  It may be energies of some sort, protection, guidance or a message.  Not being an expert, I Google search the spiritual meaning of the animal.  For me and for my daughter, birds are important.  Cardinals are usually around me, for energetic support.  Doves have come to indicate peace, in one way or another.  Eagles and hawks appear often for my daughter and occasionally for me.

I no longer can keep track of our shared timeline, but the owl events must have started about two months ago, when my daughter sent me photos of two big owls she’d seen, one in a tree and one on the house roof.  I knew that owls often bring wisdom and messages.  The message I got from her owl incidents was, “It is time.”  I took it to be for her and for me.

I held out my intent to “get” more about it.  I knew it was about New Earth, of course.  Were we supposed to do something?  Say something?

A couple of nights later, I was driving home in my SUV, Jerry in the passenger seat.  The road is a windy, hilly and wooded northwest Alabama country road.  All of a sudden, a huge owl swooped down out of the trees, its beautiful wings spread and held back.  He glided to touch down on the other side of the road just as we passed by, looking me in the eye all the while.  Jerry and I agreed that it was the biggest owl we’d ever seen and we knew that it was there for me, and not him.  It held the same message: “It is time.”

Soon after that, as evening was coming on, Jerry drove me in the car through the woods that he has tended, to show me its beauty.  A second huge owl swooped through the trees in a diagonal trajectory, from behind left of us, to the front right of us.  I didn’t get a good look at it.  By then, I knew the message well.

Our yard is full of trees, with deeper woods on three sides.  My next occurrence was the sound of an owl outside the bedroom window.  I didn’t look for him.  It was already dark.  He stayed and called for several minutes.  “Hoo hoo – hoo hoo; hoo hoo – hoo HOOoooo,” just like in this video:

Barred Owl Calling Video Link

Great Horned Owl

Another night, Jerry was driving the car home, when we saw down the road, an owl so big, Jerry first thought it was a dog.  Another owl!  He stood on the road, looking to the woods, showing no indication to fly out of the way.  As Jerry decided to swerve around him, an oncoming car appeared ahead.  Just as I was saying in a quiet shaky voice, “Jeeerrry,” the owl looked at me.  Neither of us saw it move and we should have hit it, but we didn’t.  It was a great horned owl.

There was one more incident.  A smaller owl on a power line, faced away from us.  We stopped the car so I could get out for a snapshot.  He kept looking around backwards at us, left, then right, back and forth.  He stayed until we decided to leave, then flew off.  “It is time!!”

I got the rest of the message.  Now is the time for me to deliver it to you.

It is time for the Event

Not a worldly event of arresting those who’ve been trying to completely enslave us, but the

Heavenly Event

that will let everyone on Earth know that something great is happening.

Many of you already know that the great event is the creation of this New Earth.


Perhaps on Christmas Day.

I hope you have read or will read my last post about the

New Earth Dawning.

Many of us are being told and/or experiencing that the veil that had made us lose all memory of who we are and what we are doing here has been or is being lifted.  We will, either gradually or all of a sudden, regain our memories and expansive abilities.

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  1. Oh my God Rosalie!!! What a coincidence!!
    Synchronously return to match a few weeks ago was the “subject” of mice (hehehe !!) and is now the subject of owls.
    Several weeks I’ve begun to see some sort of small owls here (in Asturias, northern Spain) are called “curuxas” ago. (Incidentally also the term “curuxa” is used to refer to good witches, sorcerers or healers)
    Asturias is root and Celtic tradition, so there are many customs of that culture, one of them says that when you hear singing at the “curuxa” is that communication with the other side is open. Salen good spirits they can ask them questions. And these animals are heralds of upcoming changes.
    These animals are in the woods and are not common in the area where I live, although not impossible to see.
    As I said I have begun to hear several weeks, always at dawn and I heard about 5 or 6 times. It is rare but not impossible.
    Now, good. Yesterday evening, at about 7 pm, a garden elderberry my mother, I saw a huge owl, not a “curuxa”. And now that’s strange. He never had never seen one and less in a city. He was very quiet, looked at me with her big (I know it sounds silly, but I feel looking at me, like I was expecting)
    It emits a very loud sound that made my mother left the house to see what was happening. She was frightened because she thought her little Siamese kitten only three months old. He could easily hunt.
    I knew he was not coming to hunt.
    he knew I had caught his message and flew up into the sky. It was magical to watch it fly with the moon almost full and the clear winter sky.
    I was perplexed and dismayed.
    That was yesterday afternoon. This morning I was at a charity Christmas market children with Down syndrome, and they did a lottery won a lovely owl straw and wood to hang on the Christmas tree.
    At that moment I thought: What’s happening with the owls?
    When I got home I checked (like you) as meaning owl totem animal.
    And now I go and read your article. And again I remain perplexed.
    I guess we will actually witness “the event” long announced, this time !!!
    Forgive me both been extended by telling my story, but I think it could be enriching share. Plus it’s beautiful owls … not so much of mice. Hehehehe !!
    I wish a merry Christmas to you and jerry with your whole family. Blessings for both

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    • Thanks, Cristina. We’re wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas, too. I sure enjoyed reading your story. There’s a lot of synchronicities going on these days and it’s beautiful to be aware enough to notice them.


  2. Hmmm. Three comments and three “likes” as I read this. Interesting? Yes. Coincidence? Nope. No such thing.

    Oh, wow. Just glanced up at the clock. 12:33. I’m certainly no expert, but according to general numerology principles, that’s three threes. 🙂 I’m feeling some very warm fuzzies here! 🙂

    Time for The Event? DEFINITELY!

    Count me in…what a Christmas present that will be!

    With Love,


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