Break Free ~ The Council via Ron Head

Many of us have already turned off cable TV service in order to replace negativity with positive activities and not to be under mind control.   The council addresses why this is a really good idea.  Here, they point out that we have already won the battle for Freedom.  Now, it is a matter of refining our energies and our beliefs, and changing our habits.  This is the message we hear from Gaia Portal and many other channels.  Maybe you have received the same from your Higher Self.

Since the “news” is all lies and control, replace it with positive, happy activities.  Movies, chosen with this in mind, may be a good replacement, especially as a stepping stone for breaking away from the TV habit.  Many old classics, independents, and foreign films may help to change habitual thought patterns to more beneficial ideas.

Here is the Council’s message regarding the mind control TV and faux news situation.   The orange highlights are my own.


Break Free – The Council

Today we will speak of your efforts to break free from the old paradigm that you seem to be surrounded by on all sides. And we say ‘seem to be’ because that is what is being made most evident to you while the evidence of anything else is not apparent at all.

There is a manufactured phenomenon in your societies, many of them, called news. First, please realize that it is a manufactured phenomenon. This means that someone has dreamed it up. This means that someone is very likely benefitting from it, and that, dear friends, is probably not you.

It was noticed at some point that bad news got everyone’s attention. Of course it did. Long ago such knowledge saved your lives many times. But the studious application of this understanding of humanity has been cultivated and applied for quite a long time now in order to achieve and maintain control of large populations. It has been refined into a very effective science and all the more so since the advent of what you term mass media. A large portion of the populace has now begun to understand this. But even so, the extent to which these media have been used, and the methods involved, are barely understood. And it is very likely that if one were to try to explain these things it would be some time before anyone would choose to listen and believe them.

Even though so many do understand the likelihood of this, the greatest percentage of those who have access to these media still choose to immerse themselves in them daily. For many, it takes up a huge part of their waking time. For many, it is their greatest source of information. Please understand that this fact is known and taken full advantage of.

Now, why do we, who usually deal in much more positive subjects, choose to address this? We do so because you are in the throes of what might be called a final battle. You are being pulled this way and that every time the situation seems to require it. Even the knowing of this can be used to produce frustration and dejection. You are seldom ever given a tidbit of good and happy news.

Well, we are here to tell you that the truth is that you are actually surrounded with an almost overwhelming amount of good and happy news. Beside the fact that most of the events of most people’s lives are far from negative, the actuality is very positive. Consider the weddings, the parties, the births, the celebrations, and more, that make up a great deal of the landscape of your lives. That is what is actually around you, not the events that are placed into your faces through technology each day. The good things happen to billions of you each day. And they are not a very large part of what is called news.

And we want you to understand something that is very much not being seen. The reason that there is so much of this negativity being waved in front of you lately is that there is a losing of control. There is a desperation. You, and we mean the collective you that you truly are, are waking out of your trance. You have decided that it is time. You have determined that this is enough, and in fact is too much. And seen from that perspective, so much ‘bad news’ is really good news. It would mean that you were winning, except we will tell you that you have already won.

And so we come to the end of this little message. There is one point that we would make before we end it. There is an off switch on your devices. Better yet, they can be unplugged. Some of what is done is not dependent upon their being switched on. So unplug yourselves. Go do something enjoyable. Keep raising your frequencies. You will feel better, and you will be doing your world a service, even though very few of those around you will understand that.

Be in joy. Be at peace. Love those around you. Love those who are not around you. Go for it!


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  1. I haven’t had Cable in a long time. My sister watches Netflix, but I use entertainment time to read blogs, write blogs, listen to Channel, Channel, do artwork, and now I have Gaia TV. Which used to be GaiamTV. As a Channeler (SaLuSa) who was retiring recommended David Wilcock as a good source of information. So I have watched most of Wisdom Teachings, but need a long break. (Got tired of the science. Reached a long science part and said I would tackle it later. This was about two weeks ago. Still not ready.) I also watched Cosmic Disclosure, but now find that too depressing. It was promising at first, when he was talking about the Blue Avians (he is Corey Goode), but I don’t like hearing about all the horrible things the Secret Space program does. I started thinking, “Yes, I get it that cabal equals bad. Crimes against humans and aliens have occurred. Now tell me about hope again?”

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