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Wrapped in Energies of Peace ~ Latest Good News from Gaia Portal

I missed the Gaia Portal message interpretations, since late October.   Again, I feel it is important for us to read, as evidence of improvements on Earth.

Here is the latest, with my thoughts given in orange.  The source link is in the title.


gaia_energyHolistic flights appear to all

4 Dec

Holistic flights appear to all.

Holistic…the whole.  Spacecraft in sight all around Earth? They are appearing all over, but not to all.

It may refer to the positive changes, or ascension, of people, individually and collectively/socially, as in ascend meaning fly.

Caressing energies flow through Gaia portals.

Energies flowing from outside or beyond Earth come to Earth through portals.  The kind of energy coming in now is soothing us—our fears, anger and upsets.  We relax, able to feel and give Love.

Sunscreens no longer necessary.

Until very recently, humans could not have stood the amount of Light that now enters Earth.  During the past few years, though, our DNA has upgraded and we have purified ourselves (with the help of the transformational energies), so that we now are able to and do take in much more Light.  Sunscreens no longer necessary.

I feel this is also about the Twelve Rays of Light; that it means the rays are not separated, so that we have pure white Light coming into Earth now. 

Twelve rays of Light of different qualities had been hitting Earth.  You may find information that only mentions seven rays.  Five of them only began to come in strongly soon after year 2000.  You may think of the whole of Light as God.  Streams of white Light are split into rays during manifestation, like a prism splits sun rays.  That prisming could be the Sunscreens. The prism separation no longer happens.

You can Google “twelve rays of light”, to study their differing qualities and get a level of understanding of why they are separated out for manifestation.  I found this one here where, “coincidentally” (not—I went right to that one), it mentions integration of the rays.  That was written in 2008.  In this New Earth, the rays vibrate very strongly, a very high vibration.  I feel they have anchored securely to Earth and now are integrated together, so separate rays no longer exist.

So now, we have pure Light coming into Earth and into us.  We can still work with those separate rays of energy—their colors and qualities, so in healing and other spiritual work, it is beneficial to know more about them.  As was said in the linked article, we can still work with the Chohans or Masters of each ray, even though they have become indistinguishable or no longer act in that capacity, because time is not a restriction and we can access them in what we understand as the past.  We can also choose to work with the white Light.

This is consistent with what shaman Dr. Gregory Antyuhin teaches about our Chakra System.  When I began his classes in 1996, he taught that the proper color of all seven major chakras is white, not the seven rainbow colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet/white that the yogis still taught and probably still do.  He was already seeing this in people, and seeing the chakras spin differently than yogis taught.  It is important not to let past lessons affect what we see. 

We must open our consciousnesses to all things different from the past, including our paradigms (beliefs).  Be open to new phenomena and understandings, and let beliefs go.  We are now experiencing that we can KNOW; we don’t have to believe.

Storms of Pacific encompass.

We are wrapped in energies of peace, with no desire for war of any kind, personal or political.

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  1. Hello Rosalie, Thank you for your insights. I stopped wearing sunscreen years ago as I had Vit D deficiency. Anyway, if you read Brenda Hoffman it is graduation time soon. I wrote one of my final papers on my blog today. (No I am not in college, it isn’t an academic paper.) I was wondering what Jerry would think of it because it mentions my medication a lot, and he seemed concerned with the topic. I hope it is not confusing, and this is the first day I’ve ever posted a link to myself in a comment. I just really want feedback from someone who might understand the post. I even entitled it Please read this one. Hoping that despite the lack of description in the title my followers would stop and read it.

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    • Hey, lovely Flower, I’ve slacked off on all my reading and writing lately. I’ll read both Brenda’s and yours tomorrow. A couple of days ago you posted a comment and I was thinking I want to take the time to tell you how much I enjoy your sharing your thoughts.

      I just told Jerry about your post and he said he’ll read it tomorrow. “Sure will.” We both wish you well and connect to you with Love. ❤

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