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You may have wondered what has happened to my regular posts.  Well, marriage to author Jerry DeGregory and settling into a home have taken my time and attention.  I observe in myself some improvements that I attribute to the New Earth energetic changes that are awakening everyone, causing us to let go of our psychological “stuff” and begin living in the NOW.  I’m living more and more in the moment, doing only what I want to do every minute of every day.

579As was long ago planned “on high” for this time of New Earth, spirit got Jerry and me together.  Though we are very closely connected—in the same Spiritual Family—we have had to learn to know each other.  Adjusting to sharing my life, enjoying our beautiful woods and the surrounding area and creating a happy home have been my highest delight.  Being older and slower, we are moving in and making improvements little by little, not all in a day.  I’d be reading or writing and Jerry would bring in boxes.  I’d go to find out what he had, then forget what I’d been doing.

At first, I felt pressured for not having kept up my work.  Of course, if I write under pressure, no one wants to read it.  Now, a new, relaxed attitude has kicked in.  I take whatever is in front of me that must be done immediately or is delightful, like my learning to play the piano is now, without any thought of what I “should” do.  This way, I’m back in the Vortex of Creation that makes my life more self-directed, purposely manifested.¹  And so, happily, doing only what I want to do, I’m writing while “in the Vortex”.

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Spirit Speaks

At this moment I’m curious as to the meanings of the month+ worth of Gaia Portal notes on Mother Earth’s energetic developments, ones I’ve yet to translate.  I feel it is important for us to know that the Transformational energies have calmed.  We are in a new stage, especially since September’s First Round of Ascension.  Below, I give my interpretation of today’s Gaia Portal post, and will follow up later, with the older ones.

First, I want to share with you that I’ve felt that most of my translations were channeled to me, or you might say that I open to Higher Self to do that work.  I feel this was just confirmed.

The kitchen is our hub, where Jerry and I have our computers, talk and write, enjoying the nature scenes through the windows, while Little P watches us from the deck.  A few minutes ago, we discussed the Gaia Portal post, as we sometimes do.  I recall that I had said, “That’s what I figured.”  Shortly thereafter, as I walked over to fix a snack, I heard a man’s voice say, “That’s what I figured.”  I looked over at Jerry’s computer and saw that he wasn’t playing anything.  I knew I wasn’t.  Jerry had heard it, too.  He verified that it couldn’t have come from anything playing on our electronic devices, nor from the men working out front.

I take this occurrence to be confirmation from spirit that they do assist me in my work.  That was sweet of them.


That’s it for today. An intruder is in the kitchen.


I’d been thinking lately how secure it feels that Jerry stopped up all the holes where a mouse could enter.  The other day we pulled the refrigerator out to measure cabinets, and saw that there was space around the water line.  Jerry stuffed it up with steel wool. We wondered whether there was another space where the stove gas line comes in, but didn’t look, since we’re installing a new stove in a few days and will do it then.

Earlier this afternoon, sitting at my computer, I’d thought I’d seen a mouse out of the corner of my eye.  I convinced myself otherwise.  After we’d eaten dinner and I’d cleaned the kitchen, I went back to writing.  I had looked up to talk with Jerry, when I saw a little mouse go beneath the skillet I’d turned up over a gas stove burner, rubbing his little body against the inside of the pan, for sure.  Jerry said I had a look of terror as I screamed bloody murder.  I saw it two more times and screamed two more times.  It slipped under a closed door, into the cabinet.

I was out of the Vortex!  Once when I was little, I had some large corn crib mice run up my legs.  Do you think this is a fear to get over?

I got back into a good mood on the trip to buy mouse traps, what with Jerry’s crazy driving.  He swerved to the other lane, as I pointed out Christmas decorations at a neighbor’s house, set far off the road.  But that was okay, he said, since he knew there was no car coming.  There’s a place where he once drove off the road while driving fast, narrowly missing a sign, a few good sized trees, and a drop down a hill.  Seriously, he must have had angelic help to have made it back on the road without a scratch on the car.  Telling of that scare, looking and pointing, “This is the place…,” he unconsciously swerves the car toward the edge of the road!  I yell.

We made it back home.  The poor mouse has probably found a spot to die of fright.  Jerry’s placed the traps.  I hear him practicing the piano.  (He’s learning to read music.)  And I am here explaining why I still have half the Gaia Portal post to decipher ~ tomorrow.


  1. See my “Creating” YouTube playlists, including one called “Creating – The Vortex of Creation“.

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  1. Dear Roosalie, I do he missed your posts.
    I am glad I was to be building your new life with Jerry, congratulations to both.
    On the other hand I laughed a lot with your mouse story. Perhaps because it is exactly what happens to me.
    I have a small tenant in my kitchen that should be the size of a button. I see it like you, out of the corner of my eye as I’m reading or cooking. Makes my cries seem emerged from “Scream” film. jejejejeje !!!!
    My husband is bored to set traps and plugging holes. But this little guy must be some kind of Mac Giver of mices.
    I look forward to reading your interpretations of Gaia Portal. Blessings for Jerry and you.
    Whit Love:

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  2. I remember a mouse was trapped in one of our mouse traps, and not killed. My sister got a tall bucket, and tried to save it. Later we released it in the Wild. My brother bought Live Traps because he didn’t like killing the mice. He releases them in fields. I actually find mice kind of cute. Their brown fur is quite beautiful. I wouldn’t scream if I saw one, as my childhood home always had mice. Our cat didn’t do its job. My current cat even catches flies, so would delight in seeing a mouse. Our apartment most poison them or something, because I’ve never seen any. Which is not safe considering it is a pet friendly apartment. The building is old, should really have mice. My roommate would freak out if there was a mouse, and start demanding we move next year. So I don’t mind, just wondering how it can be that there are none.

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