Gaia Portal ~ New Earth Metamorphosis Nears Completion

gaia_energy11Sometimes it is helpful to review several Gaia Portal posts together.  Still, I’ve really waited too long, as the portal delivered several messages in October.  Here are the October messages I’d not yet analyzed, my explanations in orange.

[Oops, there are a couple more October posts that I’ll catch the next time.]

Estuaries of Light prolong controls

Those issues that are not cleared remain, for now, in the Akash—the memories of individuals and of all events that have ever happened on Earth.  The Akashic records are recorded in the Earth’s energetic grid and in our DNA.

Productions of Higher Energies commence in earnest

17 Oct

Productions of Higher Energies commence in earnest.

Energies of increased frequency are more massively produced by higher Beings, such as spiritual Beings that run our galaxy and universe, and smaller cosmic entities, plus spiritual Beings above the Veil that has veiled our knowing of anything much beyond our ordinary lives.

Likewise these energies affect the darkness, the Powers That Were.

Refinements follow.

Those Higher Energies cause refinement of ourselves, that is our psyche and our Consciousness.  The energies then further tune and further that refinement.

And darkness is further dissipated.

Standards of Higher Vibrations are instituted.

As we release issues and expand Consciousness, our new levels of thinking, behavior, and understanding are of higher vibrations, bringing about new thresholds or standards thereof.

Globally, a higher standard of tolerated behavior by those who have done us the favor of taking the roles of darkness (Controllers) is established.

Mass releases soon to commence.

Flares of recognition are in place

20 Oct

Flares of recognition are in place.

The culprits of darkness are shown for who they are and what they’ve done, since more and more humans are awakening to their true situation.

Standards of the past are dropped.

As wrongdoers are exposed, we no longer hold grudges, nor desire retributions for the wrongdoing by ones who played dark roles.  We tolerate no more darkness, yet we only Love.

Wrigglings cease.

The criminals stop fighting and bargaining, admitting defeat, realising that they have played roles that have ended.

Our personality minds stop upsetting us, as we let those wriggles recede further and further into the background.  Issues are based on upsetting memories and fears of future.  We increasingly live in the NOW, where no issues are possible.

Heaven Sents are viewed with delight.

Encountering Higher Beings who are sent to assist us in this monumental attainment of forgetting and awakening, whether unincarnated or coming here as ET family, are delightful to us.

Sustenance follows.

We are nourished at this stage of healing and remembrance of who we are.

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