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Changes in New Earth

Personal Changes

In the MomentHow have you been feeling in these new energies? For me, it has been hard to tell what is due to general Earth Transformational energies and what is due to stresses of change in my own life. At least some of the insomnia and certain aches and pains in joints and muscles are likely from the energies. Some people have said they’ve allowed themselves to be “lazy”, lately. I have uncharacteristically not driven myself to get things done when life is stressful or after not sleeping. I’ve never napped, never been able to, but now I do. Sometimes this old grandma has days when I function normally after little to no sleep. Like many of you, I’m more 5D with respect to time and dates, living in the moment, mostly.

Many of us are making changes in jobs and relationships, as we all change within. It helps to know that we are not alone in the endings and beginnings at this time. I have met people who in 2015 have unexpectedly met and fell in love, quickly and amicably divorced current spouse(s), got married, and the spouse(s) happily remarried, all in a very short time. I had planned to buy a tiny home and expected to live alone well into the New Earth. Instead, in a quick life turn, I’ve moved to share life with “My New Man”, as we begin our Spiritual Marriage. As fractals of Source/God, we feel no need to submit to certification by civil or religious “authorities”, but feel a spiritual commitment. Though this is very happy, marriages and moves are always stressful human events.

Societal Changes

A Moment to BlessI’ve always felt that “The Event” of spiritual energy and awakening on Earth after humanity finishes the First Wave of Ascension will pretty much coincide with “The Event” of real world elimination of murderous Cabal Banksters who had seized control of the United States and much of the world. The latest news from both spiritual reports and non-mainstream media sources are showing this to be true.

Some stories I have heard or skimmed over are of the negative plans by the Cabal. None of that will happen in our positive world.

Today, Benjamin Fulford reported hopeful signs in banking, though movements by the controllers to protect their loot are still afoot. The good guys within military and police organizations are encouraged to demand immediate arrest of the perpetrators. In fact there are signs that some Khazarian mob members are under military control. What better news?

I will post Benjamin’s report on Thursday, since he allows Mondays’ full articles to be re-posted on Thursdays.

Sheldan Nidle’s Updates come out on Tuesdays. Here are highlights from last week, 9/1/2015. See link for the full report.

From the Galactic Federation:

  • We are in a grand time of transition! The dark cabal continues to weaken. Agreements are in place that firmly delineates its demise!
  • Every day, you grow in consciousness as either Heaven or our medical teams alter your structure. These transformations of your chakras or your major nervous systems are the reason the dark is unable to stall your development. Heaven states to us that you are beyond a point where this grand transformation can be stopped. Only a series of delays regarding your financial system is still possible. This it is now reaching a point where even this can no longer be stalled by the dark!
  • In just 15 years, you have advanced to the point where a worldwide conflagration is no longer possible. In addition, you have defeated the efforts of the dark cabal to be able to convince you that its armies are really doing the right thing. You have forged a series of beliefs that make it difficult for any nation to use any type of excuse to start either a regional or global war. These new beliefs are due to the growing web of consciousness that surrounds you.
  • Technologies are to be introduced, which move your consciousness beyond the mere concept of “money”. You need to perceive your reality in a more spiritual vein. As your consciousness grows and you sit at the edge of “contact,” you are to see a new reality that vastly alters what you now consider possible. This series of documents as well explain how the GCR [Global Currency Revaluation – rp] is to move the world into a modified gold standard and transforms your world into a new set of gold and silver-backed currencies. This set of currencies operates under a new banking system first proposed by China and Russia.
  • This highly transparent vehicle is to be the means whereby a vast plethora of money makes possible a whole host of much-needed humanitarian and infrastructure projects.
  • You are actually close to a first contact [open contact with our ET friends – rp].
  • …first steps that are to lead to a precious metal backed currency and a revised new banking system.
  • …[Freeing of – rp] now sequestered technologies. Among these is a processor, which can transform how you obtain your food, clothing and shelter. In addition, how you provide for the electrical energy that powers your life is as well to change.
  • You are being liberated from the age-old need to farm, mine and even to fish.
  • You are to be able to forge a society that is on the very edge of ending your long dependence on money.
  • You are on the precipice of a great new reality. You are close to the type of global society that we are quite used to.
  • In less than a decade, you have moved beyond the computer age to a very spiritually oriented one.
  • The growth of consciousness is bringing all the old ways into question.

From our Ascended Masters:

  • Everywhere the Light and its many mighty parts are taking down the dark and its errant ways. We are seeing how those who so arrogantly thought to circumvent Heaven are falling to those who have courageously carried out its divine commands.
  • These rogues are to be jailed and separated from the public so they are unable to influence the making of this new reality. Additionally, the rapscallions are to be deprived of their ill-gotten wealth and denied any form of interaction with their former associates. With this isolation, you are finally to be able to forge unions that form new governance. These developments are to rearrange your world and make Heaven’s divine plan possible!
  • What is now happening is the moment when you are to be freed from the bondage of the last thirteen millennia. Then, you are to truly become a child of the ever-loving Creator. When your ancestors first came here, they were free, fully potentialized Beings. These Beings knew neither of death nor of the many fears and worries that now dominate your lives. Each life was lived in Love and, in essence, a part of the divine cycle of life. These Beings possessed Light Bodies and were in constant contact with immortal Angels and sacred Guides. Every day was filled with joys and ecstasies given by Heaven and by this physical realm. Now you are nearly done with a limited consciousness that has occupied your lives with fears and quiet desperations. This coming time is one we have carefully prepared you for. Our teachings are the body for what you are to encounter.
  • The next steps are to reconnect you to the sacred and the divine. This operation is to conclude with your return to full consciousness. Hosanna! Hosanna!
  • Gaia is readying herself to redo this surface reality while you morph into a most beautiful and divine butterfly! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It!

[See link for the full report.]

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  1. Hope you had a good celebration after you move. An excuse to bring out the good tea… or if you drink wine. Celebrate often this September. I have my birthday on the 17th of this month. It comes ever so closer. Perhaps I should pick up the good tea to celebrate. Chai with happy milk (that is my way of saying grass fed cows). I try to drink happy milk, but it is hard to get to the locations to pick it up without a car. I often have to get organic and hope the cows were treated better. Yet, a birthday calls for fresh Chai from tea leaves.


    • peacenowflower Congratulations in advance
      my birthday is on the 13th, so I see both are Virgo, a great sign and I’m sure this will be a wonderful autumn for both.
      I wish you well.
      With Love

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks, peacenowflower. We did go out to dinner and make a toast. 🙂 I like wine and Jerry likes beer.

    Happy birthday ahead of time, since I tend to forget dates, even when I’ve thought of them the day before. I hope you get the tea and celebrate loving yourself and New Earth!


  3. Dear Rosalie, I offer you and your beloved for its new stage. Congratulations to both !!!

    Regarding the effect of the energy in my body, these last few days have been pretty tough, I felt exhausted and the “hollow” head, unable to think or logically structured. Sleep, sleep and sleep. Drink a lot of water. And eating toast with butter (organic, of course !!) and strawberry jam.

    As a grandmother … jejejejeje !!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for your well wishes, Cristina. 🙂
      And for telling how you’ve been feeling. I forgot to even mention that I also have problems with logical thinking. I’m used to it, now, and just laugh and say, “Oh, well.”

      Jerry’s been sick and now I feel that, so going to go take a nap. 🙂 I’m now taking selenium for insomnia. It works very well, but too well. I’m going to take it and just drink coffee if I want to be awake. Toast and organic butter with jam – YES!


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