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Guided Access to Your Higher Self ~ New Pricing

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  • Near Florence, AL

Get Answers and Healing from Your SELF

Bring Your List of Questions

Guided Access to Your Higher Self


Rosalie Parker

The information you receive is at the discretion of your Higher Self.  It may include revelations in whatever forms your Higher Self chooses, such as viewing of past lives, other observations or statements that will clearly provide the answers and possible healing or guidance you need.

(256) 651-8405   or   5dlovingu@gmail.com

$100 for my alternative Quick Access Session, about 2 Hours Long

$300 for the Dolores Cannon QHHT 3-5 Hour Session

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    • They’ve not gone up. What is new is that I’m offering a Quick Access Method that costs less than QHHT. Also I used to charge more in Florida than Alabama, and now I’m not there, so I want people to know that the price is lower than it was in Florida.

      Each practitioner sets their own prices, depending on the market and costs where they practice. That means prices vary widely.


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