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Gaia Portal Catch-Up, Part Three ~ Caught Up to August 30

Don’t worry, you who don’t enjoy the Gaia Portal posts.  This has not turned into the Gaia Portal All the Time blog.  Recent Gaia Portal messages, though, give very good news on the current status of New Earth progress.  I hope you will glean that much out of these posts.

The Gaia Portal titles below link to the original articles, which full text is included here in black text.  My best interpretations are in orange.  Please comment with your own takes.

Star Portals now shine with Higher Essence for all

23 Aug

gaia_energy1Sporadics of exclusion no longer carry weight.

The few still existing isolated efforts at exclusion have no power.  The People of Earth no longer have sufficient desire for inequalities, nor are blind enough to accept enslavement, to allow such attempts to be successful.  We desire and are ready for True Freedom.

Recognition from Higher Essence remarks on all of Hue-manity, and refreshes hu-manity.

The re-cognition from their Higher Selves re-marks the God-men; that is, it sets them aside, marking them as changed ones.  Their Higher Selves stimulate the progress of regular people—those still unawakened to basic understanding of New Earth.

“Prophets” are viewed as the zero point.

Looking to others (“prophets”) for information and guidance is viewed as the lowest type of guidance.  The New Earth way is to gain it by our own Intuition.  Begin noticing and accepting when you have the inner knowing that is Intuition.

Inner Inclusions reap the rewards of Light.

Inclusion of higher levels of Self brings rewards of Light:  Intuition, Expanded Consciousness, Wisdom, Love.

Star Portals now shine with Higher Essence for all.

Space travel routes through star portals.  For example, our sun is a portal to this solar system from the outside world.  For awhile now, negative ET have been prevented from exiting or entering through the sun and meanwhile, many positive “relatives” of ours have entered and now are on ships awaiting the time for mass self-disclosure.  These beings of higher vibration could be called Higher Essence.

However, you may say that we are all becoming star portals who now shine with our Higher Selves.  We shine our Light for the good of all.

Triumphal energetics are in process and continue to build

30 Aug

gaia_energy1Triumphal energetics are in process and continue to build.

This speaks of our triumph in raising our individual and collective consciousnesses to the level of certain victory of Light over Darkness on Earth.

Resonance of Light becomes the strength.

Our now higher levels of Light give us strength.  Think of the quiet, calm strength of a higher being.  That is us.

Flash points averted, yet flashes are viewed.

From Wikipedia:  The flash point of a volatile material is the lowest temperature at which it can vaporise to form an igniteable mixture in air.

I suspect this means that we have escaped possibilities of dire straits such as complete world-wide economic collapse and resulting chaos.  Flashes would be flares of Cabal / Illuminati attempts at bringing chaos, death, or enslavement.  The following line speaks of the results of those reviews by the Resistance forces.

Pardons have been arranged.

Our New Earth way is the way of Love.  Even those who’ve done the worst, the ringleaders like the Rothschilds, upon understanding the error of their thinking while playing their part in the Earth game of Darkness and Light, have been pardoned.  If some still do not understand and refuse to change, I’m not sure what will be done with them.

Frescoes of Higher Energies are now in formation.

New Earth formations are Created of the vibrant colors of the now higher energies of Earth:  new systems, species, physics, ways of life, attitudes, on and on.  Gloriously more than we can imagine.

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  1. Thank you. Lately I have been going from wisdom to wisdom. I have a number of people I follow, but waiting for new posts is frustrating. I used to check each day for a Matt Kahn video, lol. That is when I first found him, and watched his old videos… then there was the slower pace of waiting for the next one. Kryon was posting quite a bit in the beginning of the year, but it seems everyone is slowing. I haven’t heard all of Kryon’s audio, but the newest information seems to connect with me more.

    Perhaps many leaders feel it is time to step back, and let people listen to their own Intuition for a bit.


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